Trying 25 BRIGHT LIFE HACKS AGAINST STRESS By 5 Minute Crafts Part 2

Trying 25 BRIGHT LIFE HACKS AGAINST STRESS By 5 Minute Crafts Part 2

– Hey guys, how you doing? My name is Robby, and today we’re doing. What was the video called again? 25 bright hacks against stress, part two. Because if I’m being honest with you, the video was just really long. So I decided to cut it
into two parts instead. So just enjoy watching me
do some satisfying things that’ll relieve stress, I guess. Oh! Okay, guys. So in one of my last videos, I asked you guys to give
me 30,000 thumbs up. And if you do, I will make a matching rug
to go with this ottoman. And if this video gets 30,000 likes, I’ll make a matching carpet. Boy, did you guys deliver. We got 60,000 thumbs up. That’s more than double. So it looks like I’m making you guys a matching rug to go with it. So, I guess the first thing we gotta do is get some supplies. (upbeat music) so, I got some cardboard. I got some rope. And I got a butt ton of hot glue. So let’s do this. Great, now I gotta clean
all this up before I start. So, I think the first thing I’m gonna do is lay out the cardboard. And then kinda flatten
it, so that I have a place to kind of put the rope on. You know, do the twisty thing. Here we go. (upbeat music) Now I’m gonna go ahead
and tape this together. (happy music) okay, yeah looks good. Now what I’m gonna do is staple
some parchment paper to it. Here we go. Oh. What the heck? Did I do this wrong? (gun cocking) oh, yup that definitely works. (fun music) (staple gun) okay. Time to reload. (gun cocking) Looks good. Yup. (staple gun) Woo. (staple gun) Woow. (staple gun) okay, yeah looks good. And it only took me about 25 minutes. Now for the fun part. And by fun part I mean,
the really long part. I think that this will take
me about 15 hours to make. I could be very wrong. I hope I’m wrong and
it takes me less time. But we’ll find out. So here we go. But first, I think it would be a good idea if I put something in the middle. So that I could screw
the rope down into it. So I’m just gonna go ahead
and put this board right here. (saw cutting) yeah, that should do it. Now I’m just gonna have
to put this underneath it. Right in the center. Oh, this is so scary. There’s so many staples under here. Theoretically, it should be right here. Okay. So here’s our rope. I’m just gonna go ahead and
screw this into the cardboard. Here we go. Yeah that looks good. Now we have to just hot
glue this whole thing down. I feel like this is gonna take a while. Definitely not a five minute craft. Anyway, let’s get to it. (upbeat music) Okay, we’re all done. Perfect. Now it’s just time to do a
little bit of, click, click. And there we go. Come on, get off of there. There we go, awesome. Yeah, it looks great, doesn’t it? And it only took three solid days of work. (cries) okay, so anyway. I’m gonna do a couple extra things here. Just to make it so that
it lasts a long time. So first thing is, we’re gonna have to remove
the screw in the middle. I don’t even know if I can get to it. Where is it, maybe here? (drill whirring) Come on screw, where are you? I can’t even find it. (drill whirring) – Oh, got it. Okay, yeah looks good. Okay, I think we got it. So next, I have to flip this baby over, and take all the staples out. (paper tearing) This is what I mean when I say that I have to get the staples out. They all kinda just
stuck into the hot glue. So the whole bottom is
filled with these bad boys. So were just gonna have to pull them all out by hand, I guess. (paper tearing) Aah! I just stepped on one. Ouch! These things are kinda scary. Eugh. I really hope I don’t
kneel on one by accident. That would really suck. Oh, boy. Oh, almost kneeled on one. Okay, so we got all the staples out. I almost stepped on a couple of them. That would have been really bad. So as you guys can see, the bottom is kind of ugly. It’s just super covered in glue. And I feel like this glue,
if it gets hot enough it’ll kind of go into
my carpet eventually. Ouch, I just stepped on a staple. Yeah, so this is what the bottom kind of looks like right now. It’s just super covered in hot glue. And, yeah. So that’s the bottom. So what I decided to make it more cool is, I went ahead and bought this pizza towel from Walmart for like 10 bucks. I’m gonna go ahead and
glue it to the bottom side. Just like this. That way I can flip it over
and it will be reversible. So I guess I just gotta
start gluing this to. So I just. Okay, so here we go. Let’s glue this on. (upbeat music) Okay so, we’re all done. It looks pretty good. Except for the fact that it
doesn’t line up right here. And then it gets kind
