Why MSM (Sulfur) is Important For Your Health (arthritis, skin, hair, nails, decalcification)

Why MSM (Sulfur) is Important For Your Health (arthritis, skin, hair, nails, decalcification)

Hey what’s up ladies and gentlemen, This is David Benjamin from healthywildandfree.com,
Today I want to share with you the health benefits of including sulfur in your diet.
Sulfur is one of the most abundant minerals on planet earth, I want to say it’s second
or third after calcium and something else. So it’s one of the most abundant minerals
on the earth and sulfur is found in fruits and vegetables, there’s different fruits and
vegetables that are rich in sulfur, mainly onions, garlic, leeks, chives, cruciferous
vegetables like broccoli, celery, things like that are rich in sulfur which is a mineral
very very beneficial for your health and wellbeing in a lot of different ways. MSM is basically
the same thing as sulfur it’s just another name for it, it’s like methyl something sulfate
or something like that and basically the benefits of sulfur include it’s basically incredible
for the elasticity of your body, for the elasticity of your ligaments, your tendons, your joints,
if you have arthritis or pre-arthritic conditions msm helps to kind of bust over calcification
and loosen things up so that you have more flexibility and mobility. It’s also great for protein production and
it helps, works directly with protein to really just keep your hair, your skin and your nails
beautiful and healthy. One of the first things that I noticed when I started taking MSM,
this is the one I take myself from Omica organics because it’s one of from my understanding
the only plant derived non-petroleum derived msm sources on the market. Basically one of
the first thing that I noticed was my hair and skin, the texture of them changed, my
hair grew faster, my skin was softer and my nails just started growing a lot quicker.
So I started taking MSM probably like 3 or 4 years ago and I took it for a while and
I noticed those differences and ever since then I take MSM on and off maybe 2 or 3 times
a year just take msm, msm just to kind of keep my levels up and the reason I do that
is because in today’s world and you know I live in Michigan, and for those of you that
live in America, the soil is much less mineral dense as it was ya know hundreds of years
ago, so, the sulfur content within the soil is reduced and it’s not as potent or as effective
because of the pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and all these different things used and really
just modern agriculture, in monoculture which is you know the most modern form of agriculture
so basically sulfur is great for your hair, your skin and your nails, the health of those
three but it’s good for ligaments, tendons, it’s good for decalcifying in the body if
you have over calcification on your spine or on your joints, any arthritis or pre-arthritic
conditions it’s good for decalcifying those areas to loosen those things up so you have
more flexibility and range of motion. Less pain, things like that, less stiffness, more
just fluidity. It’s, so it works directly with protein and that’s why your hair, skin,
nails, ligaments, tendons and joints are healthier but it also decalcifies, but it’s also a detoxifying
mineral, sulfur is great for your liver health, it helps to detoxify the liver and it helps
to improve the, your digestive health and digestive function. It helps increase bioavailability of nutrients
so it actually helps whatever nutrients and nutrition, vitamins and minerals and things
like that you have in your diet or in your supplement routine, it helps make sure you
get the most out of those. Not only that but msm or sulfur, same thing, also works directly
with directly directly in conjunction with vitamin C, now vitamin C is the repairing
vitamin, it’s great for your hair, your skin and your nails once again, vitamin C is great
for your immune system and your immunity and the richest source of vitamin c on the planet
is actually camu camu, and I have something here in my pocket I want to share with you,
it’s called camu gold, it’s a little bottle of camu camu which once again camu camu is
a berry from the amazon rainforest and it’s the highest source of vitamin C content in
the world. This bottle is just simply camu camu, organic camu camu and vegetable glycerin
which vegetable glycerin is a, it’s like a, it’s basically a glycerin plant derived glycerin
that helps to hydrate and moisturize your body. And because this is internal, you’re taking
the most potent source of vitamin C in the world, along with something that helps to
hydrate and moisturize internally, along with the MSM which works in conjunction with vitamin
C to basically create high quality protein and keep that protein metabolism and synthesis
process going so that your body can create new healthy hair skin and nails. But the vitamin C helps your skin to stay
healthy as well, so what I recommend doing is if you want to actually see and feel the
difference in your hair, your skin and in your nails what I recommend doing is getting
this MSM from Omica, obviously including these foods in your diet for example once again
onions, garlic, leeks, chives, cruciferous vegetables, broccoli, things like that are
great sources of sulfur naturally, celery as well, but the thing is like I said because
our minerals in our soil are so depleted I recommend taking omica organics msm, and this
is the MSM, plant derived and it’s mixed with turmeric extract and seaweed derived calcium
and magnesium to help with assimilation and absorption. So this MSM i’ve noticed is very very very
effective and it works very well, you just take 3 capsules of this a day, and then getting
the camu gold to pair with the vitamin C, I think the serving on this is like I wanna
say it’s like I don’t know, 5 drops a day or something. Ohh, 20 drops a day, so, I don’t
know, I guess I don’t take enough of this, but, the packaging is a little bit different,
you can get this at organicrainforestherbs.com, it tastes delicious, it literally tastes like
candy for those of you who are on the road or you know, it’s great too because it’s the
highest source of vitamin c, it’s a dropper bottle and you just go like that onto your
tongue, kid’s absolutely love it. I love it too, because I love it too because
I love the taste of sweet things. So what I recommend doing is taking 3 capsules a day
of MSM and then 20 drops a day of camu gold, and do that every single day for a month and
you’re going to notice you’re hair is going to grow faster, the texture of your skin will
actually change, one of the other really great benefits of MSM is it helps to reduce fine
lines and wrinkles, so if you have wrinkles in your skin MSM is going to help reduce those
