Top 15 Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Top 15 Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Hey, guys. Dr. Josh Axe here. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. Today, we’re going to be training on the top
15 anti-inflammatory foods and herbs you’re going to be want to be getting in your diet
as much as possible. Well, you know, inflammation is a major cause
of disease today. In fact, heart disease is caused by the inflammation
of your arteries. Arthritis is caused by inflammation in your
joints. Ulcerative colitis is caused by inflammation
of your colon. Most disease today has an inflammatory component,
even cancer, heart disease and diabetes. And so, as part of this episode, I’m going
to go over the foods that can help you heal using food as medicine. And by the way, if you’re excited about this
topic, help me spread the word that food is medicine. Take a minute right now, punch that Share
button, click that Like button now as well. Let’s dive right in. Number one food we’re going to start talking
about to reduce inflammation are leafy greens. Green leafy vegetables are very high in vitamin
K as well as chlorophyll which helps detoxify your body and lower those levels of inflammation. Some of my favorites include chard, dandelion
greens, beet greens. Also, spinach and kale are high up on that
list as well, and green cabbage, the outside of cabbage. But getting those green leaves, those large
leaves, incredible in terms of their vitamin K, their calcium, magnesium, those minerals
to help lower inflammation in the body. The next one here is bok choy, part of that
cabbage family, oftentimes sort of in that Asian cabbage family. We know bok choy is very, very high and actually
sulphur-containing compounds there as well, something called vitamin U. Vitamin U is known to support glutathione
levels in the body which helps lower inflammation and especially helps support the liver in
the body’s hormones. So bok choy, another incredible super food
with anti-inflammatory properties. Now, another super food for reducing inflammation
that’s unique is celery, and especially celery juice. Celery is very high in electrolytes and also
a trace mineral called silica so it’s high in silica, it’s high in sodium and potassium. And this vegetable works very uniquely to
help flush out toxins out of your body. It helps with something called “fluid exchange”
of intracellular and extracellular fluids. So celery is great. Another thing celery is actually great for
is gout. If somebody has uric acid buildup in their
body and they would have a sore elbow or big toe or thumb or certain joints, celery helps
with flushing out acid like uric acid out of your system. So an incredible vegetable for its anti-inflammatory
benefits. