Traveling to Mexico City was the most stressful thing we’ve ever done (Storytime)

Traveling to Mexico City was the most stressful thing we’ve ever done (Storytime)

ahhh that’s so mean! That’s the meanest thing you’ve ever done to me! what the
hell.. we’re in Mexico!! but it wasn’t easy and that’s why we’re here today: to tell you the story about the most stressful trip we’ve ever had. so many times, so close… you have no idea! I’ve never had anything like that happened to me and we’ve been traveling for a while now. and one and a half years ago we’ve already had a super crazy trip and we thought that one was the worst but this one totally kills it! and we’re still not sure if we actually had good luck or bad luck. so stay until the end of the video so
you can tell us what you think! so let’s start! oh my god are we storytellers now? we are not that good at that.. Lower your expectations please… so we bought a trip that was from Munich to… Montreal? Toronto!! oh my god.. yeah I was right when I said: we’re not that good at that! so let’s explain it this way!
this is what our trip looked like: we would start in Munich, from there fly to Toronto, from Toronto to Cancun and from Cancun to Mexico City. what you need to know is is that the first two flights were connection flights and then we bought the last flight from Cancun to Mexico City separately. so the story begins the day before we started our trip. we’re trying to do the check-in and as always Joss has problems because she has two last names. And the system of AirCanada cannot handle it. we really wanted to be sitting together, so we went all the way to the Munich Airport just to try to do the check-in one day before so guys we’re back. it was pretty much a waste of time because the only thing we had to do was – the only thing we had to do was to type in her two last names without a space in between na toll! … yeah we made it and now we’re finally sitting next to each other and the next day we went to the airport and guess what? guess what?! the nice lady decided to give us new seats what happened was that they switched the airplane it was not the same airplane anymore so every passenger got a new seat and yeah of course we were sitting on opposite sides of the airplane I gotta say Janik was in a horrible mood after this I was like: this literally ruined my trip! yeah I was like this trip is gonna suck! this is the worst that could have happened to me! in that moment I had no idea what was about to come at the gate we actually had good luck because the plane was not fully booked and we got a whole row of four seats only for the two of us we got inside of the airplane, we were sitting down and the airplane took off with a 10 minutes delay unfortunately the flight took longer than expected and the 10 minutes turning to 45 minutes so when we landed in Toronto, instead of having 75 minutes to the next we suddenly only had 30 minutes left the problem is the airport in Toronto is huge huge, so huge! so first of all that will take a long time but on top of that the airport was full of ice slippery as f so we took 20 minutes of driving super slowly to the gate the poor pilot was always saying: guys it’s very slippery, we’re trying our best every minute that passed I was losing hope she was super negative! she was like: we’re not gonna make it anymore! it’s over, we’re gonna stay here in Toronto by the time the plane finally arrived at the gate we only had 10 minutes left to our next flight of course we still had to go through customs and on top of that we were sitting in the back of the airplane so there were like a thousand people in front of us and I was always telling Janik: just skip everybody! and Janik was too nice I told her: you can go first and ask everybody, you didn’t want to because… – it’s not my fault – I wanted you to take the leadership okay? – oh yeah? great! so we got out of the plane and then we tried to convince people to let us pass through but suddenly we got stuck and nothing was moving so then we realised that at the end of the bridge there were some officers asking questions and checking the passports we got there, they let Janik pass perfectly and then they see that I’m Mexican and immediately… Air Canada, again, always Air Canada that wasn’t air canada! they were from the airport they were not from air canada? – no, they were from customs! ok regardless, i don’t like you Air Canada, that, ok? they see that i’m mexican and immediately they’re like: what’s your full name? where do you live? how old are you? they ask me a bunch of questions.. yeah – I mean, she saw that I was desperate and I showed her my residence permit of Germany and the moment she saw my residence permit of Germany’s she let me pass racist! so after Joss was finally done with her interview, we only had three minutes left until the next flight so we were just running and we were trying to find: where are the connection flights? and on the way Joss looked at the screen
