Wrestlers Who Suffered Painful Injuries During the Royal Rumble

Wrestlers Who Suffered Painful Injuries During the Royal Rumble

– [Zach] Even though the Royal Rumble may not be the most extreme match, it can still be a pretty dangerous one. Throughout its over 30-year history, wrestlers have suffered some brutal and painful injuries during the Rumble. Here’s a look back at the wrestlers who hit a bump on their
road to WrestleMania. The 2004 Royal Rumble
was going pretty smoothly until the final 10 minutes. The remaining five
wrestlers formed an alliance to try and eliminate the Big Show. They threw everything they had, but this only angered the giant. Show eventually fought back and used his monstrous
strength to catapult John Cena over the top rope. The future 16-time world
champion, bent his knee awkwardly when he landed and it resulted
in him tearing his MCL. Even though he had to wear
a knee brace for a while and was temporarily limited
with what he could do in the ring, Cena continued to compete, even appearing on SmackDown
only five days after his injury. I guess that’s why he’s called the Champ. The 2008 Royal Rumble
was kind of a big deal. It was held in Madison Square Guard, Michael Buffer was the guest announcer, it was the first WWE pay-per-view
in HD, and Shawn Michaels and Undertaker were
the first two entrants. Everything was fine until
the fourth participant, Hardcore Holly, got into the ring. Michaels was lying on the mat, so Holly decided to assault
him with a few stomps. Pretty normal wrestling stuff, but one of these boots landed
straight on HBK’s face. After lying low for a sort while, the Showstopper got back into the action. At first, it didn’t look so bad, but that changed pretty quickly, as blood began to pour
from Shawn Michaels’ nose. Even with this, Michaels
continued wrestling for roughly half an hour
before being eliminated, all with a bloody and
probably broken nose. It’s interesting looking
back at CM Punk’s final days in WWE, now that we have
insight into what was going on. When the Voice of the Voiceless entered the 2014 Royal Rumble, he was upset with things backstage and was also suffering
from a staph infection, so before the bell even rung, Punk was not in the best place. This was made even worse when
the number eight entrant, Kofi Kingston, got into the ring. In signature fashion, Kofi got started by hitting a clothesline, and while it may have looked
normal, CM Punk later revealed that he actually got a concussion from it. To make matters worse, Punk
wrestled for another 40 minutes before being eliminated and also received a chokeslam from Kane through one of the announcer’s tables. I can’t speak for the man, but I’m guessing he isn’t
too fond of this night. Apparently, Madison
Square Guard has a history of injuries during the Royal Rumble, as another wrestler got
seriously hurt back in 2000. Even though they weren’t official
participants in the match, that didn’t stop the tag team of Funaki and Taka Michinoku from getting involved. They rushed into the ring, but were quickly thrown out
by the actual competitors. After some time had passed, they returned for a second attempt, with history mostly repeating
itself until the very end. Taka Michinoku went over the
top rope with too much momentum and he ended up smacking
his head on the floor. He reportedly suffered a
concussion and separated shoulder, and didn’t appear again
for the rest of the night. If that wasn’t bad enough,
it looks like some blood even squirts from his noise upon impact. Michinoku was out of action for a while, but he managed to recover
in time for WrestleMania and is still performing today. While all these injuries were unfortunate, this one may be the saddest. Having made his WWE debut
seven months earlier, the 2003 Royal Rumble was
gonna be Chris Nowinski’s first appearance at the event. He entered very early, at
the number three position, and wisely decided to stay
on the outside for a while. Eventually, when the moment was right, he slid into the ring and
began getting his hands dirty. As the match continued, Rey Mysterio and Edge went to double team Nowinski, and got on opposite turnbuckles to hit dueling missile dropkicks. However, their timing was off and Edge ended up landing on
the Harvard graduate’s head. Instantly, you can tell
Chris Nowinski was in pain and thankfully, he was
eliminated not long after. He would still wrestler for
a little while after this, but ongoing post-concussion symptoms ultimately led him to retire. This does have a happy ending though. Since leaving wrestling, Chris Nowinski has been raising awareness
for head injuries in sports and also helped start the
Concussion Legacy Foundation. In the comments, let
me know if you watched any of these injuries happen live and what your thoughts were. Then, go ahead and check out the video on the right for your next viewing pleasure. I’m Zach from Tap Out
Corner and take it easy! (upbeat rock music)

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  1. Tap Out Corner Post author

    Did you guys see any of these injuries happen live? If so, what do you remember thinking?

    Also, the text that appears at 1:09 is suppose to read "Holly wasn't actually #4". First I can't say the entrant number right and now I can't spell words correctly!

  2. Mangler013 Junior Post author

    What about vince McMahon it's common 2005 rumble match entering the ring because Cena and Batista we're not eliminated that was technically still part of the match since there was no winner or does The Undertaker count at 2009 Royal Rumble because he was bleeding from CM Punk knee in the corner and out of I believe 4 people that he hit that move in the same match on the same night the Undertaker was the only one bleeding

  3. Liar, Cheater, Stealer Post author

    Actually youre wrong since Undertaker and Shawn Michaels were the first two, Santino was 3, and The Great Khali was 4, so sorry for the correction

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    Blah 😒 was my day off today so I’m just playing with you guys at your birthday 🍰 was your birthday I was going over there to get your stuff done before I left I will come back and do you have to do uuuuuuyu

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    3:18 i'm pretty sure you meant 2003 royal rumble, cause I was watching the 2002 edition just a week ago and I don't remember him being in it

  6. robert clark Post author

    What about that huge lump on Y2J's head after a kendo stick shot by Tommy Dreamer ? Point of reference this was in 2003 .You said Nowinski's injury was 2002 it was actually in the same match I just talked about 2003 .

  7. Matt from wii sports Post author

    To this day it hasn't been confirmed if that was blood or some other stuff that came out of his head


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