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  1. Gemma Upton Post author

    Thank you so much for making this video. I have struggled with hoarding for a number of years and even though sometimes I haven't really seen the issue with it, people around me find it very stressful, especially given the fact it has caused problems at home due to my belongs slowly accumulating other places in the house, as I have no space in my room anymore to keep anything and what is in there has had to be bagged/boxed up. :/

    I know it is a huge problem now and I have got to the point that it really upsets and distresses me, because I don't know how to change it. I also have anxiety, depression and suspected borderline personality disorder – but also binge eating disorder, which is where my hoarding started to escalate and get really bad, to the point of having bags and boxes of food that I never ate, I just got them to feel a sense of control when I stopped myself from eating them, but as a security blanket for my binges…

    I didn't know it was an actual disorder, but now I know, I definitely feel it is something that I need to discuss with a professional to see if they can offer me any kind of help and support, because I can't keep living this way, I am starting to feel like I'm being suffocated by it and it hurts everyone else around me, when I get upset and angry for them 'taking away'/'getting rid' of things – even though I don't notice at the time, when I do, it emotionally overwhelms me so much, it's like I just explode and I hate feeling that way. :'(

  2. Xzila Post author

    Who are the Kenyan's on patron? Is this not the people of Kenya, and some sort of nickname for the fans of this channel?

  3. Sensitive Spirit Post author

    +Kati Morton I need to ask a you very serious question I literally have nobody to go to

  4. myozbubble Post author

    My mother has HD. She started it in earnest after she divorced my dad. Now she has Alzheimer's and in a nursing home. She still hoards in this very small room. I get calls once a year to come and clean stuff out. I don't see why the facility that has medical and mental health staff doesn't work it out.

    I'm traumatized by it and see these tendencies in myself too. At least I have a husband that keeps me in check, somewhat.

  5. Elisabeth M Post author

    How do I stop caring what other people think about me? My whole life feels like it’s centered around what everyone else thinks of me. How do I fix this?

  6. caroline anderson Post author

    As someone who has lived with a mild hoarder i find this video very helpful and insightful! ?

  7. Luke Minall Post author

    Hmmm… is there any research on this being inherited? I know someone who is a hoarder and their adult child is also a hoarder (no shared trauma that I am aware of).

  8. Lapin Durand Post author

    Someone in my life is a big collector (and has many different collections), started when he was a teenager and never really stopped. His father is also a collectionner. He says he feels better having this stuff and has trouble throwing things away (including when I throw my stuff), saying it could be of use later. Can hoarding (or collections) be a healthy coping mecanism if it's not stopping the person from living a professional and social life? At which point does it becomes unhealthy? And how to help the person if he does not see it as a problem?

  9. Done Dennison Post author

    Such a complex thing that it gives me a bit of distress to even post something so personal. Which is weird considering i am open and honest about being a survivor of trauma. Both my spouse and I were raised by people who were inconsiderate of our personal belongings. We're both aware that hoarding could be part of our life so we do try and treat each other with kindness and still try and maintain at least a clean and safe palace of stuff. I can see us being one additional trauma away from hoarding. It bothers me. I am in counseling, tho this is not directly one of the focuses.

  10. Mark Richter Post author

    Kati this video is soooo gr8! ? my Dad has a very bad type of hoarding disorder that is rooted in severe childhood trauma. He is now 83 and has never sought help because, despite the suffering it causes his family, especially his wife, he still rationalises and justifies all his behaviour.

    ie. He thinks its normal/ok to keep every newspaper he has ever had in his life, every note paper he writes on, every househlod appliance that breaks, etc, etc.

    He has always resisted any attempt to help him change because he sees no reason to do so.

    It also comes along with a tendency to procrastinate until its too late, and a pleasure he finds in complicating every task until it becomes completely impractical. He seems to enjoy living in a fantasy world where he will have an infinite resourse of time to do all the things he has never got round to.