of wrinkled right here, because I had some extra material. But besides that. It looks pretty freaking
good on this side. Okay, now let’s flip it over
and see how this side looks. Wooh, yeah! Get out of here. Okay, this is the side
that really matters. And this is our rug. Looks pretty freaking good. Let’s go ahead and get
the ottoman in here. (drum roll) Here we go. Yeah. We got a carpet to match our ottoman. Look how cool this is. Now was this rug worth
spending about 20 hours on? I’m not really sure. But now I have it. And it’s gonna be in my room forever now. I really hope the audio’s on. Yup. Oh. (crickets chirping) (audio crackle) So since the last video got 60,000. If this video gets 100,000 likes, I’m gonna dye my hair pink. Now let’s see if we can make it happen. Anyway guys, I guess we could say that this little experiment worked. Woo! Got a new rug. Now I just have to clean up this mess. (upbeat music) – [Robby] okay, I’m just
gonna go ahead and say that I feel like this is the biggest waste of honey I’ve ever seen. But whatever. So here’s our wine glass. I hope you guys appreciate this nice white background that I have. It’s very clean. I think it looks very nice. Here’s our honey. Okay, now we’re just gonna go ahead and start pouring this
in here, are you ready? Let’s do it. Aah! I tried to grab the other
camera and I messed up. Yeah, do you like that? Does it look good? Oh yes. I keep getting it all over the side. I messed it up. I feel like this isn’t
as satisfying as like, you’d think it is now. Oh no, I messed up. It’s about to over flow. Here we go, are you ready? Oh wow, that does
actually look pretty cool. I’m impressed with that. And it only took one jar. Dang, that’s some good stuff. I could appreciate that. Wow. That looks so pretty, and delicious. Yup, that’s some good honey right there. I really hope that this
camera wasn’t out of focus. Because if it is, I’m probably
going to cry here guys. Now was this satisfying? Yes. Would I do it again? Probably, I don’t know. Maybe if this is not in focus,
I’m gonna check really quick. And if it’s not in focus, I guess I’m just gonna
have to do it again guys. Yup, and just as I thought. The whole thing was out of focus. So I guess there’s only one thing to do. And that is, drink honey
out of a wine glass. Oh man, this is so sticky. This is gonna be so gross. You guys, you guys ready for this? Okay, ready? Oh my god. (slurping) That’s so much sugar. This was not a good idea. This is way too much sugar, bleugh. I’m gonna go ahead and try and put this
honey back in the bottle. I feel like this is not
gonna work out very well. But, you know. Oh okay, yeah that’s not bad. Yeah, it’s kinda working. Okay, cool I don’t feel so bad now. I’m only wasting half a jar of honey. Okay, I’m gonna go ahead
and rinse this off. Oh, there’s honey all over my lens. Dude, honey is everywhere. This stuff is so sticky. You guys didn’t even see that, did you? Because it’s all over the lens. Urgh! Okay, so (laughs). – [Tori] (laughs) – [Robby] We got Tori on, you know, the other camera now. So hopefully it won’t mess this up again. – [Tori] Sorry. – [Robby] No, I messed it up last time, not you Tori. – [Tori] Yeah, you suck. – [Robby] Okay, so here we go. Oh yeah. Look how satisfying Tori, isn’t it great? Oh, I messed up already. Is this satisfying or what? – [Tori] Oh, this is so nice. – [Robby] Do you like it? Is this worth like, six
dollars worth of honey? – [Tori] Uh, probably not. But I mean it does look pretty. – [Robby] Wow, look how. – [Tori] Are you gonna
drink it afterwards? – [Robby] I already did. And it was beautiful. Do you want to drink some afterwards? (squelching) – [Tori] It looks like it
would be a lot of sugar. – [Robby] It’s so much sugar. It’s like an unbelievable amount of sugar. I now have to switch to the other bottle. – [Tori] Wow, it’s so pretty. – [Robby] Okay, ready? – [Tori] Ooh, are you gonna
make it dribble over the top? – [Robby] Yeah, ready? – [Tori] A big explode. Oh, I’m ready. – [Robby] And here we go. Yeah, you like that? – [Tori] Wow. – [Robby] Yeah that’s good. – [Tori] That is beautiful. Oh my god. – [Robby] Wow. Does it look good? – [Tori] Oh, it looks good. – [Robby] This camera
was out of focus before, so I had to redo it. – [Tori] Oh my god this is beautiful. – [Robby] Looking good? You like? – [Tori] I love this. I’m so happy that like, you
messed up the first time. Because now I get to watch this. – [Robby] (laughs). This is gonna be such a mess to clean up. Oh yeah, is this great? Yeah. I think that’s, that’s
