Towson Chiropractor Natural Pain Relief Adjustment and Treatment

Towson Chiropractor Natural Pain Relief Adjustment and Treatment

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Blake Kalkstein
from Kalkstein Chiropractic, your Baltimore slash Towson area chiropractor, five star
chiropractor in the Towson area. And today is, and this week is National Opioid
Awareness Week, and so in response to that we’re going to discuss some natural opioid-free
pain relief options. First option is using an ice bag. So we have these awesome ice bags that we
use in the office from Core Products. Their cloth covered, you can use them as a
hot pack or cold pack, and they’re great at relieving pain without drugs. So you can put it right on your skin and the
cold helps reduce, how to reduce swelling, helps block pain signals. The second option is, my favorite option,
chiropractic adjustment. So chiropractic adjustments do the same thing. So when we are just a patient, or adjust a
spine, it actually blocks the pain signals that go to your brain and decrease the amount
of pain that you’re in. So we are going to demonstrate a chiropractic
adjustment with Amy who wants to get adjusted right? That’s right. Come on up for me. So Amy’s been under active care with us, lean
back in, for a while now. And so I know what’s wrong with her, I examined
her, done all that stuff and we’re going to adjust her like we do. And Amy works at a desk so she’s on the computer
all the time, she’s doing a lot of paperwork all the time, so she’s kind of got that head
forward posture. So she gets a lot of attention at the base
of her skull, where her neck sits on her shoulder blades. I’m like right here she has a lot of tension
and her low back gets stiff too. And she’s also lost a lot of weight recently,
she’s been exercising like crazy. I love Amy she’s on top of it. She’s like my top 20 people, she’s like number
3. I mean she’s like awesome. There you go. Good, let’s roll on your side and face me. Okay. There you go, so hands here and here, just
roll down, move that up, there you go, other side. Move this out of the way. So I like natural pain relief alternatives. I like ice bags, I like massage, I like chiropractic,
I like physical therapy. I mean whatever we can do for providers to
stop prescribing opioids as a first line of attack burnt defeating pain. So if your primary care, you’re going to your
doctor, your main doctor and he says oh you’ve got pains, here take this opioid, take this
oxy, or take this opioid drug, I want you to be the better person and say no doc, I
want to try something else because all this news about opioid addiction and all that stuff,
can you recommend a physical therapist? Can you recommend a chiropractor? If you guys can’t find a good chiropractor,
message me in the comments one in your area for you. Let this roll down, let that drop. There ya go. On your back for me. Let your legs go loose. Sam why don’t you sneak around that way here. Let your hips drop. Perfect. You know I think one of the, a really big
thing if you’re able to exercise, lifting weights and exercising is a really great stress
reliever. It’s great for depression, it’s great for,
I mean if you’re in certain kind of, if your pain is a sedentary pain, you just sit all
day and just like at a computer all day and have this neck tension pressure, getting out
and exercising or walking or running or lifting weights is incredible for you. So I think that’s a great option. I think nutrition is an awesome, a natural
pain reliever. You know if you were putting junk in your
body all that you’re going to feel like junk. You know if you’re eating Twinkies and Cheetos
out of the vending machine, and cookies and you go home and you have like the microwave
TV dinner, and that’s your meal you’re going to feel just like a pound of, you know had
a bag of nickels sitting in your gut all day and you don’t feel good. So I think go with whole foods, whole natural
foods, you know leafy greens, grass-fed meats, wild caught fish. I think all those are good options for decreasing
pain naturally. This is one of my favorite adjustments for
Amy. And she sits at a desk all day long. Take a deep breath in and out. Lift your head for me. Oh yeah. Sam has a laugh behind the camera. There’s a full body adjustment for Amy. We did her neck, put it right between her
shoulder blades, you know right down here, you know not so high but right where that
bra line sits. That’s awesome people sit at their desk all
day. We adjusted her low back, everything we do
usually. That felt good Amy? Felt great. Yeah it felt great. So natural pain relief options. Ask your doctor. Get off the opioids. If you have any questions or comments, leave
a comment below in touch with you guys. Will see everybody on Wednesday. And if you’re looking for a good chiropractor
in the Baltimore area you know who to go see. See you guys.

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