Why is School So Stressful?

Why is School So Stressful?

Why is school so stressful? I’ll tell you one thing: it’s not because of the homework! Welcome back to CapOhTV, the channel where we know school is a joke, and you don’t want to be the punchline. The reason why school is so stressful is going to vary from person to person, but I think these five reasons will apply to everyone at some point in their school career. Reason number one school is so stressful: Relationships! Now I don’t only mean romantic relationships. I know we’ve all had that class where you get put in a seat around four or five people that you absolutely hate. But you have to have a relationship with them because the school says so. That is, you’re forced to be around people you wouldn’t otherwise want to be around. Now a lot of people are stressed out by that, me included! I mean, as an adult you have better social skills so you can handle it a little better. But when you’re still in school, that’s the worst thing in the world to have to be around people that you don’t like. And what does that lead to? I’m sure you all know the word! DRAMA! And that’s only one reason why school is so stressful. Let’s go on to reasons two through five! The number two reason why school is so stressful: Time! School starts early and school ends late. Now your parents or other adults will say, “Oh, well, school is just like having a job, man, you’ve got to get used to that schedule.” But guess what? NO YOU DON’T! That’s just insane! Why do kids have to forced to be in a building for that many hours a week? That’s sometimes more than 40 hours a week! You’ve probably heard your teachers say, “Hurry, hurry, we’re running out of time! We have to get on to the next unit, the next chapter! We’re going to run out of time!” Because they’re crunched for time. Time is a valuable thing, you can never get it back, and that is stressful, no matter who you are or where you are. Now for all you scientists out there, here’s reason number three why school is stressful, it’s related to time, it’s Space. Now you know time doesn’t really exist, time is a function of space. And in school, space is just as precious as time. How much personal space do you think you have in school? I’ll tell you this, you have, on average, less personal space than a common prisoner. According to the American Correctional Association, the guidelines for prisons, an inmate has to have 70 square feet of space, with 35 square feet of that being “Open”. On average, a school room is 900 square feet and that’s for 25 students and 1 teacher. That is 34.6 square feet per person! So, there you go! And notice that I said that’s for 25 students and 1 teacher. How many of you are in classes with 29, 30, 31 students, where all the desks are so crammed together that you can’t move your elbows without knocking over your friend’s pencil? If you just had more space, people would be a lot more comfortable and it would be a better learning environment because you won’t feel like other people are crowding you out. Overcrowding is stressful. That’s why I will never live in a city. Reason number four why school is stressful: Rules, rules, rules. The more rules you have, the more criminals there will be. And the more criminals, the more stressful the entire environment becomes. Most school rules are leftovers from a time gone by or there only in place to control you. For example, stupid school rules: No hats. No food or drink. You’re not allowed to use the bathroom without permission. I’m going to make a separate video about all of these so I don’t want to give too much away. But all of these rules only serve to control the student. And school is like a prison, I mean, come on. I still haven’t made a video about that either, which I will eventually. But school is just a mini-prison for kids. You know what I’ve heard? Prison is stressful. And finally reason number five why school is so stressful: Grades and standardized tests. In my video recently called “Why Grades Don’t Matter (Except When They Do)” I kind of talked about grades a little bit. Grades are stressful because you’re made to think they’re the end-all-be-all of your entire life. If you don’t get good grades, then you’re going nowhere! And do I really need to say much about standardized tests and testing in general? A lot of what you do in school nowadays is only in preparation for a test. I don’t think I was in a class where the teacher didn’t say, “You better know this because it’s going to be on the test!” “You better learn how to do this, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah.” It’s always about a test, something coming up in the future that will measure how good of a student you are. Those things don’t really measure how good of a student you are. They don’t. What other reasons do you have for why school is stressful? Leave a comment down below, we’ll talk about that. And if you’re not subscribed to CapOhTV yet, click that subscribe button please. You know school is a joke, you know you don’t want to be the punchline, so why not hit that subscribe button and come back for more later? Thanks for watching, see you later, bye!

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  1. CapOhTV Post author

    Why so stressed?! No, really. Why are you so stressed at school? Leave a comment with a stressful thing I missed in the video!

  2. Alberto .A Post author

    Something that doesn't add up is that if I miss a day of school I can do all the work I missed in 15-35 minutes and learn all I missed in not much more time but it takes them like 7 hours to "teach" me

  3. Bombdabomber Post author

    Actually can't wait for the dumb rules video. Want to hear your arguement of hats, as they say "its for safety" but something dangerous is quite clear. If there is a weapon shaped object in someones hood its quite clear. as for cams not seeing the students face… isn't there always security patrolling every hall?

