Fighting for dreams I took tissues, the vaseline tomorrow… Not much more, we’re going to sleep now Here is the whole bag already. We don’t have to put anything else, do we? No So everything is ready Do you know what I’m carrying? This gives a lot of energy Asier says: “Are you bringing this? I’m sure it’ll be better than… I don’t know… Nerves… Not much, right? Yeah? Yeah Yeah? Yeah Why? I don’t know, just because… There are many concerns, but rather than nerves… I don’t know… fear… I don’t know… This year is being a bit weird I don’t think it’ll be worst than last year No. It’s not possible to suffer that much It’s impossible Wow, last year… It was very hard… I have to run or jog or believe that you run even though… the pace is very crappy Let’s hope that it goes better than last year and the lack os sleep… won’t take its toll I have to reach the end, right? That’s the most important thing, to reach the end I’m a mountaineer Before I had children we used to make long distance trails in the Alps, in the Pyrenees When I had kids everything stopped So then, to keep fit, I’d run a bit And helping my brother-in-law, in a mountain race I started getting hook on this I combined what I liked with keeping fit a bit And it was also the excuse to get away from the park Tor is an adventure It goes round the Aosta valley There’re 330 kilometers with 24.000 meters altitude gain The features of this race is that you run in very high altitudes even 3.300 meters the weather can change the hours… So well, from what you plan to what really happens could be a big difference Tor has been a before and after They’d already told me that Tor hooks… and actually it does hook But when you’ve experienced this there’re few things that you can compare and moves you a lot The main goal was to improve last year’s time And finish it Try to be around 95 hours Ambitious I do a few races with poles but well in Tor they’re more than needed They say that with poles you can take away 30% of the weight As there is that much heigh difference in the climbs they help a lot Here, if you don’t carry them you pay for it In La Thuille we had planned that I was going to take there the poles but one of them, well… it had a little problem that we both knew and you had to assemble it carefully and when assembling it, it fully disassembled Tell Asier that Pablo Criado lent me some poles Don’t worry, ok? Tell him that I’m going very well, very smoothly and without pushing so… Valgrinsenche kilometer 50 I’m ok, I’m keeping to the scheduled time She is two minutes ahead, isn’t she? Easy, easy, it’s ok, it’s fixed They’re right there, ok? Some more How are you?, Alright?, At ease? Very well I’m surprised I arrived third And I’m very surprised to have them so close We run faster and faster Second stage Before arriving to Rhemmes it got dark and well, I was remembering part of the path from last edition where we did a small group This year I was going alone but I like running all night It’s quite pleasant And knowing that, well, that I had my team waiting for me I was really looking forward to arriving In summer we were training in this area and it’s so different, isn’t it? It was an ascent we did during daylight in a slow pace and it didn’t seem technical at all but them when you do it at night and… well, in a such a pace everything changes to tell you the truth I’m going to take it easy so I can settle it The assistance is very important because you need a lot of equipment, right? So you can handle the bag what is clean, dirty… you’re tired… And not only the equipment but also the mood, right? When you’re in a downturn to know that someone you love is waiting for you, isn’t it? For me is essential Good morning Did you sleep anything? Yes? Asier too? ok It’s a kind of assistance that it’s a race itself, right? Because at the end of the day he needs to go from valley to valley a lot of waiting hours if you’re keeping the scheduled time, well everything is ok But if you start delaying he starts wondering if anything has happened… Or like this year, right? That you arrive before planned and they’re not there Man, so hard… Asier is in charge of everything he is in charge of the times Of having everything ready Do you want me to apply something? And cheering me up when he sees I’m struggling And the help too, during the whole year to cheer me up because we’ve got Tor You didn’t fall or anything? And well… he’s in charge of that which is not little I had a turndown before… sleepy… In Cogne I start feeling the exhaustion You change your clothes And well, it seems that you leave everything behind and it’s a new race This year I arrived to Chardonney really tired I could feel that that exhaustion wasn’t normal I know myself and I can feel when it’s something different and this case was a different exhaustion it wasn’t an exhaustion linked to the lack of sleep Non stop At least walking Come on Come on, a kiss, a kiss… Come on, alright? Cheer up There was something that could happen but it was better