enough honey for that. It’s good? – [Tori] Oh, it’s great. – [Robby] Do you wanna take a sip of it? – [Tori] No. Don’t Robby, let’s be careful it’s gonna. – [Robby] I know, I know. I fixed it. Well guys, I guess we
can say this one worked. It’s pretty satisfying, right Tori? – [Tori] Oh it is. Oh I’m falling. (glass smashing) – [Robby] It’s pretty
satisfying, right Tori? – [Tori] Oh, it is. (upbeat music) – [Robby] Okay, so this
one seems really easy. All I got to do is play
with some moon sand. Yeah. I’m surprised that they
even still sell this stuff. Let’s just. Yeah, don’t need that anymore. So it looks like we have like, little molds of the Troll people. And then we got moon sand. Very hard moon sand, by the way. I don’t know if that means
it’s gone bad or anything, but. Yeah, so let’s just do. Let’s go with blue, because I love blue. So here we go. Oh, it’s so sparkly. I don’t know if you guys
can see that, or not. This does not feel like very nice sand. I feel like the sand might
be expired, or something. I don’t know if sand expires. But it definitely doesn’t feel correct. Maybe because it’s not proper
moon sand, I don’t know. So, I guess what we’re gonna do is fill this guy up with some sand. Yeah, get in there. Yeah, that seems pretty compacted. Just move this away. And apparently he’s just
supposed to pop out. Woo, it worked. Yeah, so here’s our little guy. Now it’s time to cut him up. Yeah, this is just gonna be
so satisfying, so relaxing. Just start with his hair, maybe. Oh yeah, this is real satisfying. Just cut, yeah. Is that good? Oh no. I really don’t know how
this is super satisfying. It kinda makes me a little sad. I’m cutting this little guy up. Let’s go ahead and do another one. Yeah, that should be good. Just fill this up with sand, okay. Give you a little tap, tap. Oh, didn’t even need to. Looks great. Okay, let’s do another little cut. Yeah. Let’s cut her in half. Okay, this is a little morbid. I don’t know if I’m liking this. Well, I’ve had my fun with this moon sand. I’m ready to go on to the next hack guys. (upbeat music) Okay guys. So here are our limes. I’m just gonna go ahead
and cut one in half. Okay, yeah. Normal lime. Now let’s go ahead and
squeeze it into this cup. Aah! So much juice. I feel like I’m getting
a lot of the juice out. Okay, yeah. That one’s all empty. Now this one. Okay, so this is how much
juice these guys made. Okay, now I’m gonna go ahead and microwave this for 15 seconds. (frantic music) (microwave beeps) okay, all done. Oh, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot. Oh, I’m just kidding, this isn’t hot. Okay, lime is all heated up. Let’s go ahead and cut this bad boy up. Ooh, that’s definitely
way more juicy already. Let’s see. Oh yeah, that definitely,
a lot’s coming out of that. It’s a little bit easier to
squeeze too, I would agree. This isn’t bad. Oh, I just spilled some. Maybe if I just squeeze them
both together like that. It was a little bit easier
to get the lime juice out. Let’s see if we actually got
more lime juice by doing this. Okay, so on the left here. Well, technically your right. We have the microwaved one. And this is the not microwaved one. So it looks like we actually got more from the not microwaved
one, from what I can tell. But this one does look like it’s a little bit cleaner of juice. So I guess we could say that
this one doesn’t really work. Unless the hack is just to
make it easier to squeeze. Which I guess it kinda does. Okay guys, do you know what time it is? That’s right, it’s everyone’s
favorite part of the video where we recreate the thumbnail. (children cheering) okay, so it looks like they have a tiny pencil
on their thumbnail. So I’m gonna go ahead and one up them, and get a giant pencil. Okay, and that should do it. I wonder if this actually writes. Well, let’s test it out. (frantic music) you guys see that? Yeah, not bad. Okay, will this giant eraser
actually erase anything? (squeaking) Nope, that actually kinda sucks. I don’t know If it’s the paper or what. But that’s definitely not erasing. Can’t erase your mistakes guys. Sorry about that. Okay guys, thanks so much
for watching the video. If you like it make sure
you give it a thumbs up, it looks a little bit like
this but right down there. If you guys want to watch me do even more fun life hacks and crafts. I have a whole playlist dedicated to me doing them right here. If you guys are new, make sure
to hit that subscribe button. If you guys want this shirt, stickers, or any of my other merch,
you can click right here. Okay, guys I love you so much. I’ll see you guys again real soon. Peace, love and wifi. And we’re ending. Okay, bye. Aah! (upbeat music)

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