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Hey internet friends. How are you? No, really. How are you?Did you get your flu shot this
year? According to the media, there’s a massive
flu outbreak underway, with flu deaths reportedly surpassing the tide pod body count. While the flu vaccine is only 10% effective
this year, the Center for Disease Control, through the mouthpiece of the corporate media,
continues to encourage the masses to line up for their flu shot, because what happens
if you don’t? What ifs and great unknowns are supposed to
scare you to your core, not prompt you to do your own research about the substances
injected into yours and your children’s bodies to fend off influenza. I was going to say that was a slight exaggeration
on my part, depicting the media, but actually it was–it was right on point. The media sells fear, rarely facts. That’s why today we’re going to discuss what
the media won’t tell us about the flu. Warning warning: I am not a doctor, nor am
I any sort of medical professional, so please do not take anything I say as medical advice. Thank you. Influenza is an italian word for diseases
originating around 1504 with its original use implying astral, occult or atmospheric
influence. Over time, we’ve shortened it to just the
“flu” and commonly use it to describe a severe cold, but that’s technically an incorrect
use of the term. Since by definition, the flu is a “highly
contagious virus that attacks the respiratory system”. Experts say that the flu is spread mainly
by droplets from when people cough, sneeze, or talk. If you’re like me, I’ve wondered perhaps once
or twice why the flu has its own season. Why not just stick around all year? I mean, take your shoes off and get comfortable. But the flu is just here for the winter and
there are several theories as to why: one of those is people are spending more time
indoors, in close quarters, with other folks. Another theory is that, during the winter
months, the lack of Vitamin D weakens the immune system. The third theory is that the flu virus just
prefers cold, dry air as opposed to the oppressive heat and humidity of summer. Lately I’ve seen various media outlets cite
the deadly Spanish Flu of 1918 as a talking point, a talking point that leads up to the
flu vaccine pitch. Oh, and it’s a good talking point. The 1918 Flu managed to kill more people in
one year than the bubonic plague did in four. The flu spread as soldiers fanned out across
the globe, spreading their germs and bullets in WWI. During a time when warring nations feared
that their enemies might stoop to biological warfare as a means of achieving victory…what
a crazy idea, right? The Spanish Flu was unique in that it targeted
individuals in their prime. You know, the age that people are making babies
and are fit enough to fight in wars. Ultimately, the Flu of 1918 infected an estimated
500 million people, killing between 20-40 million of those folks, with around 675,000
of those being American. Problem: the Spanish Flu caused people to
die. Reaction: the living panicked and a portion
of those deaths were a result of self-imposed isolation. Victims didn’t exclusively die from the flu
virus, but as a result of starvation from being too weak to go get supplies, and friends
and family being too afraid to bring any. Long after the flu season ended, fear remained. Solution: Create a vaccination not with the
expectation of eliminating the virus, but the goal or expectation to weaken its impact. The word “vaccinate” stems from the technique
of preventing smallpox by injecting people with another virus: the cowpox virus. And to get even more specific, “vacca”is the
latin word for cow. By the 1940’s, scientists had developed a
working vaccine that was used on soldiers during WWII. To breakdown in an oversimplified manner exactly
how the flu vaccine works: it’s updated continually, as the virus itself is constantly changing. So basically, the vaccine makers take educated
guesses about which flu virus strains to use each year. That’s why it’s possible to catch the flu
even if you get your flu shot, because the vaccine doesn’t cover all strains of the flu. And interestingly, for the last 70 years,
flu vaccines have been grown in chicken eggs, even though now scientists are saying that
flu vaccines grown in eggs can cause more mutations, rendering the product that you’re
injected with ineffective by the time it gets into your body. This season’s flu vaccine was particularly
ineffective. The number of influenza-associated pediatric
deaths has totaled 37 as of today, January 31, 2018. Select schools across twelve states have closed
due to flu outbreaks. And news stories about the latest deaths of
healthy, young individuals are published every hour, on the hour, giving only a passing mention
of the pre-existing conditions the victim might’ve had before contracting the flu…but