and what did it say? every single flight from the Toronto Airport was cancelled, but Cancun we were with another poor guy and the three of us… we were running trough the airport and exactly at the time when the plane was supposed to depart we reached the gate and we got into the airplane and we made it guys! yes we were like: this nightmare is over, we’re gonna be in no time in Mexico City but sadly the next problem was just waiting for us after we sat down nothing happened for the first 30 minutes then the pilot finally made an announcement and he said that the plane was gonna leave with a 40 minutes delay because there was a lot of ice on the ground and it was too slippery for the plane to even get out of the gate and then the 30 minutes turn into 60 minutes what’s up? the flight is delayed now for an hour and we don’t know if we will be able to take off because… look at this there’s ice everywhere –
it’s pretty snowy outside so we were sitting there waiting and waiting but we were still kind of relaxed because we booked our next flight with
three-and-a-half hours in between yeah so we were like: even if we have one hour delay we’re still gonna make it, so what could go wrong?? yeah well after one and a half hours the airplane finally moved and then we only had two hours in Cancun left but after the plane started moving it had to stop every few minutes and you could really hear: (noise) the airplane went on full power to get out of the spot and you could actually even smell the tires getting burned and stuff and then finally the airplane went faster but only until a place where they were de-icing the airplane so then the pilot told us that the plane was gonna get de-iced and it is gonna take 20 minutes it was really interesting to watch and it made us feel like we were part of a Star Wars movie but the time was running and slowly but surely our stress level increased when we took off we had a two
and a half hour delay so that meant in Cancun we didn’t have three and a half hours anymore until the next flight, but only one That was all we saw from Toronto. – It smells like something is burning we made it to Cancun and we again had to
go through the Mexican customs and actually I went through pretty fast
because I’m Mexican… – great but Janik didn’t my line was super long so while I was standing there, I was just freaking out inside because in that moment we only had 45 minutes left until our next flight was starting and there were still like 30 people in front of me so at one point I was freaking out so much that I asked someone: can I skip the line? and I just went in front of them, they said yes a couple of minutes later I went through customs and we were running to the baggage claim yours was there already, your suitcase, mine wasn’t, of course I had to wait two minutes – and we run outside of the airport because since we didn’t buy it as a connection flight we had to go through the whole process again drop of our bags… do the check-in so we had to do everything again and that’s when we realized: oh we are not in the right terminal! yeah and in that moment we only had 35 minutes left so we went outside we wanted to go to the next terminal and of course the moment you step outside of the airport there are a bunch of people yelling: taxi taxi taxi and in this guy from the taxi company came and he said: I can bring you there, super fast he saw that you were desperate definitely saw that I was desperate and then he said yeah it’s gonna be 600 pesos! which is $30!! for a ride that takes three minutes! are you kidding me and I said: okay we’re gonna take the shuttle, forget it because I wanted him to go lower and Janik: we’re not gonna make it with the shuttle! it’s cheaper to pay $30 Joss wanted to wait there, doing nothing for 10 minutes and then take the shuttle that stops at every single terminal so I was like: no we have to take the taxi then we got in. the taxi didn’t even look like a taxi but like a normal car it was a sketchy-ass car and on top of that the guy that told us the price outside, also went inside I was scared dude, I was thinking they can take us anywhere yeah we had no idea who those people were. no they didn’t look like legit taxi drivers. they looked super random I don’t know, it was just sketchy.
