Yoga For Upper Back & Shoulders | Yoga Block Exercises

Yoga For Upper Back & Shoulders | Yoga Block Exercises

come to seated inhale begin to gently roll the neck
forward almost like a u-shaped side-to-side ear to shoulder perfect same thing in the back remove
any hair from the face and gently move side to side ear to shoulder begin a full circular motion here maybe
move with your breath inhale come forward and exhale back opposite direction come to Center
next inhale hands come overhead exhale elbows in line with the shoulders
cactus arms inhale hands overhead exhale open the chest cactus arms inhale hands
overhead exhale cactus inhale exhale cactus release sitting
nice and tall give yourself a nice big hug release the hands coming into Eagle arms
shoulders away from the ears pulling the elbows away from the body release and switch arms hugging the body
give yourself a good squeeze and when you’re ready go ahead and come into your
Eagle arms release give yourself one more squeeze let go inhale the shoulders up towards
the ears exhale roll down and back opposite direction come to Center we’ll begin to rotate the
wastes in a circular motion opposite direction back to Center begin seated cat-cows
inhale open the chest gaze up exhale tuck the tailbone rounding the
back inhale gaze up exhale round gaze down belly button
towards the spine inhale axe hill around next inhale come to the knees for
Child’s Pose big toes touch to have your knees fist
width distance apart send the hips towards your heels and start to walk
your hands forward forehead comes to the mat next inhale bring hands and prayer to
the back of the neck for a nice shoulder stretch relieves hens come to the heals bringing
the crown of your head to the mat as close to the knees as possible inhaling hips come up next exhale release take a moment here
in Child’s Pose bringing the hands towards the top of the mat inhaled a tabletop nice neutral spine
here stacking the wrists under shoulders and knees under hips next inhale right
hand comes up overhead exhale thread the right hand under the left arm if this
feels like enough thrusts here with your left hand on the mat or go ahead and
take a bind grabbing all that space wrapping that left arm around and
grabbing the right hip release opposite side and heal left hand
comes up when you’re ready go ahead and thread it through underneath that right
arm again remain here or go ahead and take a bind release and shake out the arms Abed do
it feels good inhale drop the belly gaze up for cow exhale around for cat extending through
the upper back inhale dropping the belly axe hill around go ahead and send the
hips down towards the heels inhale come up for cow exhale around sending the hips down
towards the heels when you’re ready inhaling transitioning
to cat go ahead and bring your hands to the top
of the mat keeping the hips stacked over the needs we’re going to come into puppy
pose on your exhale releasing the chest
towards the mat if this is too intense for you go ahead and place your forehead
on a block over time you can release the block bringing the forehead to the mat
and then bringing your chin so going at your own pace and listening to your body gently release from the pose and come to
your back we’re gonna have our shoulders stay flat
on the mat while wrapping the left leg over the right for Eagle variation
dropping the knees to the right side for a supine twist feel free to utilize a
prop here maybe a block or a pillow under the knees or left shoulder begin using your exhales to really allow
your body to melt deeper into the stretch inhale knees to centre when you’re ready
wrap the right leg over the left and allow them to fall to the left side
releasing any tension in the hips and upper back again you can also use props
here feel free to place a block or a pillow underneath that right shoulder or
the knees inhale knees the center bring the heels towards the sit bones
hip-width distance apart place your hands flat on the mat go
ahead and engage the thighs and core inhaling sending the hips up for bridge exhale release inhale gently lift the hips engage the
core placing your palms at the low back for a supported bridge feel free to stay here if you’d like to
go deeper go ahead and release the feet from the mat straightening the legs for
shoulder stand you can keep your hands at the low back or interlace your
fingers at the mat for a deeper stretch point the toes pull the thighs forward
and calves back to keep you grounded rust here or take it deeper with me
hugging the knees into your ears connect to your breath here from here we’re going to support the low
back releasing one vertebrae at a time nice and slow perfect hug knees the
chest release grab a block and place it along
the spine you may have to play around here with the block feel free to place a
pillow or second block under the head for extra support keeping the feet together allow the
knees to drop hands to your sides palms facing up and
open really allow your upper body to melt over that block inhale four four one two three four hold four for one to
three for exhale sigh it all out gently release rotate the block across
the back directly under the shoulder blades go ahead and straighten the legs
nice deep inhale long exhale
if you’re feeling extra tents in the upper back go ahead and inhale for four
hold for four and then exhale for six bend the knees gently come up removing
the block hugg needs to chest grab the outer edge of the feet for
happy baby sending the knees towards the mat perfect give the knees one last squeeze when you’re ready come to Child’s Pose
forehead to the mat sending the hips down towards the heels releasing any
tension within the shoulders neck and tips
feel free to rock side to side next inhale come up
hands to heart center namaste

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  1. ST Fitness - Mind And Body Post author

    I loved this! I have been looking for a good upper back video for a long while! Subscribed!

  2. The Planner Place Post author

    I've been having the worse upper back pain since I had my daughter 6 months ago-this video is a LIFESAVER!! I can't thank you enough; this was the perfect stretch- just what I needed! thank you xoxo

  3. Dutchess Post author

    Definitely one of my favorite yoga videos on YouTube. The block poses were bliss. Loved it, thank you!


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