Week 1 of Vegetation + First Low Stress Training: Agent Orange Beginner Grow Series

Week 1 of Vegetation + First Low Stress Training: Agent Orange Beginner Grow Series

What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back
for Week 1 of vegetation for Cody’s Agent Orange beginner grow series. So yeah this week we are going to continue
with the watering and nutrient schedule that we’ve been on, we are going to be keeping
that same light schedule, we may eventually turn up the power on the lighting just a bit. But we will take that one by ear. And then other than that we might do some
LST training in the near future as well, possibly this week. But again you just want to take it day by
day. Alright see you at now that you guys know
what we are doing and today’s video, let’s get started with day 1 of the week! Alright hey guys here we are 24 hours later
after the transplant, and as you can see the plants have taken really well to it. They don’t look stressed out and they look
normal and healthy and thriving so good results and it has been 24 hours also since their
first watering. And the soil still looks just a little damp
and I felt it with my finger and it is a little damp underneath the surface so today we are
just going to be doing a good old misting. And you are just going to keep doing this
to two three times a day like you have been. Some downward, looks good. And then as far as the lighting guys, we are
going to keep it where it asks right now for a little bit, but as these guys start to grow
more and more we are going to turn up the power just a little bit gradually. Or I guess we will see you here for the next
update. Okay guys here we are again a day later, the
plants are looking good let’s check the soil. It is still moist just beneath the surface
or we are not going to water them, we are just going to do a misting today. And it looks like in a week, we are going
to be able to do some low-stress training on these guys. But we will play that by ear and we will see
how these guys do for the next week. All right we will see you next time guys. Hey guys here we are the three of the week,
we are getting ready to do our second plain watering for these plants since the first
nutrient feeding. They are looking really good today, it seems
like they are getting more nodes going and another set of leaves each. So we are going to give them some water now,
we will give them a misting as well afterwards but for now we’re just giving them a watering. And remember we want to do three of these
plain waterings per nutrient feeding. So do one nutrients feeding and then follow
it with three of these playing waterings. And then another nutrient feeding and so on. And you don’t want to get this wet all the
way to the edge of the pot, but you do want to get it decently far out because that is
going to encourage root growth. Okay I think that’s fair, and then we will
do one over here and I think I need to get some more water so I’ll be right back with
you guys. All right guys so that concludes the watering
and we will be back in 24 hours for day 4 of the week, later. Hey guys here we are they for of the week,
so let’s check the plants and see how they are doing. And as you can see they are doing awesome,
they are in great shape they are really perky and healthy and there was no discoloration. They seem to be responding well to the water
we gave them yesterday, and remember that is the second watering we have done since
the first nutrients feeding. So today the soil is looking pretty damp still
from the top so we are just going to be doing a misting. Alright guys we will see you next time. Alright hey guys with your we are day 5 of
the week, let’s check these guys out and see how they are doing. And right now it looks like they are continually
remaining healthy, they are growing really tall, obviously some new nodes here on both
plants. The soil still looks pretty moist, so we are
just going to do a missing again today. So by day one of next week, these guys should
be ready for some low-stress training. So let’s go ahead and give them a quick misting. And then I wanted to show you guys, my grow
Journal here. I think it is really important to keep one
of these because I find it is kind of, I don’t know it’s kind of difficult to remember what
you did yesterday. And so this is a way to you know it with shorthand
text just remind yourself exactly what you did that day. And this is going to become extremely helpful
when the watering cycle starts incorporating a nutrients more and more. So it is just a good way of keeping organized,
and keeping yourself from repeating certain things or forgetting to do certain things. And so one thing we did also as we turn the
light up 5% today just to match the growth of the plants. And so something like that is what you would
want to record in your Journal as well as want to record in your Journal as well as
sayings like temperature, humidity and all sorts of things like temperature, humidity
all sorts of things. Watering, misting, anything you do to the
plants. Alright so that’s it for today guys, a pretty
simple one and we will see you next time. Hey guys here we are they 6 of the week, and
let’s check out the plants and see how they are doing. So they are looking really great, the soil
is pretty, you know it’s a little moist but it is pretty dry at this point so we will
go ahead and do a watering. This will be the third time we are doing a
plain watering since we did the first round of nutrients, so let me just get the cap off
here. And then we are not going to be soaking it
because like I said the soil looks like it was doing okay, it wasn’t like super dry. And you will see now that the soil is getting
better at absorbing now that it is not so dry. And as always you want to get a little bit
towards the edge just to encourage that root growth out words, okay so I would say that
is good and I basically used a whole bottle this time. Like there is basically none left, so up whole
bottle this time and it looks pretty good. So they are thriving and alive and we will
see you guys next time. Hey guys, here we are four day 7 of the week,
let’s check out the plants and see how they are doing. So they are looking awesome, super healthy
and good vegetative growth so we are going to do some LST today. So I am just going to start up here towards
the top and you want to use the three-finger technique. Which means take two fingers on one side and
then your thumb on the other and just bend the plant over your thumb, using those two
index fingers or those two fingers you don’t have two index fingers. And just start coax you get in that direction
and apparently New Growth is going to be the most flexible so you want to start close to
the top cuz obviously that’s where the  newest growth is going to be. Okay so take your anchor here, and basically
like an inch from the top, you are going to wrap this around it. and just take your time
be super gentle here, that’s good. And then gently pull it, all right so we have
it bent over there pretty well. It looks like almost a 90 degree angle, and
it is well secured in one of those holes on the side of the airpot, or what is it called,
airpot yeah. So we are going to get the second planet doing
it’s Alice tea and then we will get back with you. Hey guys okay so now that we have that second
plant done with its LST, we just have a couple things to do before we are all done for today. So for one, just make sure your leaves of
the plant now that they are bending over or not in the soil because that can lead to problems
later on. So as best as you can just keep those leaves
off of the soil or you know kind of draped over the edges of the pot as you see this
one over here is. And then the other thing is you want to make
sure to give the plants a misting, reward them after a difficult training. All right so that is it for today guys and
we will see you next time. Alright GreenBox Growers, so that concludes
Week 1 of vegetation for the agent orange beginner grow series by Cody. And now that we have done that first round
of LST, we are going to see a lot of New Rapid growth and all directions so that will be
fun to watch. And just a reminder you guys always keep track
of things, especially like your first round of LST in your grow Journal. I can’t tell you how much it has helped me,
just keeping track of things helps me get and the Rhythm a lot quicker and it reminds
you a lot more of what you are doing like the mistings, you know how long you should
water Etc. And yeah it is also really useful to look
back at your old journals from previous grows just to see how you fixed different issues
that you might  experience with your current grow. So we will be back shortly with that week
2 of Vegetation video, and until then… Happy Growing!

