What is Upper Back Pain?

Upper back pain can be divided to acute and
chronic cases. Acute cases can be related to a short term injuries, or inflammation,
to the thoracic spine. Chronic or long term cases of pain in the upper back may be indicative
of damaged nerves or the bones of the spine. The upper back is controlled by the thoracic
region of the spinal cord, and by the thoracic spinal nerves leading to it. Damage to these
nerves can also cause chronic pain. Minor fractions in the bones of thoracic spine
can also result in chronic upper back pain. The assessment of upper back pain will likely
included brief, yet detailed history gathered by your physician, as well as thural and complete
physical examination. The goal of assessment is to ensure an accurate
diagnosis of the source of the pain. Treatments such as epideral steroid injections, facet
joint injections, medial branch nerve block, percutaneous discectomy as well as vertebroplasty
are all viable options for those with the upper back pain. Treatment options usually depend on the specific

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