Which is Better for Pain – Heat or Cold?

Which is Better for Pain – Heat or Cold?

hi i’m paula moore
the posture doctor here to answer the most asked question I get asked in practice should I use ice or heat and it’s a great question I always give the same answer to begin
with go with your gut instinct your body knows best if you can’t bear the thought
of ice touching your skin then probably don’t if the thought of a hot water
bottle or bath feels right go with that to begin with I think our instincts tell us a lot now for some of the rules let’s talk about
muscle tension so you’ve been carrying your child on your shoulders through the
weekend at the fairgrounds and your shoulders are really tense and sore or
you’ve been sitting too long at the computer or you’ve been a couch potato
all weekend so you’ve got muscle tension that’s when you want to reach for the
hot water bottle I favor this to wheat packs because moist heat penetrates
really quickly think a little bit of muscle tension squeezing around the
blood vessels and constricting the blood flow to the area hot water bottle allows
dilation of the blood vessels an increase of blood flow to the area
bringing more nutrients and more oxygen and washing away the waste products the
lactic acid from overworking muscles leaves you feeling much more comfortable quickly okay now let’s talk about inflammation the kind of inflammation
you get when you’ve injured yourself you’ve slipped off a curb may be
strained and ankle knocked into a wall you’ve got a bit of an egg on your
forehead or you’ve had a sudden back injury and it’s very acutely painful
this is when we’re talking now about acute pain and this is when we talk
about using ice acute pain is pain that lasts anywhere from day one up to day
seven to ten and in this period you’ll have inflammation now inflammation is
the body’s natural response to healing the area so we don’t want to stop
inflammation that’s why I’m not a fan of anti-inflammatories it’s a drug it’s a
chemical stopping the body’s natural healing process without inflammation
our tissues wouldn’t heal so the ice is used more to get you feeling a little
more comfortable in that period so this is great I love these gel packs wrapped in a little tea towel you can just pop them down your pants and walk
around with them for 20 minutes at a time and they don’t get unbearably cold
and they’re flexible so for the first seven to ten days the acute pain that
goes along with inflammation from an injury is going to be managed with ice
twenty minutes on one to two hours off 20 minutes on one to two hours off do it
at least four times in a day over that period you’ll probably already be seeing
your health professional alongside that and they’ll also tell you the same now
after you get past the one-week mark you’re going to start to alternate ice
heat ice heat there’ll still be some swelling but the swelling doesn’t feel
like a water balloon so much now it feels a bit more like
hard gel a bit like this pack actually and now you can start increasing the
blood flow to the area because remember increasing the blood flow dilates the
blood vessels brings more nutrients and oxygen to the area important for healing
but there’s still some discomfort so you can manage the inflammation with using
ice the way I initially told you to do 20 minutes on an hour or two off back
and forth back and forth again throughout the day you can do that for
about a week if you’re getting into weeks of discomfort weeks of pain over
the four week mark up to about six weeks plus you’re into chronic pain and you do
need some help so go and see your chiropractor (or doctor) don’t try to manage it with ice and heat alone it’s not likely going to be enough if you have any questions
about that please email me at posturevideos.com and I hope that was
be helpful thanks very much for watching bye

15 comments on “Which is Better for Pain – Heat or Cold?

  1. Dr Paula Moore Post author

    Ice is good for inflammation. If you are training hard then post training you may benefit from ice. But then you also need increased blood supply to bring nutrition to the area so a combination of ice and heat may be beneficial. General rule ice for acute and heat for chronic and ice/heat for general care. Always check with your health care provider for treatment advice. Thanks for watching.

  2. Boaz Barkai Post author

    Hi Paoula,

    I have been watching your video, and with this one I have got a problem,
    this is why –

    I will love your response.

  3. Asylum Obsolete Post author

    +Dr Paula Moore I have something to ask, if you done using the ice compress or the cold compress about 20 mins and you want to change to heat/ hot compress, how many minutes will you change it to hot compress? is it okay to change it right away to hot compress after you done on the 20 mins of Cold Compress? or you will going to wait for a couple mins before you will use the Hot Compress?

  4. Sera Kartal Post author

    Thanks for the valuable information first of all. I have been suffering supresupinatus tendonosis for 3 months. My sports doctor insists on me using ice packs 3-4 times a day but it sounds very illogical and does not feel good at all. It increases the soreness. I guess it would be right for me to stop using them, right?

  5. coverSongs Post author

    thank you so much .i hav been doing this from past 10 days .. ICE n HEAT back and forth and good diet with vitamin capsules is healing my PLANTAR FASCIITIS fast. after when i get healed completely i will able to sprint and jog happily again…
    thank you dr.paula moore

  6. Reden Canlas Post author

    Hi. I suffered a "tennis leg" (torn gastrocnemius muscles) for 6 weeks now. The swelling has gone down but I can not yet put entirely my foot on the ground as a normally before.
    Shall I do ice and hot session? I tried today stretching the muscles while under iced water .. it was painful but it did not swell like before when I was just doing the stretching on the bed..
    Any suggestions so I can walk normally again at the earliest ? I would really appreciate it …

  7. Nemo Nemo Post author

    Thank you. A very simple and concise explanation. Very useful to me, as I'm constantly in the wars!! Without good health you have nothing. I'm going to give this a try.

  8. Ankit shrestha Post author

    I got back pain due to excresise and muscle are being tight I got back pain now now I should use heat or icee


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