and when you pair that with camu gold and vegetable glycerin in here, you’re hydrating
and moisturizing and giving it the most potent source of vitamin C along with the MSM, so
if you have a clean source of protein in your diet like romaine lettuce or quinoa or rice,
or black beans or a combination of any of those things, or hummus, or whatever, having
clean protein, the highest potent, potency source of vitamin c in the world, vegetable
glycerin for hydrating and moisturizing and penetrating the cell with the vitamin C and
then MSM with with it to work in conjunction with the vitamin C in here to work probably
and then in conjunction with the protein because the protein, the vitamin C and the sulfur
are the three things that work together to produce and create hair, skin and nails. Those
are the three very very very important components, and also they’re all great for once again,
well except for the protein, the camu camu and the msm are great for Liver health, for
detoxification, for digestive health, and for just kind of renewing and rejuvenating
the body and helping you be more fluid and flexible, so, msm I highly recommend, I’ll
link this product up below, the camu gold I will link up below as well, it’s from OrganicRainforestHerbs.com
if you get like 6 of them you can get a discount and then this is like 20 bucks and this is
like 18 a bottle. So, it’s totally worth it, you notice very
very quickly the difference in your skin and nails if you have been taking sulfur before
and you’re absolutely going to love it and if you pair it with the camu gold you’re just
going to notice not only the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and more fluidity
and flexibility and more digestive health, but you’ll notice more vibrancy in your hair,
skin and nails and it’s something i’ve been doing myself and I have, I get compliments
on my, well I don’t really get compliments on my hair that much because I don’t know,
I just have regular hair sorta, but my skin I have been complimented on my skin before
and it’s something that I really do a lot of research and understanding on healthy hair,
well hair skin and nails but specifically skin and I’ve found that sulfur mixed with
camu camu, or camu gold works really really well to keep your skin healthy and vibrant,
so, if you’re looking to keep your hair skin and nails healthy and keep that healthy feel
and look and gain your confidence, these are two things I highly recommend, i’ll link them
up below. I can’t say enough about them, i’m just rambling
now, but you’ll notice when you start using them yourself and you’ll notice a difference
in all sorts of areas of your health by using them, so, thanks a lot for your time, this
is David Benjamin from HealthyWildAndFree.com, to learn more about diet, health, nutrition,
detoxification, super foods, herbs, fitness, green living and all this type of stuff make
sure to subscribe to my channel below if you learn something new in this video please leave
your comments below, like this video, share it with your friends and family and try what
I recommend, I talk a lot about health and wellness and I recommend different health
products and things like that and I use them myself and I’ve noticed a huge difference
in my own life so please use them yourself, I can share all this information you know,
every day of the week for the rest of my life but if you don’t actually use what I’m recommending
to you which today these two things, I know you’re going to absolutely love them and actually
see and feel a difference. You’re not gonna feel any better or look quote
on quote any better in your health, so, try them out, see what you think and just I just
ask that you trust me just a little bit and you’ll see that i’m you know, I do my due
diligence in my research on what I recommend and I actually know the founder of this company
omica organics so I trust the source, I talk to him and it’s once again one of the only
plant derived sulfur/msm supplements on the market, he say’s it’s the only one but I did
recently discover another one, so, and that’s actually an interesting story, it’s kind of
crazy how it got on the market but this one I really trust, I use it myself, I noticed
a difference. And actually if you let these capsules sit
in your mouth they literally melt and you can taste the bitterness of the sulfur, so
I really trust the potency of this product and I just, you can just tell, and then with
the camu gold it’s got that bitter, tangent, pungent berry taste and it’s, when it’s mixed
with that vegetable glycerin it helps with assimilation and absorption once again, so
pairing these together for your hair skin and nails is absolutely amazing, feeling beautiful,
feeling great, feeling confident is a huge aspect of life and when you start to feel
better and look better you make better choices for your health and wellbeing so these two
things are just little kind of ways you can hack your health, your hair skin and nails
to feel better. I’ll link both of these up below, that’s it
for this video, this is David Benjamin from HealthyWildAndFree.com, Make sure to check out the other videos on
my channel, make sure to check out the healthy wild and free podcast in iTunes, where I interview
people on emotional health, all sorts of health, nutrition, detoxification, fitness, kombucha,
happiness, health, spirituality, you name it, I have all sorts of interviews on the
podcast, so check the healthy wild and free podcast out in iTunes as well. Thanks a lot for your time, have a great day,
the links with more information will be below. Take care, bye.

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  1. 426 SUPER BEE Post author

    All i know is Stress makes your hair fall out and i really don't care if i have hair on my head or not, I look great either way, but the DE is replacing hair in the pours of my scalp  bald spot on back top of my head and around my hair line in 3 weeks. If it works on every one idk, i just tell what is working on my bald spot The new hair feels like sand paper and it kinda hurts a little bit,  it feel like a slight sun burn on the top of my head and i haven't been out in the sun with out a cap on. and when i put my arms over the top of my head i can feel the new hairs poking my arms

  2. Sitaifun Mac Post author

    Sulfur transports oxygen into the cells, and it is the primary mechanism for detoxing mercury from the body.  I took a teaspoon of sulfur two or three times per day, and after going through a two-day low-level detox headache I woke with tons of energy and my eyesight had significantly improved.  I've written up some details at http://tiny.cc/sulfur


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