What Is A Back Spasm?

What Is A Back Spasm?

if you’re watching this video now I
presume you’re either experiencing a back spasm yourself or you’re trying to
help someone else who is this can be a terrifying situation the degree of pain
a back spasm can cause is huge it can feel like a vice gripping your back it
hurts when you laugh it hurts when you talk and it can be so
painful that it drops you to your knees so there is so much that you can do to
stop this back spasm reverse it and get you back on your feet but first of all let’s
have a little look and find out what happened to cause this back spasm well
providing you don’t have a disc injury or a kidney infection the truth is no
one activity or action has caused your muscles and your back to go into spasm a
back spasm is caused as a result of a long slow build up of tension in your
muscles this tension can be caused through poor posture driving long
distances stress is a big one lifting heavy items all of these activities over
many many months without relaxation and stretching in your lifestyle will result
in a slow build up in tension in the muscles causing them to eventually spasm
I like to describe it to my patients like this your muscles are made of
fibers when they’re relaxed and pain-free the fibres are fairly separate and
elongated as you raise the tension in your muscles the fibers move closer
together you reach a point of tension at which you start to experience pain at
this point there’s a lot you can do to prevent a back spasm
you can stretch you can relax you can take a rest (imagine that!) and these
fibers relax take you out of pain take you away from a spasm the problem is
most people myself included although I try I hope that I’m not don’t notice
that you’re at this stage you don’t realize that that pain is a
red flag and a big indicator that something not-so-great is about to
happen and you continue those activities you continue with the long driving
without stretching you continue with the stress you continue ignoring those yoga
classes that are available to you and eventually the muscle tension gets so
high that your muscles snap into spasm and this is the point where they feel
like concrete and there’s nothing you can do to relax them except there is!
there’s a lot you can do so if you want to avoid a back spasm you simply need to
train yourself to become aware of that slow rise in tension in your back
muscles in my work with Premiership footballers it’s the single most
important lesson that I can teach them and work with them so they become aware
of that rise in tension I know I’ve done a good job when I reach a point where
they come to me and I say “Coby help! quick! stretch me out! I can feel if I
don’t stretch now I’m going to go into spasm” and that is how we keep them at
play on the pitch so more importantly for you right now let’s move on to some
really simple straight forward things you can do either for yourself or your
friend who’s on the floor in a spasm to get you out of pain

53 comments on “What Is A Back Spasm?

  1. Sanyasi Deva Post author

    thanks for the video but i think that its pain in my spine. its pain when i cough is this back spasm

  2. Asad Syed Post author

    Thanks I hurt my back and this video helped me a lot!!! Than you so much!!!!!!! I also have couple of questions..

  3. Michael Cyrus Post author

    It could also happen if you come from a hot work out and a hot shower and go in to a cold place outside or in front of a windy out doors. This is how my spasm happened. Thank God I did not have spine injury. One thing you could do is before coming out in the cold from a hot shower or a hot work out at your local gym, stay in doors and wait for 15 minutes until your body temperature matches of that of outside. Have a read, have a coffee but stay indoors at the gym before coming out. I forgot this and had to deal with a lot of pain. Thanks.

  4. Afnan Khan Post author

    what do i do if my muscles are now already into spasm? its been 2 months,still hurts,what do i do?

  5. Rajshree Ingale Post author

    hi , I am suffering from back and glute spasm on the right side only, I had gone under dry needling as well I do proper back exercises and stretching, but my muscles go into spasm again and again 🙁

  6. Rishabh Baloni Post author

    10 month now…. I got to know…that may be it's a back spasm….but i dont have that much pain……there is stifness in my lower and upper back……what is this ……is this a back spasm……plsssss helppppp me out…plzzz

  7. Tnc874 Post author

    i use to get spasm because i had a weak core. walking, picking up something out of the oven, or picking up.something cause pull a muscle in my back then my back would spasm. im having one now because i did alot of deadlifts yesterday 🙁

  8. Back To Us Post author

    @soothe clinic please help I've been to the doctor already and he told me that it's lower back spasms but I want to be certain that this pain is what he says it is. The pain begins as mild cramps in my stomach then radiates to my lower back then my lower back begin throbbing it last for about ten minutes or so and the only way I can get relief is if I stop what I'm doing immediately and lay down until it past

  9. Abhishek Negi Post author

    what are the ways to recover as fast as possible, plz help mam, in just 1 week I have something very important coming up for which I need to stay physically fit

  10. manjeet singh Post author

    Can disc bulge produce nuscle spasm on right side only? Schmoral node formation can be reason for apasm?

  11. Trying To Art Post author

    Thanks for this vid! i have a sudden sharp stabbing pain in mid back between shoulder blades. went to the doc and she said i was a muscle spasm. Very painful, how long do they normally last?