not to mention it if it could happen Come on, huh… Good, huh… Today I need the cheering, huh… Come on, all the world, all the world for you Come on I found her tired… tired, but she told me her legs are ok The emotional part… in principle it seems that is not a feeding problem because she told me she ate in almost all the provisioning I imagine is a mixture of exhaustion and everything She must sleep in Donnas instead of sleeping where she planned to sleep before My husband gave me the phone I spoke to my son who was in our neighborhood’s festival and he had won the duathlon What’s up darling? Well darling How was the duathlon? I found out you won, huh? You see how useful is to go hiking? Yeah darling, yeah but this isn’t over yet huh This is really long Come on I’ve got two kids Two monsters aged 10 and 8 I always try to tell them that without sacrifice there is no reward So they’re used to have good results in race And sometimes when… this year that I’ve been struggling, well… Mum, why were you fifth? Because here who doesn’t train… And you go running and it’s cold and it rains… But you have to run and train… Because the day of the race if it rains, what happens? As I say to the eldest what if it rains and you’ve got a match? Well, we get wet, so it’s the same Looking forward to get to Donnas In this race is essential to cop with the sleep The experience from previous years is important because you can dismiss places to sleep because it is impossible to sleep there because of the noise… the location… We planned to make longer stops And well, sometimes I wasn’t able to sleep but my body was recovering I feel tired I think that the best is to lay a bit it will be an anguish to climb to Coda if I don’t I talk to Asier now and we decide Alright, let’s go Well, this race is a… is a combination of everything And if you don’t pay attention to something you pay for it You need to keep adapting and sometimes you need to readapt during the race to situations that initially you didn’t plan The pace even if she thinks so it’s not that bad huh She is doing a bit better than last year So, if she can, I want her to sleep there to sleep for two hours I believe that it gives you something extra because last year she was so sleepy that it was impossible to recover Last year, phew, it was insane And we’ll see today, huh, let’s see how it goes Last year until here she was doing fine it was after the night… Here huh… To sleep? There What number? 49 Wear this one And now… Take and wear the jacket Silvia Did you sleep? Yes It’s time to go Eat that sweet bum, ok? I’m not going to eat it all I have to go up now there’s a terrible climb now Ok, ok And everything goes up So, the one behind… What? If she was three behind, now… 1 hour And Lisa? If she… how far is she? You don’t know, do you? Wow, no idea You don’t want to tell me Forget about that Well, man… Just saying We’re on a race, aren’t we? Yes, but your race is… your times I told you before At the end we’ll see what is the situation but for now you need to keep doing your times The later, the more lazy I am The race controller came and he said that you could stay a bit longer if you wanted Oh, yeah? Bloody hell Yes, because there were no people I’d stay longer Yes but, we’re on a race as you said When he wants we’re on a race Sometimes he’s all the time with the times we’re going to smash it you can’t spend long time in the provisioning The day of the race arrives and the first thing he says… forget about the times You’ve been the whole year training the time… she spent two minutes and you fifteen Give me a kiss, right? Or are you going to wear the headphones? Come on Rush off Tell them you’re living, ok? I’ve got pain all over Oh, maybe I may still leave… The 49 is leaving 49 ok, very well Alright boys Bon voyage In this sport there aren’t secrets You have to train One day, and the next one One day in a good mood another one in a bad mood If you don’t train there’s no miracle These long races when choosing the training the planning How hard I’m going to train how many kilometers how many hours For me that’s one of the most important things Regarding Silvia or any other athlete you need to consider the availability A person that wakes up at 4:30 to go to work gets out of work she’s got kids… She has a certain amount of hours to train she doesn’t make a living out of it she doesn’t have the 24 hours for it So then a coach, a trainer needs to find the balance We plan the whole year we consider the situation and act accordingly Sometimes I have to change the order of the trainings because I’m supposed to run longer but I can’t make it that day so I exchange If it’s not in the morning is in the afternoon after work before lunch without lunch… well, anyway I can Sometimes… we don’t get angry but we get angry at Silvia Yes We’re stopping her often, aren’t we? Come on, you need to recover properly… don’t go to the next race She wants to continue Sure, because she is in good shape so why I have to recover? I’m