    This includes planting out all the precious plants he buys that my mum waters till they die. He has a massive garden, buys all these plants and never puts them in the ground, because that involves making choices, and commiting himself to a course of action.

    He might have benefited from attachment based therapy, to challenge his attachment to physical things. But now I think he is too set in his ways.

    It really is a complex coping strategy he has cultivated over many decades to distract him from the real problems arising from his formative years.

    Thing is, he seems reasonably oblivious to the suffering this causes those close to him. He partly lives in his own little world.

  11. Turtlesunday 101 Post author

    Hey kati, I'm very curouis if someone can be suicidal but not self harm. I would love for you to answer my question 🙂 P.S. I'm asking because I'm worried about soneone.

  12. Gabi Maza Post author

    I realized that the hoarding my parents have had to do with our culture. We come from a third world country where everything has a purpose and they didn’t come from a lot of money either. This was a behavior I learned as a kid. I use to keep old chip bags from the day I went to the park with my friends because I wanted to remember that day. Finally the anxiety got to me from having too much and I talked to myself about it and I realized there’s other ways to remember good times. I started placing value on things that mattered. And kept things I needed only. Now I have way less then before and feel less anxious

  13. The Kate Goes Meow Post author

    Hey Kati, you mentioned that people with HD have a very high tolerance for mess and uncleanliness which is something I've noticed a lot in my male housemates (all aged around 19-21) they will happily use the kitchen and living room even when there are piles of unwashed dishes lying around and rubbish all over the floor and not be bothered by the mess at all, whereas I find it really hard to relax and feel comfortable when the apartment is that messy and sometimes even feel depressed and anxious because of it. Do you have any explanation as to why some of us are so unbothered by mess while it effects others so intensely? Thanks and I love your vids!

  14. vg Post author

    love all your videos kati…???? brilliant?but I'm afraid what if i had already HOARDING disorder ????????

  15. vg Post author

    love all your videos kati…???? brilliant?but I'm afraid what if i had already HOARDING disorder ????????

  16. JD’s randomness Post author

    I’m usually super clean and what most my friends call a minimalist but if I fall behind in my cleaning I can appear to be a hoarder, it drives me crazy but when I start cleaning I focus so much on having everything just right that I never get near as much as the normal person can done. It was recommended I set a timer and not spend more then 15 minutes on an area when timer goes off switch to another area.( this actually works for me when I follow it)

  17. lranieri1 Post author

    I work in other peoples homes, and have run into this a few times! Shocking is an understatement!! It must be awful to live with.

  18. Rayne Post author

    Hi Kati. I don't have HD (I have BPD- but watch all your videos), and you mentioned attachment based therapy which I didn't even know was a "thing". I've searched through your videos and can't find any of that kind of therapy. Will you be doing a video on that sometime in the future?

  19. Rochelle Sumeray Post author

    I am totally enamoured by your videos and the discerning way you impart the information about so many subjects. I am volunteering (post treatment) in a rehab at the mo….more about that in another comment.

  20. Katherine Couch Post author

    watches this video whilst surrounded by 3 year old paper work and bits and bobs I haven't used in years but am certain I might need it one day …..

  21. Wool Puppy Post author

    I'm 24. Hoarding runs in my family. I've had it pretty bad basically all my life, but I've been in recovery for 10 months! I had to de-clutter the majority of my things, and this was the hardest part which took me so long to get through. That's okay though. 6 months later, I finally got through it, moved into a new place, and took a couple pages out of minimalism to help keep things down. Now that I've gotten to a point where because I have less things, I'm motivated not to bring in more things to keep it nice, after all the work put in. I'm happy to have friends and family over now. <3

    Very important topic and and if you're struggling with this, you're not alone.