I was just praying the whole way well luckily he did go to the terminal and he drove pretty fast so we got to the right terminal, we got out of the cab we went to the check-in and then they said sorry, the check-in is closed! and I asked him: for how long has it been closed? and he said five minutes so we are five minutes too late and I told her just ask him again if there’s not anything he can do I was totally like: hi please (begging) because that was the last flight from Cancun so we would have had to stay there, sleep in the airport or something and then the guy was like: umm I don’t know and then he just made some phone calls and then a couple of minutes later he said okay you have one minute to put your suitcase here on the scale one minute and we were like okay let’s do it fast! – We just threw the suitcases at him we were rushing like crazy we did the check-in and he said: we’re not sure if the suitcases are gonna arrive with that airplane if they don’t make it to the airplane then they’re gonna arrive the next day we were like: yeah it’s fine, it’s fine,
just give us our boarding pass he gave it to us, we ran like crazy to the security we put our backpacks and all that stuff on
the tray, it went through and then they said: can you take out the camera again? and then we had to do it again, a second time we were freaking out inside and then we made it through security, we ran to the gate and the people were still boarding and we were like ahhhhhh well, actually it was more like I stink like sweat we made it to the gate in Cancun that was crazy it was crazy!
and our suitcases are probably not making it it was stressful as hell! – it was stressful, we were sweating like pigs… it looked like we just came out of the shower, literally but then… what? suddenly Joss was like: oh shit I think I lost my phone that’s not important it’s totally important, it’s so important because she was freaking out! she was like: I lost my phone! maybe I left it in the cab with the stupid cab driver and then I started blaming you it’s your fault because you took the cab! bla bla. and then she said: maybe it’s still at the security and then she sent me to security, okay? I went there, I searched for the phone I tried to tell him what happened with my broken Spanish… it’s like my girlfriend lost her phone ten seconds after you left I found my freaking phone and I could see you in the background running through security and I yelled at the top of my lungs like ten times: JANIK everybody in the Cancun airport was like: what’s wrong with this girl? well I didn’t hear anything I didn’t hear her yelling so I was still freaking out at security and then when I came back she said: I found it! I yelled so many times and I was like: why didn’t you just go after me? I think it was not because… – I think now it was because we worked so hard to get to the gate… I felt like if I would leave it maybe they were gonna leave without us because it was gonna take forever to bring you back I think I was just stressed… but when the plane took off, we could finally relax we made it to Mexico City and the only question that was left was did our suitcases make it to the airplane on time? so we were waiting at the baggage
claim for a couple of minutes and then like a miracle our suitcases made it!! so we got our suitcases, we got there on time finally, for the first time in the whole trip – yeah and we go to our hotel which luckily was very close to the airport we got our room and then.. we made to Mexico City to the hotel! that was a hell of a ride that feeling was the best I was ready to sleep but Janik thought I stank and he told me i needed to take a shower because I was too sweaty at 2:00 a.m. I was like: I’m definitely gonna take a shower yeah, making me feel bad about not taking a shower.. – well it’s your thing… but all in all everything worked out perfectly after that I was kind of scared that everything that happened through the trip was a sign that we shouldn’t go to Mexico City but we had the best time ever! man I’m in love with that City! yeah Mexico City is amazing we have a video coming from Mexico City which is in the making but because here in Mexico we don’t have
that much time to edit because we still have a wedding… not ours we’re gonna go to Cancun for a couple of days and because we really want this Mexico City video to be great, we want to take our time with editing it so this video is coming out in two weeks but the video that is coming next week is gonna be super interesting too it’s something that you guys have been asking us for a while now and we’re sure you don’t want to miss it it’s gonna be amazing but to end the story time I gotta say the worst part about this whole thing is that there are direct flights from Munich to Mexico we only bought this flight because we wanted to save money because we are poor.. so if you want to help us out guys then do it by subscribing to our Channel if you liked this video give us a thumbs up umm maybe one day we can buy a direct flight to Mexico City! see you next week guys! Adios muchachos! Tschuss!

