What causes migraine headaches ? Delete your Migraine Headache Pain & Stress (Instant Relief)

What causes migraine headaches ? Delete  your Migraine Headache Pain & Stress (Instant Relief)

Oh hey everybody I don’t know whether this went on to Facebook or is on YouTube or where it is right at the moment but I wanted to jump on really quick because I got an email from somebody a little bit earlier and I apologized through the glasses but I got a big sky in my eye which is now going down so I didn’t want to scare you off the camera anyway I got an email because they had some an issue with some serious migraine headache okay so I want to jump on real quick and be able to help her out and send this over to her because it’s about the only way I can reach her right now all right and for everybody else who gets headaches from time to time and just kind of realize that that never happens in your head okay it’s people always rub their head you know but the pain is never where do you think it is it’s always I can indicate a light in the car where the problem is somewhere else which it could be in the body it could be in the mind it could be in spirit it could be negative experiences in any of those it could be a karma okay and basically you just need to locate where the the issue is and answer that question and the headache will immediately go away and in your case you know who I’m talking to the one who sent me the email the the issue is is in the spirit level okay so what we want to do is is we want to delete out the negative experiences from the spirit down to zero minus infinity and we’re also going to lead out the positive experiences from spirit down to zero minus infinity and we’re going to delete out being negative experiences in the mind down to zero minus infinity because the spirits job all right is to clear your mind when you go to sleep all right and with just the constant amount of stuff that goes through the Internet where people are on their on their phones it’s it’s just immense the amount of stuff that goes in all the time and every now and then you can get a block and that block you know causes you to start to lose sleep or get a headache because things are just not moving fast enough so it’s kind of like your house all right it’s always easier to clean your house after the housekeeper’s been there okay so we just delete out all the junk to begin with so it makes it very easy for the spirit to clean up the mind it when you go to sleep and it’ll be a much more restful sleep as well okay and we just want to strengthen the spirit to the physical intelligence obviously to 100% plus infinite potential okay and additionally we want to speed up your system because you’re running a little sluggish all right so it’s below the speed of light at the speed of light of the speed of light okay and then we want to further charge the particles of the quantum particles beyond the speed of light so that your system begins to move faster so you’re not so so sluggish it will also have you getting up and walking outside which is Nature’s Way of recharging your body I mean you’re a computer and you charge by electricity by walking by moving okay by being out and collecting a vitamin D all right and at this point your your migraine headache is gone all right so just shoot me a message and let me know and I’ll tag it into the video as well if you’re on your life do me a favor just just hit hashtag life okay if you’re on the replay alright just go ahead and hit the subscribe and hit the bell so that you know when we go live with these because you never know what I’m going to get a question I’m just going to get on your an answer for you and then Thursday we have a live stream coming up for the end relationship pain so now I’ll put the link inside here you can go on there and you can submit any questions or concerns you have for any relationship problems any relationships you want to strengthen and that’s gonna be Thursday at 7:00 all right so you’re just go on it’s just name an email submit the questions we’ll get you on there live we’ll get the issue taken care of on next Thursday as well all right you guys have an awesome Sunday and remember if you’re not having fun you’re doing it wrong see ya

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