Towson Chiropractor Reveals Back and Knee Pain Relief Treatment Dr. Blake Kalkstein

Hi everybody, it’s Doctor Blake Kalkstein
from Adolph and Kalkstein Chiropractic, team chiropractor for the Baltimore Orioles, and
your Baltimore area chiropractor. And today we’ve got Alice in our office, and Alice about
eight months ago bent and twisted to pick up a box in her storage room, but the box
didn’t move. So she hurt her knee, she hurt her hip, and she hurt her back. And today
we’re gonna show you how we’re treating her back and we’re treating her knees and her
hips. So we use a unique adjustment that is really
effective but it’s gentle on the patient. It’s a drop technique, and we’re gonna work
on Mary’s low back, her sacroiliac joints and her hips, and then we’re gonna show you
a unique adjustment for her knee that not many chiropractors do but it’s incredibly
effective. And then Alice told me just a moment ago that the first time she had it done she
felt like she had her old knee back, and it was after one treatment that didn’t last more
than ninety seconds, and it was that effective, it was that powerful.
So this is how we’re gonna treat her low back. The table lifts up, and then it drops down.
The pressure that we use on her back transfers into the table so it’s less pressure on the
patient but it’s still an effective treatment. So we come here, apply some downward pressure,
and we’re working on the low back, the pelvic bones, the sacroiliac joints, and we’re gonna
get a little hip in here as well. I can lift up, and come on a hip joint and drop down,
and this is a really easy, it’s a really gentle treatment, but it’s incredibly effective at
reducing back pain, back spasms, it’s great for disk issues.
How’d that feel? Good. So Alice it’s this knee? It’s this knee right
here that we’re working on. So this is the technique that we use on her knee, and it’s,
the first time we did it she needed it. This time it’s more of a maintenance to make sure
the knee heals the right way and it’s still in alignment. So it’s a little bit of a pressure
back here, and then a quick motion. A little bit of pressure and then a quick motion, and
it just helps realign that knee joint, and it’s really, really powerful, really effective
for treating knee conditions. Meniscal injuries, ligament strains, mechanical knee pain where
the knee swells up and puffs up, it’s incredibly effective at that.
Well that’s the treatment that we do for Alice. We’ll see you next time. Thank you so much
for watching.

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