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  1. Joss and Janik Post author

    What do you think: Did we have bad luck because so many things went wrong or good luck because we still made it?

    Qué piensan: Tuvimos mala suerte porque tantas cosas salieron mal o buena suerte porque logramos llegar a tiempo?

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  5. earthandsky Post author

    The horror stories about the Toronto Airport… I have mine too! Lost the connection flight because the security line was an hour long!!

  6. Ed Mitchell Post author

    I experienced something similar from Berlin to Canary Island with transit in Madrid, it was like a horror movie …weather chaos, lots of delays, they got me out of the passanger´s list and overbooked the flight, they arranged me a flight for a later time and and and and……as I arrived in Canary Island I complained at the desk of the Airline Company, got all refunded. some days later!

  7. Armando P. Problemas Post author

    Joss wanted you to take a shower to get down and dirty………..can't get down and dirty when you're all sweaty.
    Stress relief girl, stress relief methods.

  8. Suna b Post author

    Hahahhaah lol it was actually so fun listening?❤️ I think you had good luck in bad luck (Glück im Unglück)

  9. IG OR Post author

    blame it on my ocd, but the only stressfull part at this video, are the crooked glasses at joss nose. 😀

  10. ileana fernandez Post author

    Creo que en parte los problemas que los mexicanos tenemos con los papeles en E.U y Canadá se debe a que muchos quieren ingresar a esos paises para trabajar sin permiso, así que esas personas deben tener mucho cuidado para hacer bien su trabajo, cuando ésta persona vió tu permiso de residencia en Alemania, se dió cuenta de que no querías entrar a Canadá para trabajar ilegalmente, puede ser que esa persona sea racista, pero creo que la razón por la que dejó pasar a Joss sin problema con el permiso de residencia alemán es esa, además únicamente hay una sola raza, la raza humana.

  11. Martín Post author

    You are actually great storytellers, and you look so good together! Liebe Grüße aus Mexico City!

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  14. Denise Herrera Post author

    What a great video! You two are a kick! Im so glad i arrived safe and had a great time. I was in MX city about 6 months ago. Had a wonderful time.
    Family lives in the outskirts. Hey u said u were going to Tallum. There is a awareness documentary on the growth of Tallum and the great issues that the city is having regarding the ecosystem and the danger it is in because the new landowners are 1. Pumping fecal matter into the underground river. Please look at it and make your subscribers aware. Somehow.
    And HEY you two are terrific story tellers. I'll say a prayer for you that your travels are safe. God bless!

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    “We are poor” u better say: “we have other priorities” or wtvelse u like XD because IM sure u have enought to eat every day and u’ll never be poor because you are so rich cause ur love and beautiful minds! Me enorgullece realmente que hayas podido romper nuestros feos paradigmas de mujeres mandonas y celosas que desgraciadamente así nos crían o es más fácil aprender eso por nuestro entorno, y seas feliz haciendo lo que quieres al lado de quien quieres! Igual y soné mandona al principio Pero ten en cuenta que lo que sale de nuestra boca se va repitiendo por cada célula de nuestro cuerpo y creo uds jamás serán pobres 🙂 I Wish U2 the best! Know u’ll have a new subscriber and a place to stay if you ever want to visit Cajeta city @ Guanajuato 😉 be safe and stay inlove !!!

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    I had a very similar experience once but with only one layover XD I flew from Munich to Atlanta and then to Dothan (Alabama). First flight was delayed and the customs line was really long. Due to me neither being a resident nor on vacation (but returning to my exchange program), I wasn't sure which one was the right line. I chose the right one but the form wasn't filled out. I was really stressed as well and the guy in his booth noticed. When I told him why I was like that he said: "Yeah, you won't make it to your next flight" and I was extremely close to strangling him. I still had to go and pick up my suitcase and check it in again. So I am running like crazy through the freaking airport. When I finally get to my gate, I discover that they had changed it. So I am running again, only to find out (at the right gate) that due to a massive storm my plane won't leave for at least another 30 minutes with no people having boarded by then.

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  30. ed me Post author

    yeah, In germany at the airport a police guy stopped me since i look mexican and not white. the plane arrived from italy so no need to go through german customs. i had to explain many things to him before i could go in peace.he just looks for non white people and assumes he can find illegals or terrorists.
    Cuando fui a germany despues de bajar del avion que llego de venecia todos caminábamos por el pasillo y el policia aleman me vio de lejos ignorando alos demas pasajeros. traia un sombrero y soy mexicano pero con nacionalidad de usa y mexicana tambien. me questiono y le mostre my itinerario y explique por que mi pasaporte de usa no tenia estampa de entrada. por haber llegado en barco no pasa uno por aduana europea. si fue racista alos blancos nolos pelo.

  31. ed me Post author

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    Y eso de las entrevistas de aduanas? Ya me acostumbré! Sí, me detienen Every Single Time. chequeo de maletas, entrevista, etc, etc, etc… I don´t even get mad anymore… but it is totally Racist!

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    Love you guys, stay positive und Hals und Beinbruch für den nächsten Flug ❤️❤️❤️

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