What Causes Hip Pain? | Back Pain Relief

What Causes Hip Pain? | Back Pain Relief

There’s a number of causes of hip pain. The hip pain, or the hip joint, just like
the shoulder joint, is a complicated ball and socket joint, therefore as a result, it
relies heavily on the soft tissues, the muscles, ligaments to hold it together, otherwise it
can sort of dislocate or separate quite easily. By relying heavily on the musculature, and
having so many degrees of motion within that joint, there can be this pattern of doing
activities too frequently, too often, like sitting, like bending, that can lead to tissue
breakdown within the joint. The other separate issue with the hip joint
compared to the shoulder, is that you have a lot of weight bearing responsibilities with
the hip, your standing, walking, running tasks, so that can further exacerbate the breakdown
of tissues. But usually we’re spending most of our day
in a flex position at the hip, just like as I am now, and as a ball and socket joint in
this position. The ball is settling, or sitting, in one specific
area. So it’s fine there, but all the other areas
that it belongs in, and is supposed to roll around in, it’s not pushing those areas enough,
and you can get a lot of restrictions and can lead to muscle strains and muscle problems
when we try to actually get active later in the day. The other big problem is we tend to not stretch
enough. We pretend to run, we exercise, we work out,
but we really don’t stretch those hip joints and hip muscles enough to offset the strength
training, and that could, again, further exacerbate, you know, hip condition. So it’s a combination of stretching more and
sort of getting up more at the office, which can help, you know, sort of alleviate some
of the breakdown.

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