Using Far Infrared Heat for Pain Relief – Ask Doctor Jo

Using Far Infrared Heat for Pain Relief – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody its Doctor Jo, and it’s
product review time again. The folks at Thermotex partnered up with us and sent
us their Thermotex Platinum. So let’s get started. So the cool thing about Thermotex is they
are a far infrared heating system. And the reason that far infrared is so much
better than a traditional heating pad is because it penetrates further into the
body. So it gets down different layers. A traditional heating pad usually only goes
about 0.25 centimeters. Far infrared goes all the way up to about 6 centimeters or
2.36 inches, so it gets way down where that inflammation, that irritation, that
pain is without burning your skin. So that’s the best part, it goes nice and
deep. It doesn’t dry out and make you dehydrated because it’s not a heat it’s
a light system, so it’s really really cool. It works great it gets deep down
into those achy joints, achy muscles, and it really helps to temporary relieve
pain. So let me show you it a little bit, and I’ll talk a little bit more about
its awesome things that it does. So this one is their platinum system, and it’s
really cool because it’s super versatile. You can put it almost anywhere on your body.
So as you can see here, it’s super soft which is really really nice when you’re
putting it against your body and your skin and stuff. The cord here is also
really nice because you have the on/off button, but let’s say you have it on your
body and you have to go to the bathroom or something. Well instead of taking the
whole thing off if you’ve got it on you nicely, you can just unplug it right here
and then take it with you and come back. So I really like that component as well
because if you have it on you for about 45 minutes, sometimes you have to get up
and do something else, or if the doorbell rings or something, you just unplug it
instead of taking it all the way off and then having to come back and put it all
the way back on. It also comes with two straps here, a shorter version and a
longer version, and that’s really nice because since you can put it on so many
different parts of your body, you might want the shorter strap for something
like a foot or wrist, and then if you’re doing your body like your
back, or you know if you’re having some cramps in the front, you use the longer
strap to put all the way around your body. So that’s really really nice as
well. The back part here this is the part that goes on the outer side is it’s
squishy. And the Platinum has three heating plates which is really nice
because then that again, you can wrap it around the body part it gets a very big
surface. So there’s a lot of stuff going on here for the Platinum. Where the logo
is, that goes against your body and it’s a little bit firmer on this side so
that’s how you can tell the difference, but then the plates go really close
really nice to your body which makes it good because it sits on there and it’s
very comfortable. And it doesn’t have to be tight that’s the other great thing.
Since it penetrates so far, that six centimeters, or 2.36 inches, you don’t have to wrap it tight around your body, so it’s hugging you so
close, you can put it you know nice and loose on the body, you don’t have to wrap it
so tight. So I like that too because sometimes you can just drape it over
something if you’re laying down and relaxing, you don’t have to strap it on if
you don’t want to. And so that’s what makes it so cool being able to use it
basically anywhere. So the far infrared is really good for things like back pain,
if you’ve got those muscle spasms in the back, if you have some arthritis, things
like that. What it does is it helps increase the circulation to the area and
this is really good because it not only helps relax muscles, but it calms down
that inflammation. That increase in circulation helps move that stuff out of
the area to help the healing process, so it’s really really nice in that fact. You
can also use it for things like tendonitis, bursitis, you can use it for
strains and sprains, but make sure to remember if it’s something acute injury,
like that just happened, those sprains or those strains, the first 24 to 48 hours
you really want to be icing it to calm down that extreme inflammation, but once
you get into that about 48 hour, you can alternate between ice and heat or you
can just do the heat. And the far infrared is really really great for
that. Another one that I really really like this for is fibromyalgia. You know
it’s one of those diagnosis that people get when sometimes the doctors might not know what’s going on, and unfortunately I think it’s
misdiagnosed a lot, so using something like this is really helpful because
maybe that’s something else this will help with it too, but if it’s that true
fibromyalgia, again it really helps with that inflammation because that’s a form
of arthritis and it flares up those nerves and it makes them go crazy, so
having that far infrared heat is really really comfortable. It helps calm
everything down and a lot of times you can put it on and then get going and
feeling much better throughout the day, so it’s really nice I like it a lot. When
you first start out with this, if you have had an injury or something or just
feeling achy all over, you really want to do it about two times a day if you can
and you want to do it for about 30 to 45 minutes. The way this system works is
it’s one setting which is nice because then you don’t have to worry about picking
numbers of which one you want. It doesn’t get too hot, but you do sometimes want to
let it warm up a little bit first. They recommend about 10 minutes, but as I’ve
been using it, I noticed that you really can start feeling the benefits of it
within just a first few minutes, but if you want to turn it on for a little bit
a couple minutes and then come put it on, you can do that as well, they do
recommend kind of warming it up first. And then after you get you know maybe a
week in doing it twice day you can take it down a little bit, but it’s still good
to use it every day because that’s what helps really getting that warmth that
increased circulation in there getting that penetration down deep in there so
it’s great. And another great thing about this is the cover is washable. You can do
