Treating Low Blood Sugar

Treating Low Blood Sugar

almost everyone who uses insulin will
have a low blood sugar reaction sometime low blood sugar or hypoglycemia happens
quickly and to be treated right away in general a blood sugar level below 70 is
considered low ask your diabetes team what a low blood sugar level is for you
things that can cause low blood sugar include too much insulin or medicine
exercise skipping meals and not finishing food that you have dosed
insulin for if you are on an insulin called NPH you can have a low blood
sugar by going more than four to five hours without eating mild signs of low
blood sugar include shakiness sweating headache hunger and fast heartbeat your
family friends teachers and caregivers need to know the signs of low blood
sugar so they can help you checking the blood sugar is the only way to know for
sure if it is low do not assume it is low based on the way you feel if a check
reveals your blood sugar is below your target range follow the rule of 15 this
means you should eat or drink 15 grams of carbohydrates foods with 15 grams of
carbohydrates include 3 to 4 glucose tablets and glucose gel four ounces of
juice 1 tablespoon of sugar and 8 ounces of low-fat milk or yogurt avoid
chocolate that has fat in it or hard candy that takes too long to chew up
after you have eaten 15 grams of carbohydrates wait 15 minutes and check
your blood sugar again this should raise your blood sugar if eating 15 grams of
carbohydrate does not bring your blood sugar above 70 or within your target
range eat another 15 grams of carbohydrates wait 15 minutes and check
your blood sugar again if your blood sugar level is above 70 continue your
regular routine call your doctor if your blood sugar remains below 70 after
eating carbohydrates three times low blood sugar can cause you to become
confused if this happens you might not know what to do so a parent may need to
help you drink something or they’ll squirt glucose down the side of your
this will help raise your blood sugar level ask your doctor or diabetes
educator to show you what this looks like if not caught early low blood sugar
can cause a person to pass out or have a seizure if this happens an adult will
need to give a medicine called glucagon it is important that all family members
at any caregivers such as teachers and sitters know how to use glucagon
glucagon should only be given if a child is passed out or they’re having a
seizure glucagon expires after one year so you
will need to get a new kit each year if a child becomes unconscious and adults
should prepare the glucagon injection according to the package instructions
give the proper dose as advised by the doctor if you have glucagon left over
save it for up to 24 hours in case another dose is needed place the child
on their side to prevent choking glucagon may cause vomiting wait several
minutes for the glucagon to work and check your blood sugar after 10 minutes
the parent should call 911 if you do not respond to the glucagon after 10 minutes
the doctor may recommend giving a second dose of glucagon an emergency medical
team would start an IV that has glucose in it parents communication with a
child’s endocrinologist is important when it comes to low blood sugars
remember to report low blood sugars to the doctor or diabetes team especially
if they are happening on a regular basis or if they are severe enough that the
child requires assistance with gel or a glucagon shot the insulin dosage likely
needs adjusting the information provided in this video
is intended to provide educational information only and should not be
considered complete medical advice always consult your physician and/or
healthcare provider for specific medical treatment for you or your child if you
have any questions regarding the information provided in this video
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