What If You Stopped Eating?

What If You Stopped Eating?

Food is a favorite pastime for many
which is convenient because we needed to live but what would happen to you in
your body if you were to completely stop eating food right now in the first six
hours all is fairly normal your body begins to break down glycogen which
stores energy in your body into glucose which are cells use as fuel around 25%
of energy generated this way is used for your brain alone while the rest goes
some muscle tissue and red blood cells but after about six hours this method of
energy production halts as the glycogen stores deplete which can lead to the
notorious Hangry or hungry and angry feeling that many of us know too well at
this point your body at his estate called ketosis as it begins to fast or
starve because there’s very little glucose in your blood your body must
begin to break down fat for energy this fat is in turn broken down into fatty
acids however your brain can’t use long chain fatty acids which is a problem
because there’s no more glucose and the faster too large to cross the blood
brain barrier your brain changes modes and begins to use ketone bodies for
energy which are short-changing relatives of fatty acids this works for
the time being but ultimately only 75% of the brain’s energy requirements can
come from ketones it still needs glucose which means your cognitive functioning
becomes impaired now it’s important to mention that you don’t have to be
starving to be in ketosis many people enter this phase if they’re on a low
carb diet or professional athletes who use all their carbs for an extended
period of time like marathon runners will be in this state as well however
beyond 72 hours not only will your mood and energy suffer but your brain will
start to break down your body’s own protein the proteins release amino acids
which can be converted into glucose which is great news for your brain but
bad news for your body basically your body is cannibalizing itself by
destroying your muscle mass in women under nutrition often shut down
the menstrual cycle as the body tries to reduce energy expenditure bone density
diminishes and both men and women may experience loss of libido within a few
weeks the body’s immune system will be so we can without any vitamins or
minerals that many will die from disease otherwise it will continue to use up all
energy sources in till there was no glucose fat tissue or muscle man left
one of the more common causes of death is cardiac arrhythmia or heart attack
due to the tissue degradation in the heart diaphragm and body this is fairly
common in those suffering from anorexia of course the body experiences severe
organ failure all around starvation can lead to death in a short
as three weeks or up to seventy days as documented during the Irish hunger
strikes in 1981 though the duration of survival is greatly influenced by how
hydrated you are and the amount of fat reserves your body has which some ways
is incredible that the body can sustain for so long with no food and get
approximately seven hundred and ninety five million people around the world
have to deal with this reality the good news is that the seven richest countries
have pledged to lift 500 million people out of hunger and malnutrition by 2030
but we need to hold them accountable we’re working with an organization
called global citizen to do just that and here’s a really easy way that you
can help out to buy sharing this video and then heading to the global citizen
website forum here you’ll be adding her voice to an important educational
movement towards ending hunger worldwide you can click the screen or use the
links in the description it really only takes a few moments and subscribe to our weekly science

100 comments on “What If You Stopped Eating?

  1. Tiwohh Post author

    Omg I’m so smart!

    If you stopped eating you die I knew that before I watched this how stupid can people be!!

  2. Megan Antill Post author

    I have an eating disorder and after not eating for a few hours,the feeling of hunger goes away.

  3. Alyssa Post author

    Yes, I'm basically recovered, thank god. If I see this I can't believe what the f I was thinking

  4. Timothy Minter Post author

    I'm just looking for ways to not starve I spent my money on bills this week and I forgot I need food yeah!!! Last year my weight was 206 and now I weigh 157 and it continues to go I kinda suck at life or well bills suck.

  5. B Smith Post author

    It's all bullshit….facts figures and stats have been going on for decades and decades. There is a threshold wherein the body dies from starvation. Anything above that level sustains the body. The secret is to find out the level at which dropping below, kills the body.

  6. jellymarie Post author

    all the people here joking about starving so their period stops LMFAOO. i still have a period & ive struggled with anorexia on and off for 3 years.

  7. Amira B Post author

    But this girl fasted for 170 days and is still alive 🧐 https://youtu.be/73_ORmRc_vo

  8. Virgo 627 Post author

    I starved myself for about one week and lost a decent amount of weight. Luckily I had enough weight at the time to not get heart problems.
    Anything is possible with a stomach bug!

  9. aoeu256 Post author

    Fasting with black coffee, bone broth, tea, vinegar or lemon juice cocktails with electrolytes is actually good

  10. קרן שרקין Post author

    So if i will take Vitamins after 3 days the body will still born fat?(spironila for protian,b12,vI,d)

  11. Satchel Channel Post author

    Ketosis after 6 hours? Not really, if you exercise and deplete your glycogen with high intensity workout, maybe you'll need 12 to 24 hours. if you're inactive, you may need up to 72 hours just to ENTER ketosis. And fasting IMPROVES cognitive functions, attention span and general alertness. Otherwise, our ancestors would be killed in a matter of days!

