Why Hamstring Muscle Stretching Is Bad | Back Pain Relief

Why Hamstring Muscle Stretching Is Bad | Back Pain Relief

One of the big misunderstandings in our field
is the idea of trying to stretch out your hamstring muscles in the presence of acute
or sub acute back pain. A lot of patients will offer the idea of wanting
to go home and stretch them or having continuously stretching them in order to relive the discomfort. This is a big problem in our field for a couple
of reasons. The big reason of course is that by stretching
out your hamstrings muscle although you’re getting sort of reinforced by the stretch
you are actually putting your spin in a provocative position you’re rotating the hips and pelvis
down and creating more pressure on the disk material. Although the patient is reinforced by the
stretch feeling in their back or in their leg. Unfortunately, it is the wrong force and the
patient is unaware of this until sometimes its too late. But a classic hamstring stretch would be something
like this, you know, where they had been using a yoga stretch or if you’re in the clinic
with a therapist. And like I said, if a patient is having a
back disorder and the symptoms are in their back or in their leg or in their buttock,
they’re going to do a stretch like this and sort of feel the stretch feeling and assume
this is correct, but unfortunately that strain on the back and on the disk material is almost
too much and later in the day they will often suffer more as a result. Rarely if ever is a hamstring muscle so tight
that it’s actually affecting a lot of the pull on the spine. So it’s big misunderstanding and it’s a bad
exercise in the case of acute and sub acute back pain.

9 comments on “Why Hamstring Muscle Stretching Is Bad | Back Pain Relief

  1. Eric Sampson Post author

    Right. In a way they can cancel each other out, especially in the presence of a mechanical derangement where its greatly effected by increases in pressure along the posterior section of column. HS stretching even with proper form WILL increase the pressure.

  2. Bo Johnson Post author

    These videos basically just end up leaving the impression that no form of stretching is good for back pain, which can't possibly be true. Please try to offer safe stretches in videos.


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