  22. MusicalConnie Post author

    I also feel guilty throwing away things others give me – it feels like I'm betraying/hurting the person. 'Just in case' is another key reason for me, especially with newspaper/magazine articles which I think might be useful in future. Thanks for this video 🙂

  23. Loki Brooks Post author

    This video couldn't have come at a better time for me. I suffer from OCD but am currently dealing with the hoarding of my parents after their passing. This evening, my fiancé suggested they could have a version of OCD or that I could be susceptible to HD due to their living situations, which I could never stand. Going through all of their "treasures" is absolutely daunting, and I've so far filled about 6 actual dumpsters worth of their belongings since my father passed, the last of the hoarders I'm immediately connected to. I tried to explain to him that I don't have any issues with hoarding, but seeing as my father didn't think he had that problem either … It was just good to see this video today. Thank you. I'll be sharing it with my fiancé so he better understands how my brain works vs how my parent's brains worked. This has truly helped, as many of your videos have. Thanks again, Kati.

  24. ylkentz Post author

    Finally i can show and explain to my family what is going on with my sister. Thank you so much for sharing. =) hope u can share more abt HD

  25. Suzi First Post author

    Thank you Kati! Your videos are fantastic and help me understand my own patients with mental illnesses and help them better in the back of my squad. I have had an easier time talking with my patients when I can grasp an understanding about what is going on with them. Keep it up!

  26. Zainab Mohammed Post author

    #katiFAQ  Hi kati ☄ How are U ?! 
    Just i want to say that i really love you and love all your videos so keep going ??✌
    Just i have a question …I struggling with self harm and I found that I have a homophopia " blood phobia " I know this so werid but it just about other's blood and my blood like one time I cut my self accidently and I feel like my heart will get out of me , I had a Nausea , dizziness and I don't know why ?  And when they take a blood sample from me or from any one I feel the same..
    Another time I was cutting some lemon and I hurt my self by acceident it was a too small cut but suddenlly I start crying so badly and when I finish I feel like why I was crying ?! I don't know … and there are more …
    Just i want to ask you is thid normal ? To have a homophobia for a self harmer ?! And why is that happend ?!
    I know my qusetion maybe so counfused but please I wish that you can help me … ??

  27. Rag And Bone Man Post author

    This has really helped me i have a big big hoarding problem, i never even knew there was such a thing called hoarding disorder, i think the main problem with hoarding is mental in the brain in what it tells you etc, thanks again

  28. Lyn Kent Post author

    Kati…you give such information about Addiction…..all our "disorders"….are an addiction…
    READ A REAL GOOD BOOK THAT i would like to share…Garbor Mate….
    You are such an inspiration Kati…..love your channel

  29. Tryfon Sot. Post author

    For some reason i try to keep all my city bus tickets (if they're in a good condition). But yeah i usually don't throw stuff away if i believe there is even a really small possibility of them being useful in the future…

  30. ggh546 Post author

    What do you have when your TOTALLY disorganized?
    I must keep things near me all the time & then it becomes clutter.
    People keep saying to me…
    Declutter to organize things?!!! WTF?!!!
    I'm NEVER organized enough mentally or physically to declutter.
    Between my coordination issues, then my gait issues & vertigo.
    I'm like, NEXT?!!
    I never throw things out (cause I forget sometimes [on Aricept now]), nor do I feel the need to…
    LIKE EVER!!!
    I never clean up after myself…
    Actually, I hate cleaning if I have to do it!!!
    I don't think I'm a horder. I'm just a permanently disorganized individual?!!!

  31. newtuber4freedom Post author

    This was the most compassionate talk on hoarding. It will take another 50 years for the rest of the world to catch up. Being HSP, it was too difficult to watch those shows about it on cable. I felt the person/s needed help and to be living in sanitary conditions, but at the same time it seemed so cruel and there needed to be a better way. I realize the shows were of the extreme cases, but a lack of empathy & compassion with well intensions wasn’t going to make me a viewer.