great now When most of long-distance runners are in good shape they want to continue there They’re on that good moment and, come on, we have to keep it… They need to realize that to keep at that level can lead to a sudden downfall They need to accept that resting is the most important part of the training Am I able to finish Tor des Geants? I believe that it’s very difficult to say if I’m able until doing it In that vast amount of hours many things can happen Temperatures drop in the mountains they increase, the rain… I mean, there are many factors so you can tell I’m able to do it but I wasn’t able to finish it So you can be ready but there’ll always be a doubt whether I’m able or not to finish it And that’s very important considering Silvia as she is very stubborn and when she has to face any problem she’s got the ability to get over it That’s essential to finish Tor des Geants I arrive to Greyssoney quite well Man, I’m already tired And well, man, the paces are slow But well… I’m motivated because it’s already a countdown There’s a turning point… first you keep adding kilometers until you reach the middle of the race and then you start counting them down and here I’m already counting down Wow, awesome, great I’m taking care of the quadriceps Last year I suffered… ugh You can see the difference for starting using the poles before The muscles are great Ah, with the hook Thank you very much Good luck Alright Let’s continue I tasted a cheese in the provisioning there Wow, really good I want to buy one to bring it home We don’ have to climb all the way there to buy it, do we? I’m not going to lost here like last year, huh Aren’t you going to get lost? No You’re not going to get lost Won’t you take a selfie with me? Come on, cheer up, brave There isn’t a magic formula But well I do believe you need to have two essential things, right? The body needs to respond but a key factor is the mind You need to control your mind and that sometimes is not that easy is not that easy to train She writes her reports on Facebook and… And she often mentions well I had a bit of pain and I though about another thing and then, I avoided it on a way… right? That’s a gift and sometimes it’s natural or you can work on that We can’t isolate Silvia from everything and tell No, we’ll consider her just as a sportswoman No, Silvia has an environment and all that helps Silvia to be on top At the end of the day, that bench… has many columns One the one hand the family friends parents then it’s us but not only us The physiotherapists from Abian are there too as well as the podriatist Asier doesn’t like to mention it but her husband, which is Asier it’s a great support I always say that I’m not the coach I’m just an adviser and the real coach is Asier what she’s got at home We built a team with Silvia but this team was created just because it’s Silvia because it’s easy the team was founded naturally She is happy and positive, she expresses it and well, that hooks us too In the race there are bad moments The descent to Champoluc seems really long to me My mind is telling me I need to sleep and I try to do so But I feel that… that I starts shivering and I’ve got fever The most dangerous thing is to have a turndown next to a place where you can retire because there… it’s too easy, isn’t it? Why am I going to continue, right? I’m quitting here But if the turndown happens in an area where the only option is to go forward because it’s more… what’s coming is closer than what you went through then, well, very likely, when you get to the next point it seems that the turndown happened years ago, right? I had a turndown or a quite bad moment at a really cold night the only thing I was thinking about was to be at home with my kids in the sofa covered by the blanket And well, that helped me to continue, right? To know that them… that maybe they were thinking about their mother who was somewhere on the mountains Hey, really well, huh, come on It’s freezing Get in there and you’ll warm up now The cold! I get to Magia refuge and well I’ve got a fever for the second time Well, I know what happened to me I know why I was exhausted and why I had a fever yesterday well, we’re not alone And that’s when I already had the period, right? Hey Asier, it was a fever huh… I had the period You have it? You start understanding the fatigue I had in the kilometer 150 Sometimes is good to know what is happening to you because my head assumes it and I get to overcome it It’s part of the race That’s what we said at the beginning, right? This is a race that on paper a priori, and if you train well you can do it but what happens then in the race determines everything and sometimes you can handle them better or… or you need to live with them Come on, we can’t sleep, alright? Give me 5 minutes I’m just saying I just want you to make the most of the daylight to go as fas as you can go It’s only that, ok? Ok, but let me a bit… Because if we have bad weather tomorrow or change… It’s really tough to start