Yoga Magic- Part II | Goodbye To Hot Flashes, Headaches And Anxiety

Yoga Magic- Part II | Goodbye To Hot Flashes, Headaches And Anxiety

In my decade-long experience as a yoga
therapist I have seen women seriously troubled during their menopause I have
often heard how they feel a sense of constant uncertainty it is indeed a
period of critical adjustment. Your own family especially a spouse will never really understand this feeling of worthlessness one can experience. The following sequence I have designed will ease you into the sensitive and demanding faith we will be using a soft padding like a roll mat to give you a
sense of comfort while practicing. For the menopause Yoga flow we need two props a rolled yoga mat and a folded towel or blanket to place under the neck. Start with a comfortable cross-legged posture try and be in it for a few minutes before beginning this practice We begin with sensitising the upper back
and chest by placing it onto a rolled mat a quick tip is to place the mat
where the bra strap ends. The lift of the chest towards the ceiling can invigorate the upper body with some fresh prana. Stay in this posture for two to three
minutes pulling the navel closer to the spine with each exhalation. let’s continue by moving on to warming up the pelvic and lower body by shifting the roll mat from under the chest to the tailbone. Fill the body with some smooth
breaths allowing the weight of the legs to drop further and further onto the map. Now deepening the silence in the body hold the mat from the sides and gently lift the legs up to the ceiling pulling your toes in towards the body as you
allow the shoulders to drop against the mat be aware about the legs. To really benefit from this pose attempt to be in it for two to five minutes enjoying the
beautiful flow of blood down into the lower spine. After enjoying a sense of static we can add some dynamics Setu Bandhasana movements. Bend your knees press into all four corners of the feet inhale lift the hip up high and as you exhale release it gently back onto the rolled mat. Do this five to seven times but not without synchronising it to long soft flowing breaths. Fingers in line with the shoulders your forehead resting lightly onto the mat as you inhale lift
the chest for the sense of opening in the heart towards the ceiling and
pushing the shoulders back widening your collarbones and as you exhale long and
soft gently release onto one side of the cheek. Push back on your knees and place
the rolled mat for your heels. Curl your toes and lift into Adho Mukha Svanasana or the downward facing dog. Place the heels onto the mat and peddle your way through releasing your calves and maybe even throwing out a few breaths through the
mouth once you feel connected attempt to lift the tailbone higher towards the
ceiling and with deep long exhalations try and push your armpits closer to the
mat end the sequence with a beautiful supported Child’s Pose. Sitting back on your hip rest the entire body enjoying a full lengthening in the spine and
resting one side of the cheek onto that rolled mat. After you spend a few minutes in this sit back up in Vajarasana and keep a focus on how the breath is moving in and out. With a little effort to practice this yoga sequence one can make menopause a beautiful phase of
change and positivity. Until next time stay tuned stay Glamrs

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