Vocal Coach Reacts To Bob Seger – Live – Ken Tamplin

Vocal Coach Reacts To Bob Seger – Live – Ken Tamplin

Hey guys welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing.
I wanted to do a vocal coach reacts to Bob Seger and I know I’m not gonna get a
zillion hits out of some of these artists that I’m presenting to you guys
but I’d really don’t care cause I want to present to you guys things that are
close to me that I grew up on, that influenced me in hopes to be able to
influence you and Bob is certainly one of those guys. Just a fantastic
songwriter I love his the sound of his voice just the real deal a you know
middle America rock guy. He you know I’m I’m doing like a little medley of a
couple three of his songs but it’s cause youtube doesn’t allow for a lot of
different music and so I picked three songs that they would allow but I want
to discuss some of the tunes that are not on this list here, in fact um “Night
Moves” is one of them “Turn The Page”. I know you guys have heard this stuff on
the radio a million times you couldn’t have possibly escaped this cause it’s
amazing “Her Strut”. In fact I think that was used for Victoria’s Secret episode at
one point. “Katmandu”, “We’ve Got Tonight”, “Down On Main
Street”, “Baby Who’s Getting Out Tonight”, “Still The Same”. The guys just got a ton
of phenomenal hits so if you get a chance check out some of those those
ones I just mentioned but with that said I want to go ahead and react to his
performances. This is a really early concert it’s called Hollywood nights and
let’s just fire it up let’s go. Wish I had a mic stand. I should get one. I should get one for like doing reactions right. You guys remember this one. Don’t you love that tone I do. Ok I love the…like the go-go dancing girls in the
background. I want those bell-bottoms it looks like
one of those..like the jumpsuits Elvis used to wear anyway let’s continue. I wanna jump up and down like them. Come on. The audience is going crazy. Good band. What a great audience. A little bit of Joe Cocker (sing) you know if you guys ever saw Joe Cocker that sort of his main his main
move. Axl kind of does that a little bit but he kinda has that sway the Axl sway you know a little bit slower right. Look at those 70s dos baby. Good energy man. Can you feel that energy. It’s killer. Look at that crowd. Alright so anyway that’s that’s one of
his hits so maybe that’ll encourage you guys to go back and check out some of
his (sings). I love it and his range was pretty high too it wasn’t low
like a lot of guys with that kind of distortion and a rounder sound usually
sing a lot lower and he didn’t do that, he actually sang some pretty hard stuff
so I encourage you singers out there you want to try it, give it a try and see
what you’re made of. It’s called “Old Time Rock And Roll” very fitting. You guys have probably seen Tom Cruise do his dance to this. Now admit it guys you all heard this song, you may not have known it was Bob Seger you old guys go of course kid it is Bob
Seger but we have a big span and spectrum of a lot of different age
demographic here so hopefully I’m turning you guys on to some new, cool
stuff right. New, old, cool stuff. I love those backgrounds. That’s back when sax was cool to have in your band. I want to go to this show. You know I’m.. it’s almost to the end here.
This has a lot of nuances too of like going seeing like Bruce Springsteen and
a lot of those bands of middle America bands you know Creedence and all these
different bands. I had you know similar band lineups with sax and this and that even
Tina Turner you know did the same thing those hers is more like a review but anyway so Bob Seger Silver Bullet band and great stuff. I wish I could put more more Seger stuff
on here because YouTube’s really funky and then it’s really hard too to go and
get older stuff because they really didn’t shoot a lot of good video back
then so it’s hard to find good old stuff that you want to have visually enjoy too
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100 comments on “Vocal Coach Reacts To Bob Seger – Live – Ken Tamplin

  1. Nicholas Bryant Post author

    He described so many little details in his songs. I always considered him more of a story teller than a singer. Great music.

  2. Incomudro Post author

    Seger had perhaps the coolest rasp in rock.
    Great songwriter too.
    I've always felt that Seger should have gotten all of the accolades instead of Springsteen.

  3. Daniel Belfiglio Post author

    Amazing video Ken keep it up ! Would love to see a heart and cyndi lauper reaction video

  4. Groovy Gal Post author

    I used to sing along with the jukebox to old time rock ‘n’ roll in 1977. I also sang along with it when I was in Germany at the army NCO club. It was a staple song for me and I’ve loved it for many years since!

  5. Toasty Mornings Post author

    awesome music! Love his raspy voice..reminds me a bit of Michael mcdonald too. Glad you are doing these reactions. Im 46. Miss music like this!

