Yoga Wheel Flow For Back Pain | Yoga For Back Tension

Yoga Wheel Flow For Back Pain | Yoga For Back Tension

come to your knees take a moment to
connect with the breath begin to circulate the shoulders opposite direction come to the neck circular motion here
deep breaths opposite direction for inhales both
exhale back to centre left arm reaches out
dropping left hand to the mat right here meets the right shoulder inhale exhale next inhale release opposite side right
hand to the mat left ear meets the left shoulder deep breath cycles here again next inhale release grab your wheel and begin to roll it
forward be gentle here stop where you feel that stretch if the body allows it
send the forehead and heart to meet the mat bowl in hills full X Hills if at any
point this feels too intense simply pull back release the gently come up bring the
knees mat with distance apart or further again if the body allows it and begin to
walk the wheel forward stopping where you meet that stretch release come to seat it knees bent feet planted
on the mat place the wheel at the low back and begin to lean over the wheel
connect to the breath getting into the muscles of the back
very slight movement here rocking side to side inhale come up
adjust the wheel so it’s a bit further up the back releasing any tension in the
neck rocking slightly side to side feel free
to hold the wheel or go ahead and keep yourself balanced by placing your hands
on the mat engage the core gently come up wiill to the low back
release the head hands to heart center Anjali mudra give gratitude here take a
moment when you’re ready reach up overhead nice deep stretch here hence the match straightening the knees
keep the hands planted or bring them heart center for added pressure if the shoulders allow it reach up
overhead grabbing the wheel otherwise place the hands on the mat for stability
here begin to rock forwards and backwards back to centre straighten the knees connect to the
breath here bending at the knees rock forward and
release placing the hands at your hips for just a little extra stability here
while we rock forward and backwards moving at your own pace follow your
breath maybe take a moment to adjust the wheel
and continue to rock again flowing at your own pace here do what feels good perfect release to sukhasana easy pose
inhale gaze up exhale extending through the spine gaze down inhale opening the
chest gaze up exhale really extend through the spine inhale exhale begin to
circulate the hips opposite direction come to the knees send the hips towards
the heels for child’s pose use this moment to recharge acknowledge
how the body feels nice deep breaths filling the torso expanding the low back exhale releasing any tension within the
hips shoulders and neck next inhale release hands to heart
center namaste

8 comments on “Yoga Wheel Flow For Back Pain | Yoga For Back Tension

  1. Bunny McBunnyBun Post author

    God yes, so much yes. So glad I finally got me one! Also, your dog looks weird in this video.

  2. Alyson at New Figure Forward Post author

    PERFECT! Loved this video and found great relief in my back. Thank you for a great quick and extremely effective routine!

  3. tzk121 Post author

    Very effective wheel routine! My wheel has been collecting to dust so it was nice to pull it out and use it. Loved it!

  4. Yoga With Bird Post author

    Hope you’re all enjoying these practices! For more goodies join my email list 👉🏼 Keep Shining❤️

  5. pituk08 Post author

    I love this and I found you this week. This week alone I have repeated the routine about 4 times. How often do you recommend I do this?


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