  12. Dismal Banditø Post author

    60% of the comments: ed related
    40% of the comments: “wAiT I CaN sToP mY pErIoD?!¿”

  13. Maisy McLeod Post author

    When he says it can shut down the menstrual cycle, he’s acting like that’s a bad thing lmao, I hate my period

  14. Emily에밀리 Post author

    When i had anorexia the only thing that I did was to drink water and chew gum it tricks your mind.
    It is a horrible nightmare
    (Sorry for my bad English)

  15. The Bags That Jennie Threw Post author

    Who said you couldn't drink water while not eating for 2-3 weeks, I'd think you'd live one more week longer

  16. Hey Its Kimberly Post author

    I try not to eat for a weeks but the problem is that my recommendations is all about foods😂😂😂

  17. Inverted Post author

    Ok, so one time, I was starving myself at school, and i was with a friend, and I was just digging through my and his backpack for food. My mind is like “EAT NOW”

  18. Solstice Saiyan Post author

    Yea welp I’m anorexic but I’m just watching this video thinking wow bruh I’m still kickin

  19. Claude Williams Post author

    Im starvin myself so i can die nd become my higher self evrey thing here is so fake nd destroys us

  20. Trash Child 3.0 Post author

    Normal people: “oh I’m not doing this, I eat like a pig 😂🤪”
    Me: laughs in bulimia

  21. Nasim Aleem Post author

    for some reason when i dont eat after like a day i become nauseated then i dont wanna eat so its like make up your mind body are hungry or not

  22. phil swift Post author

    Any one know how not to eat but also not die and be ok like can I eat a few crackers and have that feed me enough to keep me alive as I just want to be thin not dead or at least not yet

  23. Gacha Emely Post author

    Starvation can not cause death in three weeks, I HAVE HAD AN EATING DISORDER FOR OVER A YEAR AND I HAVE STILL NOT DIED.

  24. Magik Minecraft studios Post author

    its been 7 hours since ive eatin and im doing a challenge where i only eat gum and drink water for 3 days wish me luck

  25. NatureStyle Post author

    Wait is this why I haven't started my period yet? Because I'm so skinny you can see my bones and I don't eat? Dang..

  26. Learning Spanish Here Post author

    What if you only eat 100 cals a day, I dont eat my lunch at school only a bit and throw it away. I feel bad wasting food

  27. Katie Leaman Post author

    I like food about a week ago now I wanna throw up because I hate it I’m not going to school today bc I threw up but I’m hungry ?anyone?

  28. V1995 Post author

    Im just watching this because I was watching Mukbang at midnight and Im hungry. I dont wanna go downstairs😂😭🍔

  29. Someone Post author

    Still, I'll have to eat something when my parents call me for a meal.
    And when you're really hungry, it's easy to slip and overeat (the worst thing that can happen when you're too hungry)

  30. Tiffany Gordon Post author

    If you are 116.0 lb how long will it take for everything in your body to start shutting down

  31. ITS ME BITCH Post author

    omg time to water fast this is such a good way of dying prepare for my bare existence to disappear world!:)


    “What if you stopped eating?”

    You starve to death. DUH

  33. Stephen Reilly Post author

    7 richest countries??? Bet The United States is not included in this thanks to Donald Trump

  34. Brandon A. English Post author

    Not quite so informed. It seems there are too many videos online without proper fasting information

  35. Magik x Wizard Post author

    Came here to see how often I should eat. I wanna eat the minimum possible, so I only eat once a day, I think I’m getting at least 750 cals but I do want to lose 20 pounds in the next month. I’m afraid I’ll try to stop eating altogether so I came here to see where I should draw the line, so like every other day at the least. Don’t do this though, I just have no appetite recently. If you have an eating disorder I would get help. I used to kinda binge eat.

  36. Anja Brasler Post author

    Me, who skips lunch to lose weight: “… well on the bright side, i dON’t hAve tO DEaL WitH mY PeRioD yAy”
    (And before you screech to me about it, I KNOWWWW you can get sick and not have children from not having your period so CALM DOWN you unhumourous swines ;-;)

  37. Weirdo 101 Post author

    My friend was anorexic and she didn’t die im not happy she starved herself. Tho but I can’t be talking bc i try to do it she did it for months

  38. babe shark Post author

    My friend doesn't eat as much she needs to .. its about 6 months she just sit on the laptop all the day and have one meal which is not probably so healthy and snack very rarely .. she just slept throughout 12 hours and have this very bad habit and also of dehydration,, yesterday I asked her in dm and she said she was in hospital (she wasn't attending classes so I asked) she had many tests including blood tests and other, so pleez don't try to fast on unhealthy thing and keep urself away from food .. u will not die but will face severe issues … u r precious to so many people so keep urself hydrated and full 💞💞💞

  39. army ishere Post author

    If u lose your period it means your either pregnant or anorexic. Teens neither is good for ya so…. Think mature and healthy💜

  40. B3ast Post author

    I starved myself few days ago, because i want to become thin. Now I keep an extremely low calorie intake and I went down 5-6 kg in just a week


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