  32. mh5698ify Post author

    I highly recommend a book by Dr. Robin Zasio (a therapist on the show “Hoarders”) called “The Hoarder in You: How To Live a Happier, Healthier, Uncluttered Life.” It talks about the continuum of cluttering tendencies, from pack rat to compulsive hoarder. It goes over why and how some people fall into these behaviors (it can be out of anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, trauma, family or medical issues, etc) and also describes some of the ways of reframing our thoughts about our stuff – and how we feel about acquiring it, or not getting rid of it. Her treatment modalities are mostly CBT based and I’ve personally found the book really helpful. I struggle with clutter, disorganization and perfectionism/ procrastination. Her book has really helped me and I really recommend it.

  33. El Jay Post author

    I wonder how you know the difference between HD and just being sloppy. I'm an artist and have many artist friends who all have chaotic living conditions, piles of books and messy places.
    I DO have a tough time letting go of stuff but my bathtub isn't filled with old magazines and I throw away actual garbage. Also, I eat very healthy, exercise a lot and am hygenic. My main problem is that I hate the work it takes to keep my place tidy.

  34. FittnessFun-with Aaliyah smith Post author

    So whu didnt the DCM didnt know this before. Lol they just realised thats ocd and hd is different. Ahah

  35. Tavros Nitram Post author

    My best friend is a bit of a hoarder (I say a bit, but even when her room is clean, it's packed full). She may also have a type of OCD, I need to discuss this with her

  36. Melly Mel Post author

    I'm just cluttery organized ? I do with time get rid of stuff when I either forget it emotional value. . Or i think I found a better home for it. . . I love to buy stuff as much as de-clutter ?

  37. osuushiza8 Post author

    I know/knew2 ppl that would hoard somewhat but not have this disorders as they're 2clean 4it: my grandma (passed away) & I. Yep, me.

    She was chronically ill & had2 have disability, unable 2cont working. She was a JW & focused on God 2hwlp keep her busy as well as the fam. She was highly moral, very nurturing, & put others needs 1st but did so logically considering her own needs as well. However, due2 developing & increasing anxiety & depression, she'd become OCD like, being very nitpicking & bought many things on sale she saw logically valuable & hung on2 many of these things, barely cluttering, keeping them as neatly put away as possible. She became somewhat cluttered as she neared death…

    I'm an all or nothing person that will either put off things & procrastinate or do as much as I can at once, being an intense perfectionist. I'm very cluttered, but my clutter is in piles of papers or mail, taking up lil space, put in boxes or bags, & several items r also done the same, stacked up semi neatly, just enough 2be out of the way. My fear of losing objects occurred bc of growing up in a fam that struggled 2afford many things & when I gave things up or sold them, I'd finally find use4 them again 2either pay pricey amts 2get them back or am still unable2 due 2being on a very tight budget.

    This has manifested ib2 me collecting recyclable items as I've become a bit of a tree higher as I find it depressing that these r the back bone2 items we use but just discard them, being in a world where so many ppl r poor.

  38. msxeunybunxy Post author

    I studied psychology when I was in college. I love studying it and learning about it. However, I feel like in this country, we tend to overly diagnose people. It’s like we have to put a name on every struggle people deal with. I’m not saying ocd isn’t real, but its interesting how it’s much more prevalent in westernized countries I than other parts in the world

  39. Lady Monnette Post author

    I can say my house can get cluttered but after watching enough if these hoarder shows I am cleaning out closets abd drawers. No way do I want to be thought of as one of these hoarding mentally ill people. It is crazy that they can get so bad.. No pun intended.

  40. Karla M Post author

    I grew up with a parent with HD. It affected my life and my sibling's life so much. It's close to being homeless at it's worst. I find the thumbnail for this video really distasteful, even if you then go on to 'subvert' it by asking for viewers to be understanding. You're still going 'ew'. There is really no need. It's already stigmatized enough.

  41. Ceaye Arvesu Post author

    Hi Kati, I am new to your channel. and this is the first vid I watched. Your vids are very helpful, especially for me, taking the board exam for Psychometrician. Continue what you are doing and empower people with the knowledge of psychology. For us to spread the avoidance of stigmatizing beliefs of people.

