Wanda Sykes on the First Gay Person She Saw on TV

Wanda Sykes on the First Gay Person She Saw on TV

How are you doing? What’s the matter, that
you’re making a cringey face? I messed up my back. That’s why I was old
lady dancing just now. Nothing worse than back pain. I know, yeah. What’d you do? I was moving a piece
of exercise equipment. That’s old people stuff. Yeah. I have an exercise bike. It’s not working, so I was
going to get rid of it. So I moved it and
tore my back up. Oh no. [INAUDIBLE] I should have just
got my butt on the bike, huh? Yeah, I was going to say– Work out a little bit– Then move it after that. Then move it. Yeah. You’re very busy
lately, aren’t you? I am. I’m really busy. Very– what are you doing? Well, I’m here. And I notice every time I come
here, you give me an extra job. But you got coffee out of it. I’m a twofer. Yeah. Yeah, busy, man– just been
traveling and everything, and just coming off the
holidays, getting back into it. We were in Mexico with the
family for the holidays. That was fun. Do you speak Spanish? No, no, no, I don’t. Well, because Alex speaks
French, so I assumed– Yeah, and she
speaks Spanish too. Oh, she does? Yeah, show-off– but
the thing that bugs me, because whenever we travel,
we go to another country, we get in the car and Alex
always asks the driver to play the local music. We get it, the guy has some
nice popular music going on, and she’s like, can you put
on the local music please? I want to hear local music. Guy puts on a local music– within three minutes,
she’s looking at me like– and wants me to ask the
guy to change the channel. Right. So I’m like [INAUDIBLE]
it never fails. So now, I gotta make up
stuff, like, excuse me, sir, I have to make a phone call. Can you turn the music down? Just turn it off. Just turn it off. Turn it off. But this time, she did it again. We’re in Mexico–
business as usual. Can you play the local music? Guy puts on the music, she looks
at me, and I’m like, uh-uh. You’re going to
suffer through this. I was like, hey,
man, turn it up. Turn it up. We could be listening
to Lizzo right now. Uh-huh. But no, you want to
hear local music. There you go. I can take it. As long as I know you’re
suffering more, I’m good. It’s a lovely relationship– and now, are the twins in the
car when this is happening? No. No, the twins are not in the– They don’t travel with you? Oh yeah, they were with us. They were in the car. Yeah, they were with us, but
they were on the tablets. You forgot that
they were with you? How are they? They’re quiet. They’re on their tablets. They’re quiet. Oh, well, that’s good. Yeah. They’re 10. Yeah, they’re 10 years old now. What are they doing now? How are they? They’re doing great. They’re doing great–
school and everything. But they’ve gotten
to this place now– because while we were on
vacation, they came to me, and Olivia was like, mommy-boo– they call me mommy-boo
because they’re racist. Thought they’d grow out
of it by now, but nope– still mommy-boo. That’s my name. What do they call Alex? Mama. OK. It’s funny. My mother and father– they’re
at my house right now watching the kids, and I called the
house, and no one answered. And I called again–
no one answered, so I finally called my mom on
her cell phone, and I was like, everything OK? You guys aren’t picking up. She said, I didn’t
know what that was. The phone came up
and it said “mombo”. And I was like, who
the hell is mombo? I was like, oh boy. That’s somebody from
Africa calling here. They try to trick you. They always calling, talking
about a princess or something. I never answer those calls. I couldn’t tell her it was me. It was embarrassing. But anyway, so the kids
go, mom-boo, our friends, they tell us that you talk
about us on your shows because their parents
let them watch your show. Those are bad parents. Yeah, yeah. And she said, but they– so
they let their kids watch it and then they come and
tell us and joke on us about the stories you
tell, so we would like for you not to talk about us anymore. And I was like, you know what,
I don’t want to hurt y’all. And if it bothers you, I will
not talk about you anymore, but this will probably
be our last vacation. [APPLAUSE] We’re going to be
doing some staycations. So now you can talk
about them again. They want to go places. All right, we have to take
a break– more with Wanda after this. That is called Visible,
Out on Television. And it’s something that you’re
the executive producer of. One of them– One of them– and
tell everybody– a lot of people are in this. Yes– amazing that these people
shared their stories with us– and especially you. And it’s documenting the
history of LGBTQ community on television. And these stories are amazing. And what I love about it– it
shows not just our history, but it just shows that– the how important being
seen on television– how important it is, and how
it does actually affect change. It moves the needle. Yeah. And to me, I just
hope that people who get to make decisions– that they see this and realize
that, oh, it’s important for us to let marginalized
people tell their stories. And the story doesn’t
have to be about, I’m gay. There’s more to us than that. Right. It’s amazing. But like I said, there’s a
bunch of people [INAUDIBLE].. Oh my God, yeah. You’re in it, myself– Neil Patrick Harris– Neil Patrick Harris– It’s enough to make
a whole full special. Billie Jean King. It’s not just the two of us. Yeah, right. It’s just the two of us in it. But it’s great. When you look back on
when you were watching TV, who was the first gay
person that you saw? I guess it had to be Liberace,
because I never watched it Ed Sullivan, Liberace, and all. And my grandmother
and my parents, they were watching–
they were like, that man can play that piano. They were cool with it. But you had to know
that Liberace was gay. Good lord– But he never said it. You don’t have to say. You don’t have to say. He’s got beads and feathers. Why does he have
to say, I’m gay? Look at that. Look at that. That says, hey, I’m gay. It says it. There are so many people who
still don’t believe he’s gay because he never said it. Do you know that? No. Yeah. Those people are dumb. You see him– you’re
like, oh, that guy appreciates another man. That Liberace, he appreciates
a gentleman caller. He does. Yeah. It’s a very interesting
documentary, because like you said, it
kind of exposes and shows how many people
throughout the time that we were watching TV
that really influenced us and impacted us. And thanks for doing it. Well, thank you for doing it. [INAUDIBLE] Visible, Out on
Television premieres February 14th on Apple TV+. We’ll be right back– Wanda Sykes.

