Towson Chiropractor Headache Treatment

Towson Chiropractor Headache Treatment

Hi everybody. It’s Doctor Blake Kalkstein from Doctors Adolph
and Kalkstein Chiropractic. Your Towson area chiropractor. And today I wanted to talk to you guys about
headaches. I know there’s a lot of different types of
headaches. There’s tension headaches, there’s migraine
headaches, there’s cluster headaches, but today we’re going to talk about a unique category
of headaches and that’s called a cervicogenic headache. Cervicogenic headaches come from an irritation
in your neck. The typical pain pattern for a cericogenic
headache is, Marvin just turn you head that was so they can show. If your neck is bothering you right here in
this C1 C2 region, we tend to get pain that wraps up behind the ear, and then comes across
into the eyeball behind the eyeball. So if you have any kind of neck pain or head
pain that comes up behind the ear and behind the eyeball, we’re going to classify that
as a cervicogenic headache. We just so happen to have Marvin; you have
a headache right Marvin? And that’s the exact pathway that is goes,
doesn’t it? Yeah. So we’ve shown you how we treat the neck for
neck pain, but we’re going to show you the specific technique that we use for this upper
cervical adjustment, to help relieve pressure off C2 and relieve headache symptoms. Marvin, let your arms just hang down below
right there. And he’s just going to relax. He’s locked up right there, right on C2, so
we bring his head over like this, let that right shoulder drop for me Marvin. Good. So we just adjusted C2. Now we’re going to check the occiput. Right above the C2, so C2, C1, C0, where the
skull sits on the head, sometimes the occiput, or that joint tends to get restricted and
irritated, and the muscles around it tend to tighten up. Aiden come around here so they can see what
we’re talking about here. The skull sits right on the spine here, and
the muscles that surround right here, we can have an occipital headache or a tension headache,
and when that happens it feels like the pain is coming through the backside of the head
right there. So we also want to check the occipital when
we’re dealing with neck issues. We’re feeling on Marvin’s head, is that tender
right there Marvin? SO we’ve got a little tension in there. We’re going to do an occiput lift technique. SO Marvin turn your head this way for me. Good. You’re going to let your head fall forward
into my hand, we come in here and cup here, let this shoulder just drop for me and, we
do a little lift, and we get a nice little release on the occiput. And then we’re going to palpate again, and
that feels a little bit better, and we come down and that joint feels a lot better. Those are the two techniques I like to use
when dealing with headache treatments. We check C2 if it’s an occipital headache
and we’re getting pain, if it’s a C2 cervicogenical we get pain that’s going up behind the ear,
wrapping up behind the eyeball, you ever feel like you have this pounding behind your eyeball,
or this knife behind your eyeball, or pain up in the side of the head, that’s cervicogenical
headache. Then if we’re looking at tension headaches,
we’ve got pain that’s in the back of the spine here, tension at the base of the skull and
it kind of wraps up behind here and we check the occiput here. Marvin while we’ve got you here let’s check
both sides on you. C4 down here. So I’m just going to adjust C4 left sitting
here. Let that left shoulder drop, you see the right
here. Good, let that drop. There’s a good one there. And we’ll get that occiput right over here. Turning your head this way now, let that roll
forward here and just a little bit of a gentle lift here. Good. And so, we just adjusted Marvin, both sides
here, both sides move really well. We’ll come back and check how the joint’s
moving and yeah, that feels a lot better. So, if you have any questions about headaches,
cervicogenical headaches or tension headaches, leave a comment below, and we’ll see everybody
next time. Thanks for watching, bye.

16 comments on “Towson Chiropractor Headache Treatment

  1. Sofiène Hatake Post author

    Is there any method for cracking my neck myself ? I got a lot of tension above my shoulders line (sorry for bad english)

  2. Lorna Crystal Post author

    These are the headaches I get! Doc you are hitting the nail on the head for me!! I need this adjustment.

  3. s1k2y3e4 Post author

    What about muscle specific exercises (calisthenics) to compliment chiropractic treatment along with massage. If the muscular system doesn't support the skeletal properly then eventually all your patients would have to return for more treatment wouldn't they?

  4. André Flaskamp Post author

    Thanks for the video. Exactly the headaches I experience. Is it correctly written 'surfical genic headache', since I'm not a native? Do you have the make the neck adjustment every time the headache arises or will one adjustment give weeks of pain relief? And am I correct that the neck adjustment only treats the symptoms but not the source of the problems? In case yes, can you recommend any exercises to help prevent the headaches? Thank you!!

  5. Sean Brucci Post author

    I had this type of pain for a long time and could never find what type headache it was so now I'm pretty sure its a tension headache

  6. Sarah Johnson Post author

    Wish I were closer. my ciro is see not treating my headaches correctly. Maby it's because mass health is paying for it and she's getting paid crap for my visits.

  7. Kelly Piliere Post author

    How are the headaches your describing different from occipital neuralgia? The path of the pain seems to be the same

  8. Daniel O Post author

    I had this done once. It’s a big adjustment and it took me pretty off guard at first. Big crack and got momentarily light headed. Felt better after tho.


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