You Are Wrong! Your Hip Arthritis Pain Can Get Better!

♪ Bob and Brad ♪ ♪ The two most famous
physical therapists ♪ ♪ On the internet ♪ – Giddy up and go. Hi Folks, I’m Bob Schrupp,
physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – Most famous physical
therapist on the internet – In our opinion of course, Bob. – Yeah as I noticed, today, You are wrong. Your hip arthritis pain can get better. I’ve heard that statement
many times in my life. You are wrong. – Oh, I can just about imagine Bob. – I won’t mention who said it to me a lot but there is one individual
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about stupid things? Go to Twitter and Instagram. It’s only 60 seconds of your day. – They could take the 60 seconds and just about the ramble on and forget the, the meaning of the– aw forget it. – Yeah. – Anyways, shall we go on with the hip? – All right, arthritis type pain that, you know, you have in your hip, it’s not always from the joint itself. The structures around the joint
as time goes on get tight. Like the ligaments and the tendons. – The capsule – Yeah the capsule and
the tighter they get, generally, a lot of times, the
more pain you get in the hip. – Right, it’s a compounding issue. It gets a little tighter,
gets a little more pain which make it, you wanna
move less and so it gets tighter and tighter, more
and more and more pain. So you gotta break the cycle. – Right, and even if you see. you know, some pretty significant changes on x-ray, it means that you’re gonna have pain. – Sure. – So a lot of times the more you can regain the motion in your hip, the more the pain reduces. It’s certainly worth a try. – It is, it is. – It can maybe provide a lot of relief to your hip and your life. So we’re gonna show you
some four basic stretches – Yep – We’re gonna do them. And Brad’s gonna show the ones in the bed but I’m gonna show
the one on a chair, here. First off, you know, just
regular old hip flexion. That’s bending the hip,
the knee toward you. – Knee to the chest. – Now what’s nice about this, you can just go up to a
chair, grab the, you know, the back of it if your
balance isn’t that good, and you can lean forward like this and you can stretch forward like this or, and you’re stretching
this one with the flexion, you’re actually getting a little extension on the other one. – Right, yep, you’re getting both sides. – Kind of getting both sides there and it’s just a good
way to work on getting a little more hip flexion. – Do that again Bob, would you do that and also lean in towards the knee? – You could do that, yep. – If you want? – You could lean forward a little bit. Exactly, that’s a good point Brad. – Make sure you don’t have
tight jeans on though. – That’s right. – You need something flexible. – The Zubas, remember the Zuba pants? – No. I don’t get out much. – I betcha Mike knows those. Yeah, yeah, Mike knows them. All right, Brad why don’t you show us hip flexion laying down. – Okay, so, we do the
figure four, we’re gonna– – No, I thought you’re
gonna do hip flexion. – Oh, thank God. Yeah, I’m ahead of myself, there we go. So, here we’re gonna bring
the knee to the chest. You know, if you have a tight knee, you may have to grab underneath
the knee and pull up. I know I’ve had a number
of patients, they may have a knee problem, arthritic
knee so it works well. Or a knee replacement, recently. – [Bob] What’s nice about
this, you can wake up in the morning and just
go right into this. – Yep. – You know, do your stretches or even before you go to bed. You can actually do hip
flexion and hip extension at the same time. You want to flex that one Brad and take that one off the edge of the bed. So, now he’s extending this hip and, at the same time,
he’s stretching that hip in the flexion. And look at what happens
when he pulls on this one. You see how that one’s coming up? That shows you that there’s
some tightness in there and he needs to stretch it a little bit. – Yep, now the other thing that you can do is bring this knee
up and across to your chest and that gets a little
bit of the piriformis, which is a muscle that goes to the hip and can be tight, so, make sure you get that too while you’re working out. – Absolutely, all right,
yeah, now you want to go ahead and get
you’re figure four Brad? That you were so anxious to do before? – Yeah I really like the figure four. So with this knee up, ankle to the knee and then a little stretch this way. This shouldn’t be painful it should just feel like a good comfortable stretch. – So you’re taking the hip
into external rotation. What’s nice about this one, this is a real easy one to do in your chair, also. You can just bring the leg up over across the other knee and you just go ahead and pressure on, pressure off,
pressure on, pressure off. Now you can actually
compare the two sides, too, and if one is tight, the
knee is gonna be up higher and you know, that one
you may want to focus and spend a little bit more time on it. If you know, it’s just
like the wayward child in your family, you might
wanna spend a little more time on that and raising that one, so. – Were you the wayward child? – I was, yeah. – I could imagine how much time
they had to spend with you. But you could do the
same thing laying down. You know, here my knee
goes to here and if you do the other leg and it only goes this far its probably the painful
hip and that’s the one you’re going to spend
a little more time on. And you can also do the figure
four with this knee down. – Absolutely. – And that’s just gravity
helping out this leg. – Yeah, Brad, you wanna
show internal rotation too? – Oh, yeah I really like this. So, both knees will be up. I’ll take my left ankle
and put it on my right knee and then I’m going to
pull it across this way. Is this what you’re– – [Bob] Yep, that’s exactly
what I had in mind, yep. – Yep, and this is one I, actually, hadn’t done this until you showed me, Bob, a couple years ago and I really liked it. [Bob]- I’ll do it once in awhile. I don’t always, it’s not that tight. My hip is not tight in
that direction so, I– – Mine’s gotten better because one side was clearly tighter than the other and I don’t have that so much anymore. – [Bob] And with hip problems, that is not a problem for you to lose
internal rotation so, it’s one of the, the hallmark
signs of hip arthritis. – Yep. – So you definitely
wanna include that one. So it’s really four main stretches and it doesn’t take that long
to do it, but it can make a big difference
in the pain that you’re gonna feel throughout the day so why not give it a shot. – Right, and actually you can try all four of these and, and more than likely there’s gonna be one
or maybe two that you’re gonna feel the tightness
on and that’s the one that you’re gonna wanna focus on. You don’t have to do all four
of them if you don’t want to. – Exactly. – Work on the one that’s
clearly the tight side and work with it. – Yep, very good. – All right. – Remember, Brad and I can
fix just about anything. – Except for– – A broken heart. – There you go but we’ve
been working on this for seven or eight years now. We haven’t made much progress
but we’re still working on it. – Yeah, I bet you still feel
good about that don’t you? – Yeah, well consistency Bob. – Yeah that’s right.
– Consistency. – Inconsistency – Edison took a lot of time
to make the light bulb. – That’s right, that’s right, he failed a thousand times. – I think it was more,
I think it was 10,000. – 10,000 times he failed. – I think so, yeah. – Okay. – He wasn’t too bright but he- – He wasn’t too bright– – Well, he was consistent
though, persistent. – Was he as bright as a light bulb? All right, thanks for watching.

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