Your Baltimore Area Chiropractor Provides Neck & Back Pain Relief Dr. Blake Kalkstein

Good morning everybody, it’s Doctor Blake
from Doctors Adolph and Kalkstein Chiropractic, your Baltimore area chiropractor. This morning we’ve got Amanda. Hello. Amanda what brings you in? We went on vacation last week and we were
sleeping on very, very hard beds. And so I woke up numb in like nineteen places
and I knew that if I came over Doctor Blake will do this and do that and get me all worked
up. So we’re gonna do this and we’re gonna do
that and we’re gonna get her all worked out. So face me, let me see ya bend this way, good
and now let me see you bend this way. Ya, so she’s restricted bending to the left. Bend backwards for me, and come this way and
come back over this way. Again restricting bending backwards and to
the left so we’re gonna adjust that left side first. Come onto your side. Gonna take my glasses off. Left side. And by the way I’ve been coming here for thirty
years. And she knows that when she’s hurting she
doesn’t need an appointment, she can just walk in like she did this morning. We’ll get her fixed up and she’s good to go
until she sleeps on another mattress that feels like concrete, right? Pretty much. Oh ya I heard like six of them go. Wow. There, down here… Turn this way. There you go, on your back for me. Okay. I’m gonna pull your legs… Oh ya legs always need straightening out. Oh ya. Alright let’s check your neck Amanda. Oh ya, ya. So right now I’m feeling the posterior elements
of the spine, the facette joints looking for irritation and restriction, felt a little
tender right there on your… Oh how’d you know? Again, very specific treatment. That looks really nice right there, and then
we’re gonna come down on this segment right here. C5 on the right, here let that shoulder drop. There we go, I heard it. Ya. You tell them. Ya he always just, that hurts doesn’t it? I go ya. Now what? Face down for me. Okay. Let me get this pillow in here for ya. Oh ya, good. So we adjusted Amanda’s low back, we found
which side was restricted on exam, we examined her neck, we adjusted her neck, now we’re
gonna adjust her mid-back. You’re gonna let your arms hang down to the
floor for me, take a breath in and out. There you go. That’s the treatment for Amanda. She’s gonna be an as-needs basis. She comes over when she feels like she needs
it. About once a month. Yep. Just like getting your oil changed. Thanks for watching, we’ll see ya next time.

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