Trina Braxton Shaves Her Head like Tamar | Another One Free from Wigs!

Trina Braxton Shaves Her Head like Tamar | Another One Free from Wigs!

Chic Lady T intro music. Thank you for watching and subscribing. Love all of ya’ll! What’s up y’all. I thought I’d hop on and
share this with y’all real quick because this is exciting news for hashtag team
natural! Another star is free from wigs and weaves and now rocks a low haircut,
okay. Trina Braxton, the second-oldest
Braxton sister, just debuted her new short do on sister circle. Y’all she got
a huge round of applause from the audience and from me because she look
fierce honey! This is one of the pictures she posted on IG Thanks again at sister circle TV. According to sources, Trina has been wearing a weave for the past 20 years
y’all! 20 years?! That’s a heavy sentence! Girl you free in Wakanda now (laughs). Okay, so, we just got our avatar live. We’re about to get him again! Ok, we have to go back in. We’re going back to avatar land! She now joins her sister Tamar who has big chopper hair back in March Since then, Tamar has been dyeing her
hair fuchsia pink. That looks good too. Hmm. They making it more and more tempting for me to cut off my hair! You go girls! Let’s sprinkle black
girl magic on everything and everywhere! With our natural hair and natural styles!
what do y’all think about this is it a fad or do you think that this is
something that’s a movement? Let me know in a comment section below.

21 comments on “Trina Braxton Shaves Her Head like Tamar | Another One Free from Wigs!

  1. Chic LadyT Post author

    Both of them are tempting me to cut my hair. So what do you think? Is this a Trend or a movement? Let me know in the comment section below.

  2. RDollars Post author

    Beautiful. Hey Chic LadyT, Traci is the 2nd oldest sister. Trina is the next to youngest. ?

  3. Chadwick Lockharte Post author

    You I realized that maybe short hair really works for Braxton's. I mean Toni, Tamar, and This sister here actually looks good with short hair.

  4. Kimberly Dooley Post author

    Yesss..she looks awesome!!.. Its ok to be proud of yourself and what was given to you naturally.. We are so unique in so many ways, hell yesss flaunt it!!!

  5. msdogooder Post author

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  6. Colin January Post author

    Originality""going back to their roots ""no more fakeness ""proud of these beautiful women """

  7. Sheila Ann Post author

    Thats right trina you looking good girl your hair your skin lookin good we love you trina you are so much fun on the show we miss seeing you and you just look marvelous fabulous and we love ittt go trina go trina its your birthday lol thanks for the pics cause you look beautifullllllll we love trina braxton and the family forever

  8. kim alonzo Post author

    I had been going back and forth between locks and perms since 1994. I finally went natural, with locks, for good in 2005. I have no regrets.

  9. Gloria jordan Post author

    Like you said 20 years of wearing wigs and weaves, so they already had naturally short hair.. It nice to know they are not afraid to own their own hair..kudos!!!

  10. A Charmed Life Post author

    I did the big chop thought I wanted dreads (still do but not yet). I don't know what to do with my hair outside of some cute wigs I've found to hide it and braids of course.

  11. Monica Fox Post author

    Trina's hair was already short. I've seen it before. She's just been wearing wigs. When she wears it slick, you can tell how short it is.


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