Trump hosts emotional listening session on school safety

Trump hosts emotional listening session on school safety

100 comments on “Trump hosts emotional listening session on school safety

  1. Miguel Jon Post author

    Federal Marshals of Education to provide safety and protection for schools,it's time to patrol the schools as our passengers in the skies. Just an idea to keep safe Americans even from themselves.

  2. Avery Santiago Post author

    Each school should have at least two armed security guards at all times. Bigger school should have more. Also "some" teachers should also be allowed to get a concealed permit license, and it if some schools have too put Metal detectors in them.

  3. Billy Cowan Post author

    If Trump caves to the gun grabbers he'll be a one termer. Republicans are already staying home and not voting because the swamp isn't being drained

  4. Renegade MS Post author

    Repeal most of the gun regulations like Gun Control Act of 1968 and homicides would be mitigated.

    Don't cave into the democrats even though it's too late.

  5. Stuart Fox Post author

    Metal detectors at all schools is the only thing that will solve this problem. Wake the hell up! They retail for $500.00! That's it!

  6. Imobius .G Omnibus Post author

    We need Armed guards in all public places …schools included crime will be greatly reduced not only in schools

  7. Bipolar Bret Maverick Post author

    Sure get people get killed by rifles including assault rifles 232 last year period in the same year over 1,600 people were killed with knives. I'm more concerned about kitchen knives personally. This is totally absurd

  8. Imobius .G Omnibus Post author

    Teachers are to politically biased to be trusted with weapons but private armed security guards would provide jobs and security to our kids and public venues airports hospitals and other soft targets.

  9. Stuart Fox Post author

    America is ensnared in the belief that drugs will fix everything due to endless advertising for the last 40 years. WAKE UP!

  10. Mike's World Post author

    They are not serious about reducing crime,they just want to peddle political agendas.
    The most effective way to reduce ALL violent murders in the U.S is to make the Death Penalty Statewide.
    Hold public executions of murderers that are broadcasted on all channels,sell the perpetrators' organs to pay for condolence.
    If perpetrators are allowed to get away with it,and instead our gun rights taken away,we have no choice to assume it is a conspiracy.

  11. John Q. Public Post author

    Remove the "gun free zones" which are nothing but "TARGET RICH ENVIRONMENTS". Allow LEGAL LAW ABIDING CITIZENS the ability to DEFEND themselves and those around them. Allow TRAINED weapon owners to carry in the schools and elsewhere. Blame the MURDERER not the gun. BLAME the FBI and LAW ENFORCEMENT for not doing their JOB.

  12. acts2211 Post author

    2nd amendments not going anywhere. Definitely need some improve background checks mental health, improve security and raising the minimum age of guns ownership to 21 make sense to me. You can't drink alcohol until you're 21……

  13. Anthony William Rich Jr Post author

    Screwing People out of a Job and a corrupt mortgage system, twice, raises flags, no defense, no representation, …. Laughable.

  14. hollow ashen one Post author

    We have more school shootings than any other countries n highest opioid death rate we doing great this year so far

  15. Brooks Palmer Post author

    As long as they stop running drill these events should apparently never happen. Almost every one happens at the same time as a drill. What a coincidence. Problem solved. All limits, restrictions, controls or eliminations of guns/arms rights are to be removed permanently and none ever put in place.

  16. Brandon McCaskill Post author

    If were blaming someone besides the shooter, then it should be the FBI. They dropped the ball big time on this one and have been increasingly with this whole fake Russian narrative they’ve been wasting time on. Not to mention the “hush hush” that went on with the Vegas shooting.
    It’s a sad day in America when our top protectors can’t be relied on.
    Let’s be realistic, more gun laws are a waste of time. And taking 300 million people’s guns away isn’t going to fly.
    Just remember: spoons don’t make people fat.
    Knives, clubs, bombs, and even trucks are used as terrorist weapons.

    It’s ludicrous to think that taking away Americans ability to defend themselves will save more people. When you have an enemy (terrorists), you HAVE to play defensive.

    This is why we are saying to invest in arming guards at schools, malls, all public places. The same way Hollywood actors and politicians are surrounded for protection, we need this for our children. No scum bag would dare to shoot up a school with armed officers at the ready.

    Stats are leaning in favour of gun owners. Of course it’s awful what happens but I think we let our emotions point the finger at the wrong things. If anything at all, todays the time to start thinking logically and intelligently. Stop pointing the fingers and go with what we know. The pro-gun control folks don’t care about the stats…they just want everyone to side with them because they think they’re the only ones who care about kids getting shot.
    Tell this to any police officer you see. Any military man/woman you bump into next. Tell them that they’re twisted for carrying fire arms and don’t care about dying kids.
    America is the most influential country in the world. All eyes are on us. We can’t let our guard down with the position we have on the world stage.

    Canada doesn’t have mass shootings because they’re not a threat to other countries. We are.