  4. mmmuuj Post author

    All of these points make sense.
    But whenever the subject of the whole classical school setup comes up, I begin to wonder:
    Most other nations around the world have more or less the same system (from classroom organization to testing). Yet, school does not seem to be such a controversial topic and so distressful to foreign students. I'm originally from Ukraine, where I've had a bit of schooling. It was more or less the same. So I feel like there's something missing from the picture, but cannot pinpoint it.

  5. CaptainMarvel101 Post author

    I feel like it's the same thing every day get up do work go home get up do work go home.And sometimes teachers don't realize that other students have Ap classes like me and pile up all this bs like my history teacher for example expects u to read 14 documents and write a 6 paragraph essay in one night……

  6. CaptainMarvel101 Post author

    I stress over testing so much like My school requires u to pass it think at least 3 or 2 of the variety of test that u can take and they have u take it before a math class and they expect u to get a good grade for example the Parcc test I bull shit all of my answers on there because frankly idc about the tests anymore but oh if u don't pass 2 or 3 of the test u don't get your diploma and go no where in life I find that hard to believe because some jobs u will never use math or writing in.

  7. mmmuuj Post author

    I didn't really know where to write this but, as a substitute, have you ever come across very "problematic" students who you then caught writing things about hating their life and so on right in their notebooks during class? I've come across several cases already. And I have never know how to handle such a situation.

  8. Vishnu Gadepalli Post author

    you know what my math teacher did?? He gave me a 0 in the entire class. You know why?? Because i didnt write down the question to my paper from the board !! Its so random!! How does that get a 0?! Wen he said write down the question, i thought he meant write the equation down, not the question word for word!!!!! im angry

  9. LBSC_Thomas_70 Post author

    My teacher says: "each one choses their friends", I gotta talk my classmates (which I hate) and they say Internet friends are not real "friends". My only friends I met playing Minecraft. They also be like: "homework is good", but we already have 7 classes a day. Also, if you don't learn at the same pace, you a failure. Are tests quality or speed tests? One last thing: I learned computer engineering by myself reading the books I wanted, without homework and using the Internet. I love your channel and videos, great job.

  10. Sebastian Brooks-Baker Post author

    Earlier this year in the getting to know you camp we had no choice about who we shared rooms with and I got shoved in a room with someone I hated and 2 other people.
    Oh yeah, city skylines just loaded

  11. Aj Maida Post author

    My homeroom teacher can get really annoying when it comes to marking me late for homeroom. I'll be less than 30 seconds late to PM homeroom , and I'll tell her how my locker is SIX FEET AWAY FROM THE GOD DAMN DOOR. Then she'll say, "But are you aren't in the room," in a really annoying voice. What am I missing anyway? I'm not missing the announcements- they can be heard in the hallway. What I'm missing is 30 seconds of sitting around. I'd rather make sure I have all the books I need, than sit around for 30 extra seconds. Also, if kids riding the bus are 5 minutes late, they're excused. If I'm 3 minutes late, I'm not excused. When I am late, it's because of traffic- something that I cannot control. And taking the bus isn't really an option either, because the bus comes at 7:19, and I usually leave at 7:45. When I try to bring any of these problems up to my homeroom teacher, she says, "I'm just doing my job." So no matter what I do, I'm screwed.

  12. Pastel Panda Post author

    25 students and one teacher in an average sized classroom? My school has 42 students in a classroom, often times more.

  13. SHIVAM PATEL Post author

    Because it is pointless knowledge aka shit.honestly 90% of my knowledge is from experience and the web

  14. StyloWantsSonic YT Post author

    Why is school stressful for me? Lots of answers.
    Because I'm constantly around people I hate.
    School gave me anxiety.
    School gave me a panic attack.
    I can't go a day without having an angry outburst.
    I'm a very slow learner, therefore, BAD grades.
    I can't remember anything by the next day.
    People are constantly teasing me for what I like. (example, I love Sonic The Hedgehog a lot. People think I'm weird because of that.)
    I don't understand anything except some English.
    I don't understand math, social studies, y' know. Everything.
    Teachers are dicks.
    I can't pay attention. I'm constantly thinking about things I like.
    I'm very unmotivated.
    I have anger issues, and school caused it.

  15. Taz Berry Post author

    Reasons why i hate my school
    1) My school is constantly giving out
    tons of homework to do in one night
    2) almost every class has at least 40-50 people in it
    3) bullshit dresscode (one time i got in trouble for wearing a light blue jacket and there are kids out there who wear raindow tye dye. Like wtf.)
    4) the school 'student of the month' algorithm (they but the worst behaved kids up there just because they kiss up to the teachers)
    5) disrespectful teachers
    6) did i mention homework?

