Walk Your Back Pain and Sciatica Away

Walk Your Back Pain and Sciatica Away

today’s topic is about exercise I get this question all the time patients want to know when i’m done with their be what am I supposed to do now if we’ve done our job right I tell them there’s one very simple exercise that you have to do and sometimes people don’t like it because it’s too easy but you know what we’re about easy we want to make it easy for you if we make it complicated you’re not going to do it this is about walking away your back pain and walking away your sciatica because walking is a very very very important exercise my right to me is the best one because it’s also the easiest one it’s easier than the squats it’s easier than the Sphinx it’s easier than the bridges some people like the bridges at all ok this is one that we all do when you feel good more you do it the better you feel it’s not just good for your back and your hips and your posture but it’s also good for your entire body because it gets blood flowing and it helps the healing process and a lot of tissues in your body so it’s super important for your background why do we do this we give you the tools to help you make better decisions but we also get you the tools so you can live your life pain-free I had back pain for 10 years and toward the end the average day was an eight and I found a way out and I feel great all day every -and one of my favorite things to do is walk i have a couple of dogs you have three dogs but seems like a lot but they’re good dogs so but my point is I get out and walk the dogs a lot you know if you don’t have a dog and thinking about getting a dog you know what if you feel good get a dog you can start doing some walking in this is not about dogs this is about walking I’m sorry its Monday little off-track we have a nice step process and one of these steps really is about the exercises and call the end of care ok but you can do this in the beginning there are certain types of problems that may be made a little bit worse by the walking but we’ll talk about that we’ve talked about all the tips never let me back up one slide might if I can do that ok we have nine steps one of them is about the tips and the movements one is about exercises one is really about healing the disc ok if you pay attention to these videos you can start to get your life back not everybody needs to come see it’s a lot of people they can do simple things and the pain goes away and that is our goal for you our goal for you ok but it doesn’t go away you gotta come see this but we talked about the nine steps we talked about the micro breaks which is my favorite that’s also easy one okay i like the easy ones we talked about sitting now we live in a culture today is about the exercise we live in a culture where we sit too much and they just want me to listen to that’s okay you sit too much so what that means is we live in a culture where in a car or on our couch were in a chair and we’re doing a lot of things all day long in the seated position in the seated position you get a couple things going on you get creeping going on here in the back but you also get tight hip flexors in the front ok tight hip flexors you get that lower cross-gender going on there we talked about that the other day which was for the piriformis stretch for the hip flexor stretch don’t know what works but you get lower crawe syndrome most common thing back pains were things going to balance okay but when you walk what it does is it starts to work with your posture so one of the things we says you have to set for more than an hour get up and walk around but this is about not just walking a little bit this is maybe about getting more exercise ok I set a goal for 10,000 but really walking is a gentle exercise okay again it’s not aggressive like squats it’s not aggressive like the the bridges and or the stomach core exercise look at walking is the easiest ones once you move your body wants to keep moving strengthens the muscles in your feet obviously working the legs the hips and torso of the back the glutes walking is like a low-level squat ok it’s not a full squat but there is some squat going on there and really what it does is it starts to nourish the spine vertebrae need motion and when you walk you get motion and they need a little bit of loading and unloading you get that when you’re walking so it starts to search to get some healing inside the discs it’s not going to heal them 100 percent but it will actually start to get some blood flow is really very important start to get some flexibility but more importantly it starts to work on posture okay ten to fifteen percent you’ll get better okay there are certain conditions that sometimes are made worse and this is what’s important the herniated disc will make it worse okay sometimes you walk with a herniated disc you get ten you know you’re walking for 10 minutes ago in bed ok because you’re dealing with a herniated disc ok so if you have a herniated disc and this was might be a lot of you then you may decide walking is not for you until you get the disc healed and sometimes repetitive motion and type of weakness actually makes a little more painful same thing with the with stenosis, herniated disc is where