  42. TableWrens Post author

    I live in a hoarder's room of my own making. There is just piles and piles of stuff on the floor. You can't even walk in my room. You can't use/see the TV or open the windows because the massive amount of stuff. I think the problem stems from the idea that one day i'll be able to move out and have my own place. However, i'm 30 now and the idea of me ever being financially able to move out (Despite my great job and decent pay) is basically a pipe dream at this point. But I still can't help but keep or keep buying the things that would look great "if I had my own place" (A Christmas Tree with tons of Ornament, a coffee maker, an electric kettle, tons and tons of wall art, etc). It's like having my stuff is holding onto a hope of a dream and my brain is constantly fighting to stay hopeful but it's created a problem in the process.

  43. Survivor OfMany Post author

    What causes one to do the complete opposite? Almost sterile … I do keep special
    Pictures / death notices

  44. smartdog3003 Post author

    Sadly I am a little hoarder, my past and my childhood wasn't nice, I had two emotionally abusive parents, they took my toys away before I was ready, there were some toy animals that I liked to play with but one time I went to get them and they were gone, I looked everywhere for them. And I still living with my emotional mother, so I hoard toys because of my awful situation I am forced to live in! :'( I also hoard clothes, I just seem to give them up! We were also poor as a child, I feel the need to hold on to things!

  45. thewildmonica Post author

    I sent this to my dad. Hes a bad hoarder and i didnt notice till i didnt live with him. He had the kitchen unusable and the living room barely able to sit in. Its crazy because hes a neat freak and keeps everything clean but he still keeps so much extra stuff. Like we had 3 broken jumper cables in my kitchen and we couldnt throw them away because what if we needed them BUT THEY WERE THERE FOR MONTHS. Idk little venty whoopppss

  46. Anaclara Pérez Post author

    My husband is a hoarder, he doesn't realise it nor admits it but it's making my life REALLY problematic and isolating, and I have depression, so our problems make the other worse. I really don't know what to do, and our therapists just tell.me I'm too strict and have too high expectations… Will I have to live like this forever?

  47. HarrietTwelveThree Post author

    Was wondering lately if I might have hoarding disorder but it seems my hoarding behaviours are more likely related to my OCD – thanks Kati!

  48. vol iet Post author

    My dad has this, I have a lot of anger towards him for having me grow up in basically garbage, I could never have friends over or birthday parties, there were always bugs, it was very stressful living in clutter like that, made me feel like I was damaged goods and less than others for a long time

  49. Melissa Hernandez Post author

    My mother was/is a hoarder (we were even on the show hoarders). We couldn’t even use our front door due to the piles of boxes and stuff in front of it. It pushed me into the complete opposite as an adult, in which any type of clutter in my environment spirals me into intense anxiety. I probably throw away too much with very little emotional attachment to material things. I will NEVER live like that again.

  50. o0Avalon0o Post author

    It's a viscious cycle. Both of my parents were horders; I have the same tendencies because the messiness of my room let me hide and get away from an abusive/invasive parent. Thanks for weighing in on this topic!

  51. Karen Marshall Post author

    I can't seem to throw things out. I believe I have attachment but don't. I am just scared I might need things in the future. I just have a lot of stuff. I keep buying clothes and then I end up cleaning out my closet and giving stuff away and wasting money. I think part of it is that shopping is something I can control or I think so. ?

  52. Snatched. Post author

    Sooooo now I'm confused. I don't know if my mom is a hoarder. I mean,she does accumulate stuff and gives significance to the most unsignificant things, but she's also very uncomfortable by her mess and complains about it all the time. She claims she wants to change all the time… she just doesn't.

  53. Leah Tinker Post author

    I think I used to hoard. I used to collect boxes of empty makeup and paper bags and one point I even started collecting glass bottles. Not sure why I ever had such an attachment to those things?

  54. JoeysRattata Post author

    my mom told me hoarding is also when someone's too depressed to clean their living area and the garbage piles up and up but i dunno. i thought that was just being a depressed negligent slob.