  6. Fun Since 71 Post author

    So many amazing tunes that I've heard since I was a kid. I've been listening to a similar vocal style of Charles Bradley this week. Amazing!

  7. Oly MH Post author

    Seger is still great! Saw him in concert last year. Hit the notes. Same energy. Great concert! He retired last year 🙁

  8. Robbie Garnz Post author

    Bob has that crowd fired up!! I’m getting pumped listening to that guy!! Bob is sneaky good with those vocals. Love it!

  9. Paul Taylor Post author

    Bob Segar highly under rated and to me one of the luckiest singer song writers out there to hit it big. Incredible really because at the same time Bruce Springsteen emerged and both did huge record and concert sales.Another similar artist with great success that might have not made was and is Kenny Loggins. Loggins and Messina was on the verge of walking away from the business because the first albums flopped. Then they caught fire covering an Anne Murray song named Danny's Song .

  10. Przemysław Krawczykowski Post author

    Hej Ken Tamplin, maybe you would like to check Dorota Osińska from The Voice of Poland. She had few great performances, where her voice should catch your focus

  11. Katy Gaston Post author

    Hello, if you don't mind me requesting a reaction, is it possible to react to Steel Panther "Eyes of a Panther", because I have a few questions about some of the notes he hits. And another one is their cover of "Whole Lotta Rosie". Do you know what his range is?

  12. Pablo Post author

    hey Ken!! I think it would be very interesting if you gave us your insight on Mariah Carey singing Vision of Love live this year, I recommend a video from the channel Mariahxlambily called Mariah Carey – Vision Of Love (Vocally Perfect) Live at Caution World Tour 2019'. title is a little clickbaity but the vocals are pretty darn good considering how she has been sounding for the past years. Looking forward to your insight!

  13. Helo Marks Post author

    Finally these rows of artists that talk to me thank you for these videos.. please make a video of styx – come sail away

  14. Jimmy Ayele Post author

    What a legend, remember when I heard him for the first time (must have been 25 years ago). "Fire lake" was the track, it's a great song with Don Henley, Glenn Frey and Timothy B. Schmit on backing vocals. ??

  15. Jim Post author

    I hate to admit it, but Bob Seger, then just the Silver Bullet Band, played at one of our high school dances. He an still sing really well.

  16. Matty C. Post author

    Love Bob! Night Moves is one of my favorites. Fun to play guitar with too….?

    Love you getting down and the hand gestures….?

  17. VIDEOHEREBOB Post author

    Ken, Man you're so right. That is no easy voice to cover. He's really rich and thick sounding up top. Saw him live in his heyday and I was blown away at his power, range and control. Highly underrated vocalist, fantastic song writer.

  18. Kristian Hestås Post author

    Would be awesome if you reacted to TNTs song Tonight I'm Falling. Sung by Tony Harnell, one of the most underrated 80s heavy-singers

  19. Miles9000 Post author

    First time I heard old time rock n roll, I was in the station wagon driving off on a family vacation – I started singing along immediately, really is a great tune.

  20. Beau Nelson Post author

    Bob is one of my all-time favorites. Amazing songwriter and love his voice. Good stuff Ken. Would like to see you react to Boston

  21. Worthrhetime Post author

    From Michigan my self, summer concerts with Bob and the silver B Band …. nothing better , Ever …. He is the real deal, and Still the same 🙂

  22. Luna Blu Post author

    He just had a street here in Allen Park Michigan named after him!! The pride of southeastern Michigan!

  23. ArmyMomHeatherC. Post author

    my older brother use to go to all his concerts. LOVE THAT YOU did a reaction to him. Another underrated vocalist.

  24. Tammy Servin Post author

    Ken thanks so much for your reaction to Bob Seger.
    Bob has so many great songs, Night Moves, Against The Wind, Come To Poppa, Main street, Your Accompany Me, Rambling Man, Beautiful Loser, Fire Down Below, Roll Me Away…..The list simply goes on. GREAT CHOICE KEN! ON BOB SEGER & THE SILVER BULLET BAND.

