What are the symptoms of gallstones? What problems can gallstones cause?

What are the symptoms of gallstones? What problems can gallstones cause?

Your liver is a solid organ that sits in the
right side of your tummy underneath your ribs. From the liver comes a tiny little tube called
the bile duct that carries the bile from the liver to your gut to help digest the food.
The gallbladder is a little bag the size of a pear that hangs of this bile tube and
it stores a little bit of bile and every time food arrives in your gut after being digested
in the stomach, the gallbladder gives a little squeeze and the gush of bile goes and mixes
with the food. That’s the gall bladder’s job.
If your bile is particularly concentrated, it can form a sediment in the gallbladder,
and over a period of time, that can form stones which are called gallstones. Now, in the
majority of people, gallstones do not cause any symptoms at all. They’re completely
silent and picked up by chance. Such gallstones can be left alone. You don’t have to have
them removed surgically unless there are certain extenuating circumstances.
It is only when they start causing symptoms that you have to worry about gallstones. The
symptoms they can cause are, in milder situations, pain, which doctors describe as biliary colic
and typically this is pain that comes on after a meal especially a fatty meal and often strikes
you in the middle of the tummy in the upper part and very often goes around towards the
back, towards the right shoulder blade. It is often associated with vomiting, can
be quite severe, people land up in Accident and Emergency with this sort of pain sometimes
and end up having tests done to exclude a heart attack. It’s often ascribed to acid
reflux as well. If the gallbladder gets completely blocked,
the stone doesn’t allow bile to come out of the gallbladder and it’s full of stagnant
bile and that can get infected and lead to what is called acute cholecystitis or acute
inflammation of the gallbladder. This can be very painful. It almost always requires
hospitalisation and more tests, antibiotics, and surgery. That’s a nasty complication.
Gallstones can also slip into the bile duct and if they do that, then they can block the
flow of bile and give you jaundice or they may irritate the pancreas which also drains
into the same duct just before it goes into the gut and give you pancreatitis which is
another nasty complication. This is the acute scenario and occasionally,
people get what’s called chronic cholecystitis or chronic inflammation of the gall bladder
where they keep getting pain usually after eating, almost on a daily basis. That’s called
chronic cholecystitis. The test we do to identify gallstones is an
ultrasound scan of the abdomen. It’s straightforward, painless, doesn’t involve any radiation and
widely available. Only occasionally do we need other scans like an MRI which is called
an MRCP and very rarely, if you are suspected to have stones in your bile duct, you might
need what’s called an ERCP which is an endoscopy procedure. If you do have gallstones that are causing trouble, there isn’t any medical therapy
that will really dissolve those stones for you. Blasting the stones with shockwave
lithotripsy, or soundwaves doesn’t really work because the sand will just go and clog
the bile tube. Surgically removing only the stones but leaving the gallbladder again doesn’t
make sense because they form again. The only practical solution is to remove the
gallbladder surgically. This operation is called laparascopic cholecystectomy which
means keyhole surgery to remove the gallbladder. It’s always done under a general anaesthetic
and involves three or four little cuts to the abdomen and the gallbladder is removed
by the keyhole approach. Very occasionally, one might have to do an
open operation where you get a longer cut underneath the ribs on the right side and
that removes the gallbladder. What’s done inside is the same but you have a bigger flesh
wound so the recovery period is longer. The operation is done as a day case in most
instances. You might go home the same evening or the following morning after the keyhole
operation. The recovery takes a variable period of time in different people but most patients
who are at desk jobs are back at work within one to two weeks. If you have a more physical
job, it might take a bit longer. Interestingly, if you don’t have a gallbladder,
it doesn’t seem to make too much of a difference to your digestive processes. There’s no
particular diet or dietary restrictions that you have to follow if you don’t have a gallbladder.
Just eat and drink as normal. The liver still makes the same amount of bile
and that flows down drip, drip, drip into the gut and the gut adapts to that. You don’t
get a gush of bile going and mixing with the food every time it comes along, but the bowel
just adjusts to that. The concerns are all to do with the immediate
aftermath of the operation. One worries about bleeding, infections, inadvertent damage to
something else at the time of the operation and all those risks are exceedingly low. By-and-large,
it’s a very safe standard operation that’s done very widely across the country in many
hospitals by many surgeons. The overwhelming majority of patients just get back to a normal
life and forget that they ever had a problem with their gallbladder.

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  1. manish sharma Post author

    Sir my doctor has prescribed me ursocol 300 mg to continue for fatty liver and prevention of gallstones.is it safe

  2. jlac 2box Post author

    I had gallstone surgery at age 17….before that I had severe pain in the center of my abdomen at night, especially if I ate a fatty meal, just like you mentioned it.
    I'm glad it's over with…and I eat lite now.

  3. spruceguitar Post author

    Is this video meant exclusively for the education of 8 year olds? He keeps referring “your tummy.”

  4. SANTOSH DEORI Post author

    hv done spleenectomy and pancreactomy 4 months ago following an accident ..now after USG whole abdomen found that i m having stone in gall blader….. what to do

  5. Raj karan Post author

    Sir plzz sir reply i have one question
    after cholecystectomy surgery
    Gallstones can be prdoduce again or not sir??? plz sir reply

  6. fouad rifi Post author

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  7. Keylime Pie Post author

    So frustrated.. I can't make out what he said at 2:07.. what did he say about "heart attack" ?

  8. Dulce Perez Post author

    I was hospitalized for 2 days bc they found I had stones on my gallbladder on top of that I’m pregnant 😭 so they don’t want to do the surgery till I am on my second trimester I’m currently 9 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I don’t think I can handle this pain any longer !!

  9. Cee Dubb Post author

    I have been taking Chanca Piedra and dandilion capsules amazing results my attacks were so serious i always ended up in ER best thing I ever did was try this treatment GO NATURAL REMEDIES BEFORE GOING TO THE EXTREME OF HAVING YOUR GAULBLADDER REMOVED

  10. Idna Munawar zara Post author

    The Doctor explained very efficiently and his humble tone shows how well he is with his job. Learned a lot sir. THANKYOU !

  11. GodOurRedeemer00 Post author

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  12. Manisha Rinni Post author

    Dear doctor, kindly explain, is there a high mortality rate for patients performing the operation after the age of 82.

  13. Paul Harrison Post author

    Don't understand we don't remove the stones because they will form again, my stones have taken 55 years to form , I can wait 55 years for the next stones to form , so you will say not linear but how often would I need de stoning?

  14. Moonlight spark Post author

    Gall bladder obviously has a purpose to be there. God has not created even a single cell with out a purpose.

  15. heena munshi Post author

    My mumma had a micro surgery recently, she had a single 30mm stone, the gall bladder is not removed, so is there any chance that the stones form again ??


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