What Does a Chiropractor Do? : Chiropractic Relief of Back Pain

What Does a Chiropractor Do? : Chiropractic Relief of Back Pain

That’s just one way to adjusting the low back.
That same way using the drop piece like I demonstrated can also be used further up in
the spine as well. Then there’s another way that I’ll show you in another clip. The next
thing that I do in my assessment of the patient is I’ll go on up the lumbar spine. The lumbar
is the bottom 5 vertebrae in the spine before you get to the pelvis. Now, what I do in my
assessment is I’ll first feel for heat. We talked early about how subluxation has inflammation
swelling involved so I’ll feel for any kind of heat. When I find an area that’s warm then
I’ll make a note of that. I’ll feel for any kind of muscle spasms. Again, make notes of
those as well. Then I’ll will also come in here and be able to feel how each vertebra
is moving in the spine. Then once I find it, again, I can compare all of what I find with
what I see on any X-rays that I may have taken. Again, I put all of this stuff together. I
like to consider it like I said before, pieces of the puzzles. Then when I find one, again,
even in the lumbar spine, I can use this some drop piece if I want. I can adjust it up,
place my hands onto the spine and then place that pressure downward so the drop piece falls
back to it’s original position and makes the adjustment through a series of those.

11 comments on “What Does a Chiropractor Do? : Chiropractic Relief of Back Pain

  1. Adam Mozdzien Post author

    @toddanderson2008 I think they are, at least I know Blue Cross Blue Shield covers my Chiro care for my back 90%, I pay like a 12$ copay. I know a bunch of other ones do too, but you might need a referal or something

  2. Kwstas ph Post author

    @casualfrenzy you do not need them trust me…Let me ask why for every Musculoskeletal disorder the chiropractors do the same technique???Let me answer…because they not really know what else to do….There are plenty of technique which are more effective and certain much more safe.I am not advertising enythinh whats why i dont name them.Be careful peaple open your mind…we are in 2011.
    Greating from a physiotherapist in Greece…!

  3. jgmtiger Post author

    @casualfrenzy some insurace companys pay for them or if its hurting your job you job insurance may or goto a doctor and have your doctor send you wich would make it a medical issue and your insurance will cover


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