  25. reid1boys Post author

    Hi Ken, I was listening to you speak about how if you sing correctly and do right by your voice and body how you can still sing well into your 70s and beyond, Your comment came to mind when I was watching Darryl's House and I was listening to him sing. I would love to hear you break down Darryl Hall, because I think he is 70ish and he still sounds amazing. Thansk

  26. reid1boys Post author

    ans yes, it is up to us to teach the youngens real music. I have coached club softball for 20 years and I am proud to say there are dozens of girls now in their 30s that absolutely love 80s hair metal due to traveling to tournaments with me. My 19 year old…. she listens to mostly my music. Puts a smile on my face when I stumble into her room and there she is, listening to JOurney:)

  27. CMissShelleyMichelle Post author

    While were on a Bob Seger roll, here's one for you. I was bumming around YouTube and and they recommended for me "Roll Me Away" live by Bob Seger and it was phenomenal. So good. Of course this video was a professional job with a professional camera crew and of course the sound connected to the cameras versus someone with a camcorder. I say camcorder because this was beforecell phones with crappy camcorder technology or whatever you call it. I thought this one was the best version and Bobby was definitely on a roll here. Here the link for review. Definitely worth looking at and reviewing. Highly recommend.

  28. Christine F Post author

    Love Bob Seger One of the best in the biz Definitely a Music Icon Came across a video that may bring back some memories for you I hope you enjoy it much as I did https://youtu.be/g30iEz5fIgE

  29. ASSMAN Post author

    Ken, I think Davy Jones may have been the originator of Axl Rose's snake dance (watch the Monkees Daydream Believer video). I met Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees one time and he was one of the nicest people I ever met. Thanks for playing so many great legendary bands and artists in your reaction videos. Ken, please keep working on more of your own original music to show the new artists how it's supposed to be done. What if your next album was called Tamplin Comes Alive (why does that sound familiar?). Ken, the world needs another An Axe To Grind album to reset the bar for what is currently passing as music.

  30. ImaDoozy ForReal Post author

    Love the trips down memory lane Ken. Just heard a song from Segers latest album, and he still sounds awesome and his unique voice takes ya immediately back to those good ole days. You Ken are a ball of energy, you look great, and again, love your shirt!!! God Bless.

  31. Jessica Williams Post author

    Hey Ken I was just wondering I'm a smoker I smoke cigarettes every day is it true that if you smoke cigarettes you can't sing? Does smoking affect your singing voice? If so what can I do other than quitting I've tried quitting but it's hard so since it is an addiction what can I take or drink as far as mucus drainage to clear my vocals from the nicotine? Thanks ?❤️

  32. Bruzer Bites Post author

    I always pump up the volume when we Seger comes on the radio. How about some old John Mellencamp? ?

  33. Kent Beery Post author

    Ah yessss Bob Seger is a True Icon, Man what a killer song writer and Singer i saw him recently and he just pummels ya with Hit after Hit and leaves you worn out…..that is LEGEND

  34. William Johnson Post author

    It's embarrassing that Bob Seger didn't make Rolling Stone magazine's 100 best singers of all time. Try singing like Bob Seger & you'll shred your vocal chords!

  35. Magnum Muscle Post author

    Bob Segar is a great singer and performer. Please do Michael Mcdonald/Doobie Brothers What a Fool Believes.

  36. David Lane Post author

    Segar, Nugent,Motown, Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels to name a few, and I will click a zillion times myself Ken ?

  37. David Lane Post author

    Just seen Bob Segar and The Silver Bullet Band in June at Pine Knob for my Wife's 25th year aniversary putting up with me ?

  38. Barry Lee Post author

    Hey Ken. Another tops reacts. However Bob had beard, yes? Yourself is a Goatee face. Goatee I tells ya. Sculpt man. Your bare face makes me take you less seriously. I will come down there boy. loved the Joe Cocker ref tho. Rock on (With Goatee only).

  39. Will Butter Post author

    He's actually one of the many singers that showed me why you should never smoke cigarettes and sing because later on your range depletes due to all that tar and other junk in your lungs and your throat. That's why i never picked up a cigarette. Bob Seger, Billy Joel and some others i can think of had suffered vocal range depletion the older they got from smoking

  40. Flying Wood Post author

    Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band! Live Bullet is a great album with great energy recorded in Detroit Rock City. I saw them live many times from the late 70’s to early 80’s

  41. Matthew Anderson Post author

    My 9 year old loves Bob Seger. We took her to see him last December on his farewell tour. It was a great show. Her favorite song by far is Beautiful Loser.

  42. James DeMarco Post author

    Those "go-go girls" are still on stage gettin' it done, and they are awesome!!

    Bob's got another two months left on his farewell tour. You should go check them out.

  43. Diane Malone Post author

    His voice is like butter! I love his songs, you can see the story play out in your mind. I love it when an artist tells a story and you make your own video. Turn the Page is my favorite of Bob's songs ???


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