the disc comes out ok inside the disc there’s a nucleus the herniation pushes out sometimes I pinched nerve sometimes you get paid to go down the leg ok also what happens is the inside of the vertebra a little bit tighter start to compromise a little bit spinal cord stenosis sometimes gets a little bit worse when you walk when you walk but again this is about walking i recommend 10,000 steps now if you have a phone and i’ll show you my phone what it says in there with my phone works are using film with but i have an iphone on the iPhone it will track your activity and I don’t get two turns out it’s all the time you want to have the fun so you just put the phone in your pocket as you walk around tracks your steps if you set a goal in life is a lot about setting going how do i get there i got there but not stopping you don’t stop he set a goal and you keep our get up walk around you have to make an effort to get the 10,000 steps especially in the culture we live in now to live in the suburbs like I do everybody’s got a car and drive everywhere it’s very rare to be walking anywhere so you actually physically have to make the time and the effort to get the steps and but if you do the effort like anything else it’s worth the outcome what’s the outcome you start to feel better ok it’s good for your heart it for long as good for your pancreas it’s good for your insulin if you have diabetes was really important if you walk but I’m not going to this is not a diagnosis nor the treatment for diabetes you dr. but it’s really good for you okay need to increase the incidental walking here’s a plan don’t try to find the closest parking spot and we’re all racing on the parking lot trying to get that one is the closest parking the way back plus the less people scratch car ok it gives you some opportunity to get out and walk if you find the opportunity it doesn’t mean you have to walk it all the one-shot you can walk a little bit the morning you walk a little bit at lunchtime you can walk a little bit in the afternoon you walk me a little when you get home you don’t have to make a big deal about it but you just have to look at the number right before started the video that my number of 8,000 so I need to try to get a couple more thousand that shouldn’t be hard going to walk my dog ok so you want to make it fun don’t make it a chore it shouldn’t be you should feel good you don’t over fatigue yourself and don’t make your back worse start off a little bit we have walked before you start off a little bit a set of all steps to understand what ever happen to be just start setting goals ok and track it every day it’s fun if you have a tracker on your phone you really will compete with yourself to make sure you get your numbers makes a big difference reward yourself I don’t know how you’re going to do that but maybe they’re going to buy an extra large pizza which is not a very good reward but also you know it’s important to purchase with a good arch support alright so this was not the the most intellectually stimulating video but at the same time it is possibly the most important video because when you stop moving okay you’re slowly dying so we need to get you move you move in the right direction set a goal again i added for i had for 10 years and chronic chronic chronic back pain severe back pain one of the things that really like to do beyond is all the other side boy I really really really like to walk set a goal try to get my goal and it’s not hard make it fun water and water is good for your body but water is also good for your spine helps rehydrate the disc shoes several reward don’t make a pizza but again a little bit further walk a little bit more every day that’s it wasn’t too long right no good hope it was helpful again I like the simple things because i know i’ve been doing this 23 years if you make complicated people won’t do it our treatment is effective it takes some time and it takes effort ok we try to make it easier on you if you do the walking and not quite a hundred percent comments yes we can fix the problems if you have a herniated disc yes the analysis spondylolisthesis sciatica bulging disc degenerated disc typically have a bulging distant region or disc you’ll start to feel better when you start to walk you’ll make your pain and improve playing by ten percent 50-percent some patients ok simple back problems you start walking you feel better but if your background is not going away then you need two companies so I want to share this information because we want to solve the back pain of the entire world we have to do with your help and I want you to like our Facebook page and also i want you to subscribe to my youtube channel follow us on Instagram we’re trying more videos on Instagram make these little shorter and then also on Twitter on Twitter every night as well so if you are on YouTube then what I want you to do is I’m going to put a link right over here for another video and trust me the more you know about your back trouble easier it is for you to live pain free we’ve got the tips we’ve got the tools our goal is to help you so that’s it I’m out I’m going to the blue screen we’re done thank you very much and have a good night click on that video over here for you too