76 comments on “Week 1 of Vegetation + First Low Stress Training: Agent Orange Beginner Grow Series

  1. Grow 420 Post author

    Soil should be 1 inch below top of pot and soil should slope toward stem to keep water in aeropot. Put tray under pots and water until water comes out of bottom into tray!

  2. DeZZ NugZZ Post author

    Thanks for the video fellas.!! Really appreciate the day to day experiences you guys have and will give me something to watch as I start my 1st grow next week!!!!! Thanks enjoy the holiday

  3. Big Dee Post author

    Cody …'brother … U had me laughing my guts out !!! Declaring on week two ,, u'd plan to LST the upcoming week … Oh man … Scratch that thought out of the little black book ?… U guys r the BEST !!! Rock on fellers

  4. Lane Post author

    In all of my 35 years of growing , Ive never ever kept any type of journal…You should know what the plant yearns for , just looking at it. And eventually you can feel what it wants. Just from being so in tune with your daughters and raising them to be like cyborg that female MMA fighter who made gina carano look like an amateur little child.If u have the space ? Use it. All of it..Bigger pots=Bigger root mass=bigger stalks=better phloem and xylem=BIGGER and Better Buds , Its all about the CARDIO/Vascular ease and freedom to Eat anything and everything it wants. Aminos , Fulvic /Humic acids , and Bio newts are the key to Quads..This is the goal of any grower. After the fk ups and learning curve of a newb.

  5. smokey joe Post author

    Is the water u mist with ph or is it just plain water and how r ur plants that big on day 4 of week 1..they look older than that..

  6. SK Live Post author

    I used to work at a hydro store and can tell you that you are doing a lot of things wrong. I will help with two. First try lifting your plant when the dirt is totally dry. Then water your plants until water starts to come out of the bottom. Try lifting it again. Feel the difference? Now, wait until the plant feels light again before watering. The finger in the dirt test is not accurate. Second, plants use the bathroom. If you only water the dirt a little then all of that pee is still in the dirt and can cause ph lockout which causes your plant to not eat. Always flood your soil completely. You have too much dirt in your pots to do this. It will spill over. Also, you should warn people that misting your plants everyday in cold temperatures below 68 degrees will cause white powdery mildew. Pretty much a death sentence to your crop unless you know how to get rid of it. Not easy. And, I heard Azomax can cause people to throw up and get sick. I forgot what it's called. Check out fabric pots and velcro tape for low stress training. And, CMH lights are the newest best lights on the market. Cheaper than LED.

