35 comments on “Woodie Smalls – Bad (Official Video) ft. Coely

  1. andrew Harry Post author

    man i love your music..!!!!!! its so soulfull and real..keep it coming man..please !! your helping alot of people..much love

  2. Amax tv Post author

    This is real talent woodie’s songs hits real hard in thé feelings, it’s just perfect just like ‘pending’ càn’t wait for thé album to drop keep it up wood kardashian🔥🔥🔥

  3. JK WI Post author

    thank you for keeping on making music…! no matter how much I like your new songs compared to the ones I like most, I'll always support your art and know you have crazy potential!

  4. Hugo plantfortune Post author

    unreal!! composition, rhythm, flow- 100%. the emotional modern sound and beat fits perfectly with how its sung. top credits for you. As some have already said, you need a proper manager to promote you further and hopefully you get a signed with a good record deal!


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