  17. Geoff Post author

    So very many ignorant fools. Never capitulate to those who would leave you without a means to defend yourself.

  18. RG GT Post author

    So basically it's just a meeting were they just talk about what happened to them and not talk about resolution these kids are stupid sorry to say it's not the guns retards

  19. Gregg Post author

    Stop pulling on our hearts to push gun reform using this terrible tragedy. If guns "AR-15" were illegal, these Psychopaths would still find a way to get their hands on one, and use it! I knew many people growing up that own the AR-15s and all sorts of guns illegally. None of them had permits to possess these weapons. Thinking gun reform is going to fix this problem, think again. Heroines illegal, and claiming many lives. But, it's still out there in abundance. I don't know maybe I'm wrong. It's just my opinion.?
    My prayers go out to the family who lost their loved ones.

  20. DIRT RIDER Post author

    Let's Scream and Shout in the streets that has never fucking helped bunch of little snowflake cry babies

  21. Andy hoff Post author

    A gun ban DIDN'T stop a mass shooting in Paris.
    Why is it why is it we have armed guards for weed dispensaries and Banks?
    Why is it we have armed guards in government buildings, national parks, airports and NOT schools??
    The solution is simple.

  22. Peter Schancel Post author

    Armed Guards at Schools, Think this is F….ked up. Background Checks . An issue why?? Ban the Weapons of Mass Murder. and criminalize them . I searched and found NOT ONE Situation where someone protected them self with an Automatic Weapon. needing to kill many criminals. Not even police.They do not want bad guys with weapons of Mass Murder.

  23. Hillary Clintub Post author

    Does anyone know when all this school violence started becoming a real problem? Was it before or after they started passing gun control laws? Was it before or after they started integrating our schools? Was it before or after schools started banning corporal punishment?

  24. Darin Walker Post author

    Automatic Scenario or Handgun Scenario?: Kid walks into school with 3 or 4 "handguns," all pre-loaded and equipped, lots of ammunition, knows how to use it all, and shoots a bunch of kids. What's the difference?

    How many bodies would you say make a difference then?

    Remember: Are you making the argument that someone with handguns would not be able to kill 17 people under the same circumstances?

    Remember: Are, you making the argument that ONE body dead is acceptable in a school shooting.

    How does an automatic gun make any difference here?

    Whos life is expendable to appease those who didn't lose a loved one because we changed the type of guns?

    This never was about guns, EVER! This is about MIND!

  25. Michael Macluskie Post author

    Gun ban is not the answer….Schools should have security screening systems same as Airports. Plus this student on here that is saying he lost his best friend is an absolutely hopeless actor….the usual false sobbing without tears. If one can not get a gun to do a mass killing, then he can get his Mommy and Doddies SUV which can take out just as many people than a gun….how many innocent people did that mad Muslim take out in the South of France 02 years ago with a hijacked articulated truck 90 odd people were killed I believe…but I still don,t see any calls for the ban on Hijacked Articulated Trucks. Bans on weapons are not the answer as weapons will always be found if need be….Security controls such as school or church entrance screening systems is your answer to control.

  26. Rem Post author

    Arming teachers and coaches? Que the rest of the world banging it’s head against a wall in utter frustration. Only the US could come up with such a moronic solution to a problem that has largely been solved by the rest of the developed countries already.

  27. Roger Blackwell Post author

    The answer is SIMPLE. Very simple. To buy a gun a psych assessment is required. So easy. That kid would not have seen a gun.

  28. Adonis Kems Post author

    At least hes doing something, still wont get any credits. But if he succeeds, this might be a turning point to his presidency.

  29. John Thompson Post author

    Bullying? Alienation? Anger? Violence?Mass Shooting? Stop the BULLYING IN SCHOOLS! We are only getting one side of the story. Ask yourself "What can I do myself to make a difference".

  30. Flat Earth Preacher Post author

    It was all a staged event the gay army was conducting a drill when all this went down (please like and subscribe)

  31. Dennis Vance Post author

    Venezuela is a gun free country. If you stage political demonstrations and protest there, the government shoot you – they are the only ones who have the guns.

  32. Mother Clucker Post author

    We could start with waking up the adults that were asleep at the wheel. How could all these adults ignore this very dangerous kid. How could they ignore all the people that turned him in.?

  33. YankeePendragon Post author

    This whole exercise would've meant a lot more if that orange-haired idiot hadn't needed a cheat-sheet at hand to remind himself to say "I hear you". But then empathy appears as absent as basic competence with this Administration. Mores the pity for the country and the rest of us.

  34. Trip on THIS ! Post author

    How CARES about kids…or people with no gun, we need more guns. God loves the NRA for buying off the law makers to make sure we get our guns.
    We can show the kids how guns work so when they turn 18 they can buy a gun and shoot something they feel needs shooting.

  35. Conservative Hamster Post author

    liberals, atheists, homosexuals, feminists – turning this school shooting into an anti-trump protest/rally.