  7. Scuff Post author

    Guys I hope this series of the Agent Orange is a full step by step growth each day just the way you guys are doing the vids say by day thx and can you also explain more about the lights when can we crank up the power and what lights work best

  8. Air Post author

    I bet next round you dont fill your pots with so much dirt whata mess watering looks to be we have all been there and made this mistake a time or two ..

  9. Duece DOG Post author

    Great Job. Does cropping LST and also clone cuttings stress out a feminized plant? Thanks and enjoy your skills.

  10. letit grow Post author

    hey nice video Im a beginner grower why don't you want to get water near the edge of the pot I have been watering mine all around should I stop?

  11. CAm Seymour Post author

    Don’t water close to the stem cause when you don’t it makes the root stretch for water to find it and make faster growth and plants look great

  12. Cre8tiveco Post author

    Very helpful videos I appreciate this series! Do you guys use tap water to water your plants? and do you check the pH of the water or the pH of the soil? or both?

  13. underwater kingdom Post author

    i'm doing a series on weedtube as a first timer starting with nothing so watching your videos with interest as a newbie 🙂

  14. Topsrite Post author

    Yes, air pots have a bottom and top side. The top has a solid edge to use as a fill line and act as a basin for watering. While recipe for success has a similar cycle of water, water, feed if you use distilled water, carefully balance ph and use the correct nutes you can feed each watering. The result will be bigger, stronger and faster growth. But for the beginner it’s not a bad idea to follow the other recommendation.

  15. Malcolm Charland Post author

    I'm making a grow tent and was wondering how big should it be to hold 4 adult plants?

  16. Adam W Post author

    Congratulations you've just burnt your plants, misting your plants will and is used as a magnifying glass for the light

  17. The Patriot Post author

    Why are you giving them nutrients so soon? If you have good soil you should have enough nutrients in there for a few weeks. Remember, less is more!

  18. Norma&Tilton Hinkle Post author

    You dumb ass don’t know what the hell you are doing wow how fucking amazing it is how people thank they can grow weed.

  19. Miroslav Milanovic Post author

    Hello guys can you tell me did you doing toping before LST

    or maybe just one of those two?

    Does it go together? sorry for my poor English 😀

  20. Air Post author

    hey buddy try to leave a good inch between dirt height and top of the pot and it will stop the water from running over the sides 😉 this is the second crop I have noticed this silly mistake in your videos well its not really a mistake just makes life messer and slower … I have a question about what are you floral feeding these girls is it jt just Ro water or is it some sort of mix ? the girls are looking great tho dudes two giant green thumbs-up also I would of went one nod higher on the second plant just to slow that top done a little more ;)= … Im also very curious what nutrient line up yall are using this round looking forward to some more information my dudes also what dirt are you using ?

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    this is not week one no plants start looking like them the look at least a month old

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    how tf are those plants in day 2 of week 1. there's just no way. explain yourself pls

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    I'm learning under LEDs my girls don't drink so much but doing good and I mist with tap water also the heAt deference between old school 600 watt they can reach up to 39 if not controlled but max temp under my leds at the light 26 on top of plant 23 soil 21 still learning keep u up date gl happy growing

  30. Tylor Rainey Post author

    Bro ur plants look amagizing for a week old plant i thought i was doing great bc my plants hit a week and they got thier 3ed set of leaves coming in on them I got mine under 350 adjustable lighting I keep them in a grow tent but I was so excited how much my plants grew in one week but it's look better bc my plants allready got trycombs on them and thier only 7 days old

  31. Tylor Rainey Post author

    And plus I haven't given a week old plant nutrients I wouldn't but I got them in my buddy's home made soil bc his pants grow vegtables for some big company they get all they need for free like worm castings perlight anything u can think of they get so I have him mix me up some true organic soil with all the nutrients in it so that's another reason my plants are growing so day plus yo try this hot box ur tent once a day I dump tad of watter on all 4 corners of the tent then spray down the tent a tad and lock it up for about a ouwer so they get that moisture and himidity


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