What Causes Lower Back Pain? | Back Pain Relief

What Causes Lower Back Pain? | Back Pain Relief

There are a number of causes for lower back
pain. Of course, there are traumatic causes. Car accidents or falling, obviously, skiing
falling or any falling, is certainly trauma. You also have your, sort of, secondary causes,
which is more of a bending or lifting. Maybe, the box was too heavy or maybe, the
thing that you were lifting was too heavy. So, you might pull or strain some tissue. The biggest cause of your lower back problems
is going to be an imbalance of mechanical forces on the spine. Our day to day is entirely, or almost entirely,
spent in a flex position, whether we’re sitting or bending, whether we’re carrying or lifting
things. So as a result of accumulation of those activities,
there’s going to be a stress to the soft tissues. It could cause some degenerative break down
in the tissues, as well as, sort of, a bulging affect on your disks or the soft tissues of
the spine. All those structures in the spine can hurt,
but it is, typically, the soft tissues that are the first problem to start up, which can
then lead to some pain, and some suffering, and some need to do something about it. The tissue itself isn’t, exactly, filled with
the pain fibers to cause the pain. But, if the disk is pressing into other structures,
such as bone, ligament, or nerve tissue, that is, precisely, what ends up hurting the patient. And, the pain can be anywhere from the back,
or into the buttock, or leg, or somewhere below. I usually refer to the mechanical forces on
the spine to an analogy that I use a lot in the clinic. And, that is just simply taking your finger
and bending it back two-thirds or three-quarters of the way. Obviously, for a few moments, this will hurt. And if you release it, you’re more or less
fine. But if you sustain that load over an extended
period of time, let’s say an hour or so, eventually, the soft tissues of the side of your finger
that is being stretched, is going to start to hurt. If you take it away, and again, you can, sort
of, reduce in terms of pain. However, if we keep it doing this over and
over on a daily basis, eventually, you are going to create some mechanical changes in
that tissue, which can lead to suffering. And the need to call upon a doctor or other
service, like a physical therapist.

15 comments on “What Causes Lower Back Pain? | Back Pain Relief

  1. Random 21 Post author

    My back pain always comes right before i go to sleep. when i lay down in straight position, that lower back pain is really terrible 🙁

  2. C. David Morteo Post author

    I've had the same pain too :/ and it also hurts when I bend down; I can't lift something putting myself in a 90° position (forming the angle with my back and legs)

  3. Brain Post author

    Going to the gym and doing Deadlifts after being in an accident that injured your lower back isn't exactly the fucking smartest thing to do.

  4. Vuk Strasni Post author

    Well, I solved my back pain issue with deadlifts…
    To be honest, I am sitting a lot, and I am working on my computer more than 5 hours a day + I go to school where I also sit a lot….
    Pain or some minor injury would not occur if you were training regularly… Don't curse me for my comments… I meant to say something good 🙂

  5. Brain Post author

    Deadlifts can build a strong back if done perfectly, preventing injuries. But they can in no shape or form heal an already-existing injury… If anything they would simply make that injury even more severe or add an existing one ontop of it.

  6. Fusionn Post author

    ive been having a back pain for like 2 weeks my mum says that its probz me when I play PS3 as I sit on a chair for hours but I workout out aswell I only do situps amd press ups but that could be a cause of it, its nagging me as ive got to do a athletics event and I cant run properly because of this back pain 🙁 any help??

  7. Eric Sampson Post author

    Its always difficult to know what to do for you without a clinical exam. However, best advice is to stop what you are doing (its not helping), lie down on your stomach for PS3 instead of sitting in a chair or couch, and when you do sit down make sure you are sitting upright, no slouch.

  8. Irene C Dear Post author

    Hi, I've cut down my own low back pain lots just by eating some unknown food you could find in common place, and modify several exercises position.

  9. radia jamee Post author

    It's still shock me just how a number of people have no clue about Backprolax Secrets (do a search on google) despite the fact that a lot of people cure their back pain safely with it. Thanks to my personal friend who told me about this. I've eliminated my pain for good with healthy approaches.


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