  12. ZOMBONA Post author

    This is a wonderful video and explanation of why and what I've been going through. This is so clear and concise like only a deeply knowledgeable person can be, so thank you. And right up there with the best parts is the thing that happens at 3:40 and lasts but a few seconds. What is that thing? It is the almost imperceptible yet mesmerising way you move your neck and head laterally. I replayed it many times.

  13. Danzel Dangleben Post author

    hi…. while doing sit ups and squats the other day , i got pain in my back during the sit ups… i did a lot of them so i was told its a spasm ….its been a week now the pain has stop, is just sudden pricks according to my movement, mainly comes about depending on my movements or how i sit… when i got it.. my whole back was aching and it would have me stretching a lot…i play football but not at a pro level so wanted to know how long i should give the back to recover while doing the yoga you recommend to the others

  14. evilcowboy Post author

    Goddamn came here to see if I had a back spasm it is unbearable to get up but I phased out on the sexy soothing voice of the woman and didn't listen to anything. I am currently terrified I am going to the video of "what is a disc bulge " and the same thing will happen.

    All of this was a joke I heard everything said but I am not lying the woman has a very soothing and sexy voice.

  15. Pepe Mateu Garcia Post author

    So many thanks!! It feels really good to know exactly what happened when that horrible pain came to me. Looking forward to try your 6 week yoga program!! Thanks again and well done!! 😉

  16. Lenore Eldin Post author

    Thanks alot i never know what is going on with my back all this years its chronic and pain is outstanding

  17. VINCE SS KI Post author

    mam suppose if we fall down on the ground and our muscles get a shock when we hit the concert ground can this incident cause back spasm

  18. Sean Field Post author

    I stretch and excercise everyday but pulled my bin to put it out for collection and now feels like someone squeezing my muscles

  19. Green Cm Post author

    Thank you. Suffered a spasm earlier this week. Stress like you said did it. Your other video helped as well.

  20. shannon crooks Post author

    im 24 iv collapsed to the floor 4 times in a year with mucle smazams it gets that bad i have to crawl up the wall to stand up adain when this happens i get shooting paing going up my snine then get pins and needles in the top of my back this scares me when it happend iv been in bed for 4 days cos iv had a big spazam whent to doctors and they bacicly sed im to young to have a bad back and sent me home with painkillers ? nhs for ya 🙁 i work full time for 7 years and now out of work and doctors saying theres nothink they can do i have to ride it out 🙁

  21. VBinGB Post author

    Mam I did watched your other video on Spasm. I'm now on bed rest for more than a week.

    Please advise if we should use a soft or hard mattresses for sleep. Does a mattress matter a lot?

  22. andrew carson Post author

    Yes I have one it hurts so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I think it was the stress

  23. Viper Post author

    I can feel it coming on but stretching didn't help me it just made it worse now im laid up.

  24. Jess Dipple Post author

    Months… it took a few months after increasing my role to including some heavy lighting activities at my old job before I was having back problems flare up in a big way. I thought I was just crazy… that if heavy lifting was an issue I would have had symptoms within days or weeks. I had declared hypermobility problems at interview, I should have consulted the doctors before trying to take on the full role (I was temping but wanted a the employer to hire me and understood taking on full responsibilities was conditional to be offered a contract by them). I'll keep thinking I know my body now, later feeling I really don't; or perhaps it's more I find 'when to tell a healthcare provider' hard to judge.

    I get spasms that try to twist my neck into an odd position (I have strengthened the muscles over a few years and now can resist most of the movement). That will send an electric jolt like sensation up my spine, and no cause came up on MRI so doctors are still like 'dunno why'. When I get back pain issues, I will get a feeling like my lower rib cage is being compressed, back muscles first then it seems to extend forward and (somewhat) take my breath away. I try to breathe deeply part to calm down from how much I'll feel stressed by it, part to release it.

    Thank you for the video!

  25. slime attack Post author

    Maam I want to know if a p6 has spinal bulging disc and the gap is 9.9 is operation the only way

  26. Random Me Post author

    I know your video is old but what possible dural ecstasia of the thoratic and upper lumbar as well as the L1 L2 Formina? I was prescribed flexer il which im told is for spasms. I have three toddlers at home and im very active. I fo however have severe scoliosis which i had surgery for when i was 13 and NF1.

  27. perfectly balanced as all things should be Post author

    My back just twitches it doesn't hurt but I don't like the feeling

  28. kaseas lasa Post author

    I`ve got constant lower back pain as well as tightness. With my try to acquire a remedy in my trouble, I have used various recommendations however to no avail, no one have been able to help. Nevertheless, this back ache guidebook called “Kenzαnο αyb” (Google it) has been the best. I personally attained much ease and comfort because of it. I strongly recommend this particular guidebook.. .


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