Why Is My Lower Back Sore After Deadlifting & How Do I Fix This?

Why Is My Lower Back Sore After Deadlifting & How Do I Fix This?

How’s it going everyone my name is AJ
and today I’m going to answer a fitness question. Anybody who wants to make
serious strength gains and define their upper and lower body cannot look past
the deadlift. But for some people the deadlift has a reputation of causing
soreness in the lower back. So why is this happening? In this video I
am going to explain why you might be feeling soreness in your low back during
the deadlift and what you can do to help correct this so that you won’t have to
deal with it again. So without further delay let’s get
started So most people will probably tell you
the reason your back feels sore during the deadlift is because your shoulders
aren’t pulled back, you’re not driving through your heels the bar is in close enough to your body. Essentially saying that it’s a form issue. And this might be true. But I bet
the main reason you’re feeling back soreness after deadlifting is because
you’re lacking core strength. During the deadlift your core should function like
a steel reinforcement causing very little to no movement in the spine. If
your core is weak, your spine behaves a little bit like a pool noodle and this
places a tremendous amount of stress on your erector spinae muscles and
leading to soreness in your lower back If you’re looking for a quick fix to
this problem go buy a weightlifting belt but if you want a long-term more
permanent solution try adding core exercises to your
workouts 3 times a week. I will wager a hundred burpees that any back soreness
that you get during deadlifting will be either significantly reduced or gone
after 2-3 weeks of regular core strengthening. But if you’re convinced
that core strength is not the answer here is how I teach the deadlift to both
my students & my clients In your starting position your feet
should be a little wider than shoulder-width apart with your toes
pointed slightly outwards, the bar should be nice and close to your shins, your
neck and spinal column should feel neutral and not extended, and most of
your body weight should be concentrated in your heels. From here you want to
create tension with the bar without lifting the weight off the ground. You should feel your glutes and hammys
and core activate. NOT YOUR BACK. If you feel your back start to tense up take this time to readjust your position
and try again. If you feel the tension where you’re supposed to in your glutes
and hamstrings your starting position is correct and you should be able to
proceed with the deadlift with out feeling any discomfort or tension in
your lower back. Even if you feel like your deadlift is already perfect give
this method to try and see what happens and let me know how it worked out for
you in the comments below. If you guys enjoyed this video be sure to like it share it with your friends and subscribe. In any case thank-you all so much for
watching, and stay strong.

15 comments on “Why Is My Lower Back Sore After Deadlifting & How Do I Fix This?

  1. Johyn Post author

    you should have speech lessons.. you sound like you are trying to talk like an idiot and you are succeding.

  2. Johyn Post author

    never mind now it is clear you are an idiot. cross-fit people hahahahahahaha. you can put those pretend degress on the wall and you still do not know anything about fitness

  3. Vasil Shishkov Post author

    I would like to add something obvious here, before hanging from a door as shown here ( 7wow.cc/cvok ), please make sure that the hinges are strong enough to hold the pull of your weight, otherwise you could pull the door away from the frame ! Better to go to the park and use a pull up bar.

  4. Christopher Nunez Post author

    Since my lower back stopped getting a workout in my deadlift I started getting lower back injuries help

  5. kookie4nookie Post author

    Thanks for the pointers. I think one thing worth pointing out to everyone is exactly what “core exercises” are. When you refer to “core” are you speaking specifically about abs or every muscle between the neck down to your hips?

  6. Cory M Post author

    This worked for me, would get really sore lower back after deadlift days. Worked on core 2-3 times a week forv2 weeks. Just deadlifted yesterday and Lower back tiny bit sore but hammys and glutes are medium sore now (as if my stronger core allowed me to activate the muscles intended)

  7. Joshua Ramirez Post author

    Would it also be that certain muscles aren’t firing , like the glute or hammies, normally so the body compensated by using more back?

  8. ergonaut Post author

    I think it's just a lack of mobility for me. My squat and hinge are very limited so when I'm at the bottom of a deadlift, I can't seem to fully get my weight in my heels and my back ends up rounding slightly. I will keep in mind what you said about feeling the right muscles engaged at the bottom next time I try, I usually just am focused like hell on getting my chest up and out to get my back straight.


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