25 comments on “Walk Your Back Pain and Sciatica Away

  1. jonaverette Post author

    I'm very frustrated with my sciatica recovery. I feel like I make progress during the day only to wake up the next morning feeling like I'm back at square one. I've been suffering for two weeks with this bout with sciatica. I would feel better if it seemed like I was making progress in my healing.

  2. Ronald Marquis Post author

    I have all the symptoms of back issues that were mentioned for 20 + years! A lot more bad days than good

  3. JYOTHI gd Post author

    Hi… Am having disc bulge in l3l4, l4l5 l5s1 and disc prolapse and also cervical spondylosis… Please help me with what should I do… Am suffering from past 7years

  4. murtada hussein Post author

    Thank you for your informative videos
    I want to ask about swimming?
    Is it beneficial for a herniated disc? & if yes In what sense?

  5. Johnny Midnight Post author

    It's raining today, so I can't go to the park and walk. So, it's indoor exercises… Come on disk! Heal….

  6. Gulab Singh Post author

    I have a herniated disc L5S1 problem . Will walking help me to repair my herniated disc ? If yes than how long I have to walk in a day. I am 31 years old. Suggestion will be appreciated .

  7. Wake Up Your Joy Post author

    I love walking but I’ve been trying to heal from a lumbar L5 S1 for more than a year now and walking now makes the sciatica worse. Any advice? I’ve had six injections. No help. Surgery next I guess.

  8. Vamsi Krishna entertainments Post author

    I am having bulged disc how long will it take for me to be pain free after starting physio therapy??

  9. junuine yulia Post author

    sir thank you, i have herniated disc l5 s1 but ido pull ups no pain walking no pain but i got pain when i walk 30 mins or more i can do push ups no pain but i put my ciatica affected leg on top of another i got no pain while staying on bed sitting for too long brings pain what should i do

  10. jayasimha reddy Post author

    Hello Sir, thanks for the information.

    Actually from the past one month i am walking regularly 10000 steps in the day, i have herinated disc problem. Now a days i am getting more pain at herniated disc and pain starting at lower back pain also.

    Is this happen because of walking more steps in a day.

    Earlier i dont have lower back pain, now started lower back pain also.

    Please reply

  11. Bonnie Blankenbuehler Post author

    The exercises I do does not hurt my back at all. When I walk shortly after I start walking the pain sets in. It is very painful and not a pleasure at all. Please let me know what I should do. Thanks.

  12. Marija Grujicic Post author

    I had l5 s1 herniated disc from sport..then 10 yrs ago i had a surgery microdisectomy and hemilaminectomy..but unfortunately last year i was attacked physically and now i have again herniated disc at the same lvl. .i can walk 3k steps but i.m honestly a bit lazy and in a very bad shape overall. .doctors recommend another surgery but i.m trying to postpone it bc i don.t like the sound of it…i.ll probably agree to do it at a certain point but before i do, what kind of exercises can I do? it's a 4 millimeter hernia if that helps and it's compressing the nerve a lot but i am a tough cookie when it comes to dealing with excruciating pain (or at least i like to think i am hehe though i do fall in depression because of it quite often)

  13. Faaizah AlQuaid Post author

    When i stand up , i get pain in the butt n shins- should i walk? Have a prolapsed disc in l5/s1 and bulge at l4/l5. Am based in Dubai- otherwise I’d already have booked to see you guys!

  14. Hend Post author

    After 7 month of recovery (L5-S1 discectomy) I'm starting to have the same pain, I was really active before and after the surgery, I swim 1 mile a day, I walk, and I do light exercises at home. I'm extremely afraid my disc reherniated! I'm waiting for the pain to go away, otherwise I'll have a new MRI. Can you ,please tell me your thoughts, do you think it's a reherniation, and what can I do about it ?
    Btw, the doctor told me he removed all the nucleus.

  15. SacroManiac Post author

    I have sciatica (probably from herniated disc) and walking long distances makes it worse. Is bed rest not bad as there will be no motion in my spine and the healing proces may go very slowly ?

  16. Aziz Hunzai Post author

    I have disc bulges…l4.l5 and l5.s1…..c3.c4 c5.c6….should i walk or not sir….plz repl

  17. stanley Brooks Post author

    Should I buy shoes with thick soles such as new balance cross trainers or just walking shoes?

  18. Laleh Hassan Post author

    So is it better to walk while suffering from sciatica or must I wait till it is gone away completely?

  19. America is Mystery Babylon Post author

    I have a question. If you have a bulging disk at the L4-L5, L5-S1 and you start physical therapy with Illinois back Institute and finish the program will that person who is a regular Jogger, will that person be able to start Jogging again? Please let me know thanks


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