What Causes Neck Pain? | Back Pain Relief

What Causes Neck Pain? | Back Pain Relief

There are a lot of causes of neck pain. The causes of neck pain are often very similar
to the causes of lower back pain. For instance, you have your traumatic events. Falling or tripping, slipping. And that can lead to a pain, of course. And then there’s your more common problem
with is your mechanical neck pain. And this is a situation where you have an
imbalance of forces or imbalance of pressure on the soft tissues of your neck. We have always taught with our sitting habits
or sitting possibilities to sit as tall as we can, as straight as we can. But naturally our head tends to come forward
quite a bit. Especially with the computer work and the
typing that we have to do. The head weights about ten to 13 pounds. However when we have it one to two to three
inches forward past its neutral position the head can start to weigh anywhere from 15 to
20 to 30 pounds. Just like if you’re carrying a box and you’re
holding a 20 pound box out here versus holding a 20 pound box up in here, it’s much lighter
and easier to hold when it’s closer. So that’s the effect of our forward head. And the tissue that’s like to get damaged
is unfortunately the soft tissue. The cartilage or the disks. They can start to crack or fissure. Or unfortunately they can start to bulge,
degenerate or herniate. Leading to symptoms that can be anywhere from
neck pain to neck pain and scapular pain. Upper extremity problems as well as headaches. So, it’s similar to a lower back condition. You’ve got a little less weight bearing responsibilities
than a lower back. But at the same time it is very susceptible
to the forward head posturing that occurs with most people when they’re bending and
they’re sitting too long.

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