Yoga For Hips & Lower Back Pain

Yoga For Hips & Lower Back Pain

hi thank you for joining me today this
is a 10 minute practice to help target the hips and that sore low back
beginning on our knees take a moment to observe the breath of the shoulders fall
away from the ears walk the hands forward for Child’s Pose
forehead to the mat relaxing the belly here breathing into the belly in through
the nose out through the nose maybe envisioning the low back expand
with your inhales checking in with the shoulders he’ll just become heavier with each
exhale next inhale walk the hands to the left
for a side stretch next inhale hands the right inhale back to Center lift the hips for
table wrists under shoulders knees under hips
on your exhale draw the navel towards the spine gaze down chin to chest go
ahead and drop the hips so they hover just above the heels inhale back to
table we’ll do this a few more times at your own pace enjoy the movement enjoy
the stretch next inhale send the hips up for down
dog begin bending the knees rock it out do whatever feels good here you go ahead and bend both knees nice and
low begin walking the hands towards your feet when your hands are close enough to
the feet begin to bring the feet mat width distance apart take your time here
sway side to side maybe perfect you’re spider-man stance
here you rest here or go ahead and come into your
mole asana elbows to your knees hands to heart center
pulling that tailbone down towards the mat option here to rock side to side you release gently transition to seated by
placing your hands behind your hips slowly come to your back hugg needs to chest when you’re ready grab the outer edges
of the feet sending the knees towards the mat for happy baby rock it out here release hug knees good squeeze here release the leg hence fear sides palms facing up and
open full breath cycles here in through the nose out through the nose take a few
moments to simply observe the body maybe observe the sensations within the low
back and hips you gently wake up the body wiggle the toes
fingers maybe rock the head side to side go ahead and bend the knees feel free to
rock the knees side to side when you’re ready roll to the right take a deep
breath in full exhale next inhale come to seated inhale hands overhead exhale heart center namaste you

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  1. I Heart Yoga Pants Post author

    This was very helpful I often have lower back pain from……."activities" with my BF.😊😊 So this exercise is very useful!

  2. Yoga With Bird Post author

    Hope you’re all enjoying these practices! For more goodies join my email list 👉🏼 Keep Shining❤️


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