  36. One Hand Post author

    Shameful how these kids and many around them sound like nothing more than ignorant indoctrinated liberals when in fact, on going "liberal madness" is the first and foremost cause of senseless murderous violence.

  37. Jose Jimenez Post author

    Sure, confiscate ALL weapons, regardless of magazine capacity and/or whether it's fully auto. How far will this lunacy go ? People kill people, not guns or rifles. Look at the Boston Marathon bombing. Nobody said squat about seizing or controlling homemade bombs. Weapons are inanimate objects. They can lay fully loaded for a thousand years and never hurt anyone. Wake up idiots.

  38. Stephen P. Post author

    Great solution McDonald trumpedo now if a teacher feels like killing her annoying students that teacher will do just that or if one of your trumpedo red hat wearing terrorists shoots up a school ., I’m sure that teacher will risk their lives over a bigger gun like an ar15 rifle …. now go back to fingering ivanka while Barron watches

  39. Joel Spring Post author

    Why do we even give these dumbass kids airtime?! They're nothing more than a bunch of pawns ranting about things they know nothing about. We don't have a gun issue we have a people issue. A gun doesn't pull it's own trigger and no law is going to keep guns out of the hands of maniacs like that sicko in Florida.

  40. Irma Dominguez Post author

    Are you stupid???
    DISARMING yourselves is setting yourselves up for another MASSACRE!!!!!
    You damn are the stupiest PARENTS!!!
    DAMN LIBTARD PARENTS YOU SHOULD Pull your kiddos back cuz they don't represnt sh*** or speak for no one!!!
    People Kill People!!
    YOU teens need to learn about God & ask him to come & protect you!

  41. ABLE2OVER Post author

    When idea also is just stop publicizing every fucking school incident so all the other retards can copycat on their way out to Psycho Ville. Kind of like making a new movie about Roots keep stirring up racism really smart

  42. HeThstHath AnEar Post author

    Quell students political dispute by fighting for their freedom to go to school interactively, they will be talking about this more so (class time from home, events like games and dances can be secured, etc.)

  43. Joel Chia Post author

    The left is using our young children as political pawns to further their agenda. Young children should never be politicized at such a young age.

  44. Fabi Grossi Post author

    The only person in the room who wasn't emotional was Trump. He had to be reminded by his staff to show empathy. You can't hold it against him, the lack of empathy is a very typical symptom of Narcissistic Dersonality Disorder.

  45. StarSeed Post author

    Wonder how many CIA rehearsals they had before this. Obviously some of the students did not meed CIA acting standards and were not brought to this theatrical propaganda powow. These useful idiots sound exactly like Black Lives Matter, good bet Soros is lurking behind the scenes.

  46. Judith Osorio Post author

    Trump wants to fix the problem of mass shootings in schools by arming the teachers and staff which is only going to further exasperate an already critical gun problem in our country. Millions of legal weapons have been reported lost, stolen and are unaccounted for. Thousands of crimes across the country are committed using these guns stolen from lawful gun owners. How are Republicans going to put this cat back in the bag?

  47. None of your business Post author

    She look this has nothing to do with the federal government or the president I mean yeah it's nice to know what he thinks but it's all up to the state you know it's ran by the state government not the federal government the school corporations should talk to the parents and see what they have to say about it before they go doing anything

  48. Robert Joiner Post author

    this comment hae nothing to do with this shooting. I have thought for some time the age for buying a gun accept bolt action and double barrel should be 21. Hell can not buy beer no gun

  49. Christien Scheepers Post author

    If kids have present parents who teach their kids manners and respect for themselves and others………………..SCHOOLCHILDREN WON'T SHOOT OTHER SCHOOLCHILDREN. Some of these kids on TV have been so disrespectful and disgusting the last few days !

  50. paulie dee Post author

    The MSM loves to decry the slaughter of children at these school shootings, but has no problem in supporting abortion, which has resulted in the murders of over 60 million children and counting. What Hypocrisy!

  51. jcnba28 Post author

    The left want to get rid of guns "to save lives" yet they have no problem murdering the unborn lives in the womb. Let that sink in.

  52. Square That Fraction! Post author

    Honestly this situation needs to be dealt with NOW! We cannot have another school shooting. We need GUN CONTROL NOW!

  53. Dlambrt6257 Post author

    I really believe that if "soft targets " were not so soft that would possibly deter some would be shooters or prevent others from succeeding.

  54. sophie Tucker Post author

    I'm so glad that the Pres. did this, and he even made notes to remind himself to pretend to care and be listening, kudos!

  55. Terrell Roberson Post author

    People just don't give a Fuck about anything anymore…as long as they can have their guns, Fuck the kids. Its a sad world

  56. jf weber Post author

    What law what can be done that would Prevent/ stop the deaths? What LAW COULD WE PASS THAT WOULD PREVENT THE KILLINGS? How do we stop young disgruntled men who want to go out in a "blaze of glory "? They want to commit suicide, but prefer the police do it for them


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