being sure to highlight the theory that if this person had received their flu shot, this
person might not have succumb to flu complications like pneumonia that ultimately claimed their
brief life. And I gotta say, I haven’t seen a single journalist
address the work culture or economic conditions in which we live that contribute to our daily
lives being like a weird, gross petri dish. A lot of folks cannot afford to take off work
when they’re sick. And a lot of these same folks rely on public
schools as daycare. So you better believe they’re sending their
children back to school before the flu has run its course. No, pretty much all I see and hear is fear
being sold, selective history being showcased, and vaccines being pushed. So who exactly is benefitting from flu vaccines
if the people getting injected aren’t? Of course there are pharmaceutical industry
folks (whom some refer to as “BigPharma”) who would push to have your child injected
with experimental drugs so their child can go to private school. In 1983, Congress authorized the CDC to accept
“external gifts” from the industry and private parties….meaning, theoretically, the CDC
is allowed to accept bribes from pharmaceutical companies. Is it possible that these “external gifts”
have some sway in how the CDC reports their numbers? If we take a look at history and various flu
outbreaks that were hyped by the media, how many of the stories published were out of
genuine concern for the well-being of the American public? In 2005, there were rumors of an avian super-flu
that could’ve killed 1.9 million Americans. In response to this threat, the Bush administration
immediately purchased 80 million dollars of Tamiflu, a drug prescribed to treat the flu. George W. Bush’s defense secretary, Donald
Rumsfeld, held major stock and was at one time chairman of the company which held rights
over Tamiflu at that time. In 2009, the swine flu pandemic made headlines,
with the CDC calling on all Americans to take the swine flu vaccine, but a CBS reporter,
Sharyl Attkisson, discovered that during this pandemic, the CDC had stopped counting Swine
Flu cases, and the cases they had counted as swine flu could not be attributed to any
sort of flu at all. Those are two recent examples of profit being
made off of flu hype, but is monetary profit the only goal of selling fear? Perhaps depopulation could be another goal
beyond the monetary. We have the United Nations Agenda 21, which
is a global action plan marketed as being about sustainability, but points towards an
action plan to depopulate the world…a goal which is etched in stone at the mysterious
Georgia Guidestones. Maybe that sounds crazy to y’all, but have
you ever gotten any sort of information about your flu vaccine prior to getting jabbed? Any sort of literature, any ingredients list? The flu vaccine contains egg protein, formaldehyde,
and a mercury-based preservative among other ingredients. Studies have shown that pregnant women who
receive the flu shot are four times more likely to have spontaneous miscarriages compared
to pregnant women who do not get vaccinated. In 1986, the supreme court granted immunity
to drug companies against certain lawsuits arising from injuries or deaths associated
with vaccines. This came ten years after a outbreak of swine
flu at Fort Dix, New Jersey. And in response, President Gerald Ford announced
that the federal government would vaccinate the entire US population. As a result of the vaccine, a percentage of
those vaccinated developed Guillain-Barré syndrome, which left people with nerve damage
and paralysis. This persists as an on-going issue with the
flu vaccine, but still, the vaccine is encouraged for everyone over the age of six months. 170 million doses of the vaccine were produced
for the 2015/2016 flu season in the united states, compared to 32 million in 1990. Problem: In our global world where travel
is readily available, our germs spread and the flu kills people–as it always has, but
this years flu shot wasn’t as effective as it had been in recent years. Reaction: the media turned the dial all the
way up on fear and continues to. Solution: Line up to get your vaccine. Google’s venture arm, Alphabet Inc., announced
mid-January that they were investing in a UK company that was set on developing a vaccine
to fight all types of the flu–which sounds great on paper, but perhaps I’d be a little
more optimistic if Google hadn’t ditched their “Don’t Be Evil” motto when Alphabet became
Google’s parent company in 2015. So what do you think, internet friends? Will you be getting your flu shot? Do you trust the CDC, or by extension–the
media, to report accurate statistics? Do you believe there’s motivation beyond the
public’s best interests in hyping up the flu hysteria? Let me know. I always look forward to your comments! Thank you so much for subscribing and supporting
my channel on Patreon. Bye!

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