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  1. Michele Muscat Post author

    Thank you Alan thank you Wanda you're very much appreciated I'm gay and I've had a rough time going on it and it's January 23rd 2020 in Reno Nevada I'm from the Bay Area and at that time in the 70s 80s it was really hard to come out because of my profession I was in banking then I moved back to Reno and it still couldn't happen I came out in 99 and my life has been horrific but I'm making the best I'm trying to make a comeback and I'm 59 years old now with a physical condition called Parkinson's from the medication I've been on and I'm having a hard time and Reno Nevada today with doctors and hospitals nobody wants to take responsibility I have very many things wrong with me physically and now it's like they're feeding me to the Wolves I'm doing the best I can thank you for putting this on TV that's why they love me dead but I'm not going to let them thank you for making me laugh when I'm having a bad day you're awesome Alan I love your show I love your game show I like everything about you you're a very giving person thank you for putting this on YouTube I must move forward and don't quit and 4 human rights I'm a humanitarian and I pray to the universe 4 every living soul daily and I will continue to move forward in that and we all must vote in the year 2020 for change thank you and thank you for your service

  2. Deja Voodoo Post author

    Liberace was โ€˜differentโ€™ to us, but Boy George definitely was a first for this teen back in the 80s

  3. peacelife Post author

    Loveeeee her. She will tell u how she feel. "No those people are dumb" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐ŸŒน

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    Also, I wouldn't be mad if Wanda got her own show!

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    โ€œThey (her twins) call me Mommy-Boo cause theyโ€™re racist.โ€ ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

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    Today is my Birthday and my favorite teacher wasn't here today and my other sciences teacher let my facetime her and she told me she was on the ellen show and I was so happy and I am looking for that video

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    I find it funny we can comment at this section but the transgender person Nikki your not able to. Another YouTuber exposed her that she isn't saying. I truly wish they would tell the fiance side of the story not just one side. He's the real victim in all this that no one is giving credit to. The problem isn't you came out the problem is how you turned the world upside down on him all the money he had spent just to find out the very last moment of purposql is really really f'd up smdh. Karma will come for you Nikki.

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