Treating Migraines with Melatonin

You want to find a natural way to treat
your migraines. Is melatonin the answer? Let’s find out. I’m Michelle from mascara
to midnight. Thank you so much for being here today. I am a beauty channel but I
also have chronic migraines. And I have several videos, right there, you can go
check out. I, there’s some answers in there. Be sure and join in the discussion
because we can find answers together. Recently I was scrolling around the
internets and I found an article about a study that was done on melatonin. And the study was that melatonin was as effective as amitriptyline. And I said–
Holy cow! if this is true…if I could get treatment from melatonin, that’s also
going to help me sleep better, by all means this is worth trying. I
found this article on Pinterest and oddly enough, it is one of the most
pinned Pinterest pins that I have. So I knew it was time for me to try this out.
Let me set up the experiment for you so that you understand exactly what was
going on. I’m also gonna link the article for you below in the description box so
feel free to go check that out. It was a randomized study where a third
of the participants took 25 milligrams of amitriptyline; a third took 3
milligrams of melatonin; and a third had the placebo. I want to start by saying 25
milligrams of amitriptyline is nothing if you have chronic migraines. I’ve been
on amitriptyline several times for migraine relief. When I first started on
amitriptyline two decades ago, it actually gave me a lot of relief. I was
on a lower dose then. Since then I’ve tried it again, I think twice at a much
higher dose, and did not get any more relief again. So 25 milligrams
amitriptyline really isn’t that much. So that leaves me to believe that they
probably aren’t, the people in the study, probably aren’t chronic migrainuers.
But that’s okay because anyone who has a migraine is suffering. I’m not in any way
belittling non chronic migraines. It just lets me think that, probably, based purely on what I’m reading, and my own intuition, this may not work for chronic migraine.
But for me it was totally worth the try. I enjoy taking them any way. I like
getting a good night’s sleep. So taking them every night was not a hardship for
me. They taste delicious. These are two and a half milligram tablets, so what I
would do is take one full one and a half of one each night.
Now I did this for three months. It’s pretty typical with migraine medication,
to give it a try for three months. So if you’re doing anything, try it out for
three months. If at the end of three months you’re not finding relief, then
you probably won’t get any. Now Botox would be the one exception, because it is
a three month situation. But you would want to do that three times ,to see if
you’re gonna get relief. So I decided to do this for three months. It definitely
couldn’t hurt, and I would get good night’s sleep every night. Which leads me
to my second point about this, because not getting enough sleep can be a
trigger for your migraines. So one theory could be, I’m just extrapolating from
what I’ve read, if you are getting a good night’s sleep every night,
it would reduce your migraines. So maybe the mechanism isn’t the melatonin. Maybe it’s more sleep. So we’ve got to consider that as well. Regardless, I decided to
take it for three months and give it a try. So, hey, couldn’t hurt. Then, at the end
of three months, I decided, you know what? What’s it gonna hurt for me to take this
for six months, and so I continued on for six months. So for six months I took one
and a half tablets of melatonin every night. Now the name of my channel is
Mascara to Midnight. It’s because I like to stay up really late, so it should be
noted, that I was not going to bed any earlier than I normally do. I was staying
up my normal amount of sleep. So perhaps if I had gone to bed two or three hours
earlier, I might have had different results. If the melatonin is working, me
getting enough, or too little sleep, shouldn’t have mattered. At the end of
six months there was literally no change in my migraines. Now, yes,
that is disappointing because if you’re anything like me, you do want to find
something less than the shots, and the medication, and all the all the over-the-counter things, all the
prescriptions, you want to find something natural. You know, if ginger is going to
heal us, we’re gonna do the ginger. So it was disappointing that the melatonin
didn’t work because I wanted it to work. Which brings me to my next point.
Sometimes these things work because of placebo but if they don’t work then it’s
obvious that the placebo effect did not account for this. So while this study did
show that there was some help for the melatonin, unfortunately it didn’t work
for me. With that being said, I do want to point out, that every single medication
that works for me, and you, and your neighbor, and your best friend, isn’t
gonna work for any of the other of us. So just because this didn’t work for me
does not mean it won’t work for you. And I highly encourage you to give it a try.
I’m gonna link this melatonin for you below. It’s delicious. It’s relatively
inexpensive. And it can’t hurt. You’re gonna at least get a really good,
thorough sleep. Join the discussion on migraines in the comments because we’re gonna talk about some other things.
I’m always up to questions, answers, videos on migraines because I’m right there with you. If you’re watching this video you’re
watching it because you either have migraines or you have a loved one with
migraines. And I want answers, and I want solutions, and there are millions of us
with migraines, and thousands of us looking for answers. And I’m here to find
them. So I’m gonna keep trying. You stay tuned for some more migraine videos
coming up in the future. Be kind and rewind!

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