  55. Extremely Low Quality Content Post author

    To me, I don't like hoarding. It makes me overwhelmed. But I am more comfortable in clutter. I'm not sure if that's because of depression or what. But clutter is comfortable in some sense.

  56. Praise, Pray and Watch Post author

    Kati, question: I work in childcare for a family & no matter what I clean… I come in the next day like an apocolypse of pans, pots, shopping bags, mail, letters are EVERYWHERE. Nothing is clean & ready as far as baby bottles, etc to start my work day. Almost as if there was an apocalypse and everyone had to run in the middle of dinner. If I throw things away, passive aggressive behavior gets thrown back at me but no one confronts me. I'm so confused by what is going on. Is this hoarding mentality? How do I deal with it in a work environment? I'm trying to be understanding but I'm so tired of spending 2 hours in the AM just to start me & the babies day. It's exhausting! Am I in a losing battle? Please help with some advice. TY ❤

  57. Rachel Combs Post author

    Could you possibly make a video addressing anti-hoarding or compulsive decluttering? I've not found alot of credible sources on this. Thank you!

  58. Patricia H Post author

    What were the initials CBT and the other acronyms you mentioned re the hoarding having to do with hoarding and OCD that do help? Thanks!

  59. Maelstrom Magnet Post author

    hey I grew up in a hoarded home and I've been researching the psychological effects on children growing up in that environment, I was wondering if you'd be able to touch further on this subject, thanks always! 🙂

  60. Sanakedot Post author

    I admire your approach so much, Kati. Your level of compassion mixed with problem-solving, is what this worlds needs right now! Thank you for existing and for being so kind in explaining that, which has made me feel so embarassed with myself for the longest time. Because of you, now I know what I need to work on, what is the real issue and trauma I have to face. I am now confident I will succeed, surely! You are truly an inspiration!

  61. pa777billy Post author

    All this research we have to plow through is just another form of hoarding that we do not even want to deal with . It is getting so that our minds are becoming filled with stuff .

  62. NowI'mMe Post author

    I have sympathy…up to a point. I was a member of my housing co-op board and one of the people in the co-op was a hoarder. She was told for YEARS that she had to get help because she had five cats of her own and fed all the neighborhood strays…but never emptied the cat litter boxes in her apartment. She wouldn't comply with the rules and we had no choice but to evict her. Her apartment was one of four in that building and the other three tenants were suffering from asthma and other respiratory problems because of this woman. When she moved out and management went into her unit…they came out and immediately threw up in the bushes! We had to pay for a hazmat team to rip out the sheetrock in every room in that apartment. The floor had to be completely ripped out…that apartment wasn't habitable for THREE years! So, yeah, hoarders need help but I'm kind of done with them hurting other people and ruining entire apartments.

  63. Sharabi Ute Post author

    Hoe can I stop my sister in law from hoarding clothing in my house for the only reason to share and I suspect sell… my wife would get mad at me if I say get the hell out of here with this pile of trash…..she alesy does the dame thing, comes and research clothes, and every knows she bring clothing from the trash….

  64. Galaxi 7 Post author

    I have this issue. No one can help me. I've even had councillors and therapists and they were not trained/qualified in this area. Sometimes I feel like getting fuel, pouring it all over my home and myself and burning the place down. Yes, it's that extreme.

  65. Viviana Louise Post author

    My grandmother used to have hoarding disorder. She would buy and collect a huge amount of gifts for children which she wanted to give to her grandchildren one day. Eventually, she collected so many presents that she could not enter most of her house and we had to do an intervention. It was horrible to see her in so much distress, but we had to clean the house for her own health.

  66. Affen Tat Post author

    I wish I could help my mother. Growing up with a hoarder mom ist no fun, but I can't bei mad at her…Pour soul.

  67. Nicole AllmondJoy Post author

    Yes, I'm judge. Why?? Because I judge myself. If I have to be the best person. mother, wife, daughter, employee, student and business owner I can be – they need to be their best.


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