over huh What? It’s tough to start again Ok, but you don’t have to think about it anymore Come on Let’s stand up Come on and you play “La bicicleta” and we leave, ok? Come on, the sooner we finish the sooner we’re calm and we celebrate, agreed? Come on that’s why you need to arrive as soon as possible Wow, this is so hard I know but… that’s what you came for, right? I didn’t run any kilometer with someone Well, but… that’s the price for being ahead Looking behind whether Felipe catches me You just keep going and let’s see how Felipe gets I know that I keep going but I’m looking behind all the times Come on darling Come on, you’re doing great, ok? That’s it Good luck, ok? We need to take into account Silvia is a high-performance athlete So she is not professional she doesn’t make a living out of this The Ehun Milak race a race that she has already won three times she is the first woman but she also finishes within the first 30 runners It means that she is ahead of even men We’re always thinking about the differences between men and women in many aspects and sports like this one the gap is decreasing The kilometers are going by I arrive to Oyace and before getting there I can feel I’m getting asleep standing up Wow, this is our girl, this is our girl… My God, Bloody hell, what a strength Come on, cheer up It’s a feeling I have only experienced in Tor And when they tell you that, you go like… How can you sleep in motion? But, huh, it’s possible, is real The eyes start closing and it’s hard it’s hard to keep awake Do you want anything? What we’ve got? A soup or something like that Oh no No, not now Thank you Wow, but I had a really hard time on the climb Well, you came in a really good pace So imagine what it’d be if I had no fever Look, it’s still a long way to go. Then… And then I was falling asleep huh But I have very good legs It’s still a long way and if you’ve got the legs… But I need to sleep. I’m falling So lay down. How long? Shall we do an hour? Whatever you want Whatever you want The worst in Tor is to start over after laying down And you want to die Because it’s a feeling… it’s hard those five minutes of… where am I? I need to tie my shoes the pain is all over But you need to continue And I don’t know what’s in the mind that you say I’m continuing Even if… you look at the bed and say damn, I was great there you continue And then, when you remember it you say What was in my mind that made me continue? Right? I guess that after spending the whole year thinking about Tor when you’re finally there you go like… I’m going to finish it no matter what, right? What Jabi did is amazing, huh? How many hours did he take? 67 Imanol was in 5th place, right? Still there Basque power Basque power I don’t know what time it is Almost four… Before four I want to see you leaving this door behind It stinks, god, it smells really bad And what we do now? Shall I dump it down the sink? I don’t know, but I didn’t like it I don’t know if the night will be cold Yeah, I think it’ll be chilly today You now you need to leave jogging a bit, ok? So you can… The backpack is getting heavy, huh? The sooner you leave the earlier we’ll see each other You have no pity, do you? You told me to force you You told me, push me This is not thinking at all Not thinking? Is acting Ok? Joker Alright boys Come on Come on, come on There you are Come on Just two left Let’s go blondie beautiful come on It seems you come from a short walk Damn it, fast yes ma’am there you go! I’m much better than last year, right? Yes, much better or sure Quite better Where is Lisa? Did she already climb Frassati? She left Bosses behind Your goal is to be under 100 It’s in your hands My goal now is to finish Did you talk to the kids? No Shit, they’ll be wondering Come on, cheer up Let’s go Where is the limit? Right? How many kilometers are they? The limit? The limit’ll be when my mind’ll go over me and say… and this great sacrifice won’t be worthy anymore It’s healthy, it’s not healthy… Health is not only the lack of disease there’re many things If such sport or activity gives a person a kind of wealth psychologically then welcome The body’ll tell her when to stop Or how far she can go And that’s what I do And what I like, right? Even if it’s hard It’s long Come on Silvi Just a bit more, come on Come on Silvi Go, come on, cheer up And then you arrive and that’s it Everything is over So much suffering So much training and that’s it Silvia Trigueros Garrote Second woman of Tor The joy and the emotion… Every thing went well and and I’m so happy You’re bloody great, girl you’re bloody great That was the goal, right? Yes ma’am, that was the goal! Accomplished Yes ma’am In 2016 Silvia run for the first time in Tor remaining 5th In 2017 she was 2nd behind Lisa Borzani In 2018 she tried it for the third time… and after 87 hours and 50 minutes… Finally… finishing her race… First Silvia Trigueros Garrote Very good Silvia Great! Fighting for dreams

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