  16. Clown Girlz Post author

    I stress over my grades and if I will fail this year sometimes I would cry myself to sleep thinking that I would fail I try as I hard as I could I mostly stress in math I would try as hard as I could but I would fail I still deal with this in school that is why school is so stressful for me

  17. Anna Ratcliffeannaratcliffe Post author

    not because of the homework? I was given 5 pieces today and i have to finish them by tomorrow!

  18. Laura Z Post author

    1) there are teachers that hate you for no reason
    2) everyone has huge expectations
    3) teachers give like 7 hours of homework on top of 7 hours that we spend in school
    And something that just sucks is that we learn things that are not important in life, but we still spend years in school

  19. Leila E Post author

    Here is why I like learning but I don't like school:
    1. Homework. This may sound dumb but it gives me so much anxiety. I usually have an hour on average of homework and I try to do it at lunch or on the bus to limit the amount I have at home. But homework is also a big burden because of this next thing…
    2. Teachers. I have a teacher who is strict, and that's why people don't like her. Part of her teaching style is telling people not to ask her silly questions that they can answer themselves, and not to ask about the lesson because they should have been listening. But sometimes you don't HEAR because some idiot was being a bum and not LISTENING. She also likes calling people out. Even if you forgot a simple homework assignment. Besides strict teachers, students take advantage of the nicer ones and its so distracting. Along with sitting next to a student you despise of, and being in the baddest bunch of kids in your entire year, where the teacher has a hard time doing something about it.
    3. Students. My year is bad! So bad! Of course there are a few good ones, but there are so many kids who talk way too much, some talk back, a few are attention seekers, some play too much you name it they've done it. Sometimes I wished that all of them would disappear except for my few friends and I.

  20. ItzSped Gaming and more Post author

    I'm tired of school its boring and their forcing me to learn thing that I dont like but When I dont pay attention my grades are bad and my parents are trying to ruin my home life which I hardly even have because were not rich,they try to take my tablet cuz I don't get good grades in ONE subject, my home life is only my tablet nothing else and I dont like this at all but my tablet makes me happy and entertains me while school just makes me stressed and depressed

  21. AllyOnMSP Post author

    Im stressed because of all the nasty people there ,

    Im stressed because of how little free time we get to talk with our friends,

    Im stressed because of how early i have to wake up,

    Im stressed because im always stressing about a test, or when a teacher calls you out for a bad score. Its embarrassing!

    Im stressed because of how much time we are wasting. Staying up late to do homework then being told to do better, being pilled up with homework and worrying you wont finish it in time, then you get detention, trying not to fall asleep in class because of how late you sleep and how early you have to wake up…

    School is truly hell…

  22. Quavarius Smith Post author

    If i ask for help i no for a fact i'll get yelled at so i just say nun n den wen i do ask i swear my teacher be sitting there shaking they heads n blowing as if they dont wanna help me n all my teachers favor the girls more in every single situation i can rap however n im good at basketball i intend on makin the NBA but develop my game just a bit n a lil more like im so underrated around school cuz its boring n i get off track cuz teachers hate me n all the other boys

  23. UniqueliA Post author

    Your basically placed in a room with people you dont know about except for some of your previous classmates and expect everything to be fine

  24. D'Fae Post author

    Everyday of my life whenever I go to school it's like a waste of my time and I would feel anxiety and depression and so sleepy and whenever I fall asleep or my grades are bad and my parents found out they would get angry at me and take away my computer and my playtime and they told me I can't take my phone to school since it's a "problem" even tho I'm not Messing with my phone at all during class

    School is such a stressful and waste of time I wish it I don't have to go anymore…

  25. Chance Mundy Post author

    I went to a boarding school for two years where all you did was work. If you walked into your dorm without asking permission from a staff member, you would be in deep trouble. No phones, no laptops, nothing. Constant harassment for minor infractions such as your shirt not being tucked in or not being in line properly. The dorms had to be spotless. All boys. We couldn’t even speak to each other. I now view public school as fuckin freedom.

  26. Kyurem Kyotokyo Post author

    School is ok without project, presentations, homework and strict teachers, in our quiz yesterday, 1 mistake is equal to 0 so the possible scores are 0 or perfect, its also under 2 min to answer??

  27. mlpbronyboyshadow Post author

    I remember one of my friends should an anima darw and the teacher was rude and I'm like it took him a day to learn and your saying drawing rwby is bad i say if I draw my little pony you say it's bad then go screw of I can do better draw then you

  28. Froggi Post author

    The thing about school is that they say 'We are preparing you for the future' They teach us about the past, Yes I know some of the past is important but we don't have to use it in our everyday life, I'm in middle school and I think that school should actually focus on the future and interest kids have, Not have stupid rules like no hats, And actually not Pressure us to be Perfect citizens in our community

    I think I made no sense but I hope it makes a bit of sense.

  29. El Short For Eleven Post author

    I feel like school will never end like every single day I roll out of my goddamn bed god forbid I’m gonna be late, get to school unpack sit my ass down and listen to the boring voice “Let’s correct our homework” pull it out take out a pen click it a bit, stare at the clock, go to next class sit my bit fat ass down and learn some shit. Get out of class, go to the next put my fat ass down again get back up 30-45 mins later go to lunch sit my ass down again go to recess have fun go In do my fricken math and do all that bullshit were supposed to do after go home to homework and have a dance party. God I hate school

  30. Gytis Kuc Post author

    Its stresfull cuz teachers learning uselles bullshits which makes me angry , I run from as many lessons as I can ? And after that I fell like my life is 2× better

  31. Everything Fortnite Post author

    About space yeah om in iso and I mess around so I just get out my seat I get tolled to go soy down but I don't care about the rules in school but i do in the real life isolation Is worse than a prison you get free food and let out for a little bit in prison all the time

  32. xd sushi Post author

    My cousin is in a private school so he only has 7 people in a massive classroom which would hold 26 kids in my class.
    He always gets to travel
    He can do whatever he wants
    And he has problems

  33. MysticDoodleNoodle Post author

    It's stressful because most of the time, teachers love to challenge you. But sometimes when they challenge you, THEY challenge you way to much to the point were your only thinking about the paper in front of you ,and then you forget your own name!(that actually happened to me on a test, once I finished, I was gonna write my name on the top of it because I do that after I finish the test, and I had to ASK MY NEIGHBOR WHAT MY NAME WAS! Let's just say they thought I was crazy for about a month)

  34. Ari Pineles Post author

    My other reason is that I am forced to waste 12 years of energy and time living up to other people's expectations, and when I say other people, I mean my parents. They want me to do my best, and unfortunately for me, my best is As, if I study long and hard enough. I would like to be spending all that time and energy doing things that not only interest me but will also get me farther in life than our corrupt education system. But as far as their concerned, grades do matter (not only when they do) and I'm stuck studying a lot of stuff that I will never need again in life, instead of learning about other things that are interesting, enjoyable, and most importantly (you would think), educational. The system has got to change.

  35. Saeyoung Post author

    I hate when my teacher dont allow me to bring my anime side bag in like wtf ! She thinks someone can trip over or "too much stuff". =_= and hate that

  36. trainboy 165 Post author

    I.know the Answer because school sucks donky nuts. And they don't give a shit about you. Also if they say they do their lieing to you.

  37. Bowling Green Post author

    My school instated a 'no backpacks outside of your locker' rule as a result of the 'no cell phones' rule. I'm one of those people who hasn't touched his locker so far this school year. The only reason I've achieved this is because the Staff (especially the admins) act like certain rules somehow don't really apply to me in a way.

  38. Sheo The Mad God Post author

    Constant fucking work. I feel like there should be a limit on the amount of homework and just work in general they give. Everyday the teachers put pressure and stress on the students because of the STAAR test or what the fuck ever. I literally just had to complete 2 actual packets with 4 pages and about 30 questions for each packet that are due tomorrow. I have Taekwondo, a martial art, as an extracurricular after school. I get out of school at 3:30, get home at 4:00, then I have to get ready at 5:50. I then come home at around 7:30, and I have to cram a shower, dinner, changing clothes, and tons of homework, sacrificing the little relaxation time I actually have. Another factor to my suffering is that I am in no means a morning person. I get woken up, and my mindless zombie self gets on the couch and falls asleep while my mother tries to keep me awake. Which means I miss breakfast, I go to school almost half asleep, and have to catch the bus. School is miserable.

  39. United States Air Force Post author

    My ass was stressed out for keeping my grades a A or a B and my parents wheres always getting called into meetings thinking Im retarded or just some disabilitys which I didnt have I was just fucking bored out of my mind annoyed.

  40. Kehlani Thunderfuck Post author

    Why I hate school

    · Homework
    · Teachers
    · The Classes
    · The "learning" System
    · Long hours
    · The People
    · Everything

    The only thing I like about school: Leaving and not going


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