Why Is My Poop Green?

Why Is My Poop Green?

You can ask the Internet anything you want
— like, how big is the universe? Or what’s the average lifespan of an Olive Ridley sea
turtle? Or why are sloths so lazy? But many of you turn to the wisdom of the
Internet to explain what you find in the toilet bowl. According to our friends at Google, one of
the most commonly googled questions in the world — at least in English — is: why is
my poop green? And hey, fair enough. We’re all about fostering
curiosity here, and what’s more fascinating than the human body? So in order to answer this question, we should
really start with why poop is normally brown? The brown color of most mammalian feces comes
from a substance called bilirubin, which is produced by your liver when it processes dead,
used-up red blood cells and prepares them to be excreted. The bilirubin is actually made from hemoglobin,
the protein that your blood cells use to ferry oxygen around your body. But even though your red blood cells are red,
the bilirubin itself is yellow. And it’s absorbed by your liver and excreted as bile,
which is yellowish green because of all the bilirubin in it. The liver secretes bile into your small intestine,
where its main job is to digest fats, breaking down lipid molecules into fatty acids. But,
since the bile is on its way down your body anyway, it’s also chock full of waste material,
including that bilirubin. So. The fact is, because of all of the bile
in it, your feces actually start out a yellowish green color. Typically, as your feces travel through your
digestive system, the bilirubin is broken down by your gut bacteria — those wonderful
microbial minions that live inside your intestines and help you absorb nutrients while decomposing
waste. These bacteria eat the bilirubin and metabolize
it into a byproduct that’s colorless. But when that byproduct reacts with oxygen, it
turns brown, forming a pigment called stercobilin. Stercobilin is what makes your poop brown. So, if your poop is green, it means it went
through your digestive system too fast, and the bacteria didn’t have time to digest
your bilirubin into its byproducts. So if you notice that stuff’s a little greener
after you take a laxative, or have a touch of food poisoning, or maybe super hungover,
something else might be goin’ on that’s hurrying your poop along too quickly. So the occasional green turd is probably nothing
to worry about, but if it’s always that color, it could mean that your feces aren’t
spending enough time inside of you for your intestines to absorb all the nutrients you
need. Mystery solved! Thanks for asking, and thanks to our Subbable
subscribers who keep these answers coming! If you have a quick question you’d like
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100 comments on “Why Is My Poop Green?

  1. Sheness J. Post author

    Ohhh….Cuz I just ate McDonald's and then went home and pooped no wonder my poop is green thanks YT

  2. Landon Post author

    I’ve had green poop for the past 4 days and it’s not going away.
    Is there anything you could take to make it normal?

  3. treat trick Post author

    [im wondering if anyone can answer this?] i been pooping dark green…………………no blood…………….only dark green poop with the mucus in it [which i had mucus in poop before] please and thank

  4. Dakota Tyson Post author

    My poop was green 3 minutes later and I got scared because I haven’t had anything green in a while

  5. Layla Forrest Post author

    I wrote a song based on my experience with a green poop two days ago it goes,
    What does it mean when your poop is green?
    What does it mean when your poop is green?
    What does it mean when poop is green?
    What does it mean?

  6. Veronica Henriquez Post author

    Who else pooped green thought they had cancer and then immediately went to yt and found this video?

  7. Mitalene Paris Post author

    Anyone else feels really really silly for searching it up on YouTube and finding out it’s absolutely nothing it’s OK

  8. Rehab Musa Post author

    omg after this i went on google and searched why is my and they the second thing that came was why is my poop green xD

  9. Tyranitar Post author

    I literally viewing this from toilet.To be honest i must say i have never seen my poop so beautifully green.Its like i'm breeding grasses.

  10. GomezGamingYT Post author

    I’m not having fun rn.

    I’m constipated, stinking up the from a ton, and green poop

    Kill me

  11. Danchan 6378 Post author

    Ayeeeeeeeee i came here cuz my sisters child pooped green poop its srsly green as the thumbnail..

  12. Sullyvan arnold Post author

    Phew! I just… Ummm…. Relieved myself? Sure, I'll go with that. I definitely wasn't expecting to see Grinch in there!

  13. Unknown Killa Killa Unknown Post author

    Well I drank A lot of alcohol the night before and now my poop is neon green first time that happened

  14. 50,000 subscribers with no videos Challenge Post author

    Could be those new cold stone waffle cones the food coloring must’ve turned my poop green!!

  15. Amor Doyogan Post author

    My partner asked me to watch what is the reason why her poop is green and so I watched this. Hearing this too fast talking and I am not that smart enough to understand what he is taling all about cause Im not American and can just slightly undertand that it has nothing to worry about. So I just said, it says its ok and she got to sleep quickly like she did not happen to worry earlier.


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