When to Apply Essential Oils: Muscle Pain Relief Blend

When to Apply Essential Oils: Muscle Pain Relief Blend

(Intro music) – Hi, I’m Andrea Butje
from Aromahead Institute. In today’s video we’re gonna to make a wonderful oil for reducing muscle pain. So let’s get started. We’re going to use a
one ounce glass bottle. This one is a really
beautiful cobalt blue. And the base of it is
what we call trauma oil. This is an herbally infused oil. It has three different herbs in it. It has Arnica and St.
John’s Wort and Calendula. And all of them contribute to the anti-inflammatory actions and also help reduce pain. So I’m gonna fill in my one ounce jar with the trauma oil to get started. And you can just pour. This is a four ounce bottle and it would work for me to just pour directly into this bottle. But not everyone’s hands are steady, so frequently we just use a beaker. And I’ll pour some of the trauma oil into the beaker. And you can see what a
beautiful color it is. It’s got this great sort of red glow. And then I’m just gonna pour this directly into the bottle. That way I don’t spill and if my hands aren’t absolutely steady, it doesn’t matter. So I’m gonna fill this up. It’s about 30 Mls. I’m gonna leave some room at the top for the essential oils. So for the essential
oils in the blend we’re using Lavender, Peppermint
and Black Spruce. And I’m gonna use ten drops of Lavender and five drops of the other two. So I’m just gonna put the bottle right over the top. And usually it comes kinda out the side, see the drops kinda coming out. And there’s ten. And don’t worry if you get eleven or nine, no big deal. And then I’m gonna put five drops of Peppermint. The Peppermint is amazing and really contributes to the pain relieving properties. All three oils do, but Peppermints really the most potent oil in here. We’re gonna get just five drops. There we go. And then lastly I’m adding Black Spruce, which from an aromatic perspective is gonna really ground the blend and give it sort of a pine foresty kind of smell. And we’ll just do five drops. There we go. Oh, I got six. Alright we just changed it to six. (Hums) Smells so good. So I’m just gonna put, whoops, I’m just gonna put the top on, the right top. And just give it a little shake like that. That’s really all it takes. And now you can apply this blend to anywhere where you’re really feeling very sore. And it’s very relieving. I like to use it every couple of hours. And I hope it helps you too. Alright take care. Bye.

29 comments on “When to Apply Essential Oils: Muscle Pain Relief Blend

  1. Brandi Hughey Saidy Post author

    I love the videos! Do you ever recommend "aging" your stock blends?  I don't know if its just a perfumer thing, bc the smell of an oil blend changes as they have a chance to mingle over time.  I do notice a difference at least in scent when I make a stock blend that's had a week to "age" vs mixing in the diffuser.  I don't know if the effects are any different though.

  2. Racquel J Post author

    Do know a good oil for muscle twitch?? My mom has been struggling muscle twitching for a few year now. It's a non stop twitching.

  3. VINDIMVEER RAKHRA Post author

    Hi Andrea,
    I really liked ur videos. Even I have purchased ur Mobile App to b handy anytime. I have a query regarding Muscle Swelling like Knee joint swelling. My mom is 60 years & she is having a swelling in a knee joint in one leg. So far she doesn't have any pain. Can u plz suggest any blend which could help her to reduce the swelling.

    Also is there any blend for Emotional Support?


  4. Christine Martindale Post author

    Hi Andrea, I really need to make a muscle pain relief blend, but do not have Black Spruce. I was wondering what I could put in place of that right now. Maybe frankincense or thieves? Thank you as always for your help.

  5. amie a Post author

    sometimes my back muscle hurts so very bad. The neuro gave me some muscle relaxers, but I don't like taking them unless I have to. I have DDD so the muscles surrounding my spine get rope like causing so much pain. I also get migraines that make me end up sleeping a lot mostly from the medication. If EO's could help me get off meds that would be great. I also have an anxiety disorder and the physician has given me meds (as needed) for that. I don't want to be on all this.

  6. tara museeh Post author

    I am using japanese mint oil Hagina for tennis elbow and for shoulder pain, it works fast and v effective

  7. lovenpeace102 Post author

    I was wondering if I could possible use a larger bottle instead of the 1oz you used; if so would I need to alter the amount of essential oils or could I still use the 10 drops, 5drops of the ones you listed? Also love the way you instruct!

  8. Kirsty Macfarlane Post author

    What could I use instead of black fir? I use mahanarayan oil instead of trauma oil, it's cheaper and easier to get in the UK! I'm dying to try this, I've used other oils for pain but I'd love to use this blend. My magic blend, which I don't use very often so I get the best results is black pepper, ginger and clary sage. Either in the bath or topically but it always eases my pain. Thanks Andrea don't know what I'd do without your videos xxx

  9. Suma Dattani Post author

    Andrea, hi I'm glad I found you. I'm a studing aromatherapy so just wanted to ask what is the % ratio when you blend.

  10. john rodgers Post author

    Hi There.
    looking for info on pain relief on snapped patella on knee. Year later still pain in knee what you recommend?

  11. Lucy Stevens Post author

    Thank you for all your amazing and really useful videos. I am so inspired. Have started to make lots of these. Can you do some housecleaning recipes please. Like kitchen surfaces toilet cleaners etc. Thank you again. A real inspiration

  12. Cathy Post author

    My Dad loves a store purchased roll on that had 14% menthol in a 2.5 oz bottle. But i cant find this anymore, my Dad, who is 87 really needs this & is desperate. Do you have a similar recipie?


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