machine wash or hand wash and so you see how it has velcro here where you can
take it off, and there’s instructions in the instruction manual of how to wash it,
so that’s really nice too because you can take it off and keep it clean and
wash it occasionally. So let me show you a couple ways to put it on all parts of
the body because that’s what makes it so great you can use it anywhere. So the
first one I like is just around the back, and they also recommend where the cord
comes out have it going downwards just because then that doesn’t tug and pull
on it if it’s this way it puts a little more pressure on that area so it makes
it nice or to have it you know wherever it’s
plugged in you want it going downward, so it just hangs down nicely. I’m going to
use the big one the long strap to go all the way around, and what I do is since
it’s kind of a universal strap for any size I actually take mine just to get it
nice and wrap all the way around so you can see here, it went all the way around.If
you don’t need to go all the way around, that’s fine but again it’s just nice and
comfortable on the back there doesn’t have to be tight, it can be looser than
this, I just kind of like mine if I’m sitting up, but if you’re lying down you
can have it a little bit looser as well, so that makes it super nice and easy
and since it’s velcro it comes off very quickly and easily. As far as maybe your
elbow wrist area what’s great about it is the plate in the middle, you can kind
of put on either side, but remember it penetrates so deeply it doesn’t really
matter even if you’re hurting on this side,
that’s enough where we’ll go all the way through. So if you’re more comfortable
putting it this way you can, but if you want to put it directly on the area you
can as well, but remember it penetrates pretty deeply, so it doesn’t have
to go directly on where you’re hurting. So if you’re hurting in the wrist area,
you can just put it almost like a c-shape, see how that is, or the C shape
like that, and then you can just kind of hold it like that and and wrap it around.
So again it doesn’t have to be super tight unless you want it to, and so this
one you probably want to use the smaller straps or so you don’t have to wrap it
around so much, but you can see that I was able to do that. Let me show you the
smaller strap real quickly. So here and then here, so that’s nice. So see it
doesn’t have to be tight, but it’s still getting all those areas which is nice
and beneficial. And so again with the elbow, you can just move your arm up and
then it goes directly onto your elbow. Especially if you have you know
something going on on either side, it will get the the side panels will get
those as well. You can also come down to something like
the knee. And so again you can either do it if you want the top and the bottom
that C kind of motion, you might want to lay down or sit down so you can put
your knee straight if you want to, and then just put it on that way. Or if you
want to get both sides, if it’s something on the inside or the outside, you can do it
that way as well and have a little more bend in your knee if you want to do it
that way. Same thing for the foot. You can put the bottom plate down on the bottom
of your foot, and then just curl it up on each end, and then just have it like that.
So as you can see, you can do it almost anywhere it’s so cool, it’s neat. You can go
up to your shoulder or your neck. Depending on how much looseness you want,
you can do the short strap or the long strap. Make sure you don’t choke
yourself, so you might want the longer strap, so it’s just kind of sitting there.
You can do it a couple different ways some they recommend putting the middle
one kind of in the curve of the neck having the top one up on your head and
then the lower one kind of down. So with that one, it would probably be more
comfortable if you lie down on it which you can certainly do that. And then you
can also just kind of have it on your shoulder area as well, so something like
that, and again it doesn’t have to be tight it doesn’t have to be super snug on
there because the way this goes so deep down and that light moves all the way
through, it doesn’t have to be super tight because it’s not heat it’s light
that’s going through. So this is why I like this so much, and the far-infrared
is great. And they also have research that proves that it really does work, and
if you want to check out that research, you can go on their website. They have
internal and external studies to show that it really goes in there, it really
gets that inflammation calmed down, increases the circulation to help with
all those pains and aches and make you feel better. So this is really really great for almost any kind of injury, pains, aches,
but there are some health conditions where you probably shouldn’t use
it. A big one is if you’re pregnant. Make sure you’re not using it when you’re
pregnant. Also hemophilia. If you’re hemophiliac, you
you don’t want to use this. Or even severe adrenal suppression. Those are
things that you probably shouldn’t use this on. Make sure you don’t, but you
should always ask your doctor first if the far infrared is okay to use on your
body. Also if you have something like pins, screws, hardware’s in your body, this
is okay to use. It might feel a little bit different, you might feel like a
little vibration feeling, for example me. I have pins in my hand. When I’ve use it
on my hand, I don’t really feel anything, but I’ve had them for a long time. So
it’s okay to use you might just want to start off with like five or ten minutes
just to see how it feels in case you are feeling something, but
it’s okay to use. So especially people after a surgery or something have little
flare-ups every once in a while and that’s okay to use this. So there you
have it. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section. If you’re
interested in purchasing the product, you can click up here, and don’t forget to
subscribe to our channel by clicking here. So remember, be safe, have fun, and I
hope you feel better soon.

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    Want to purchase the Thermotex Platinum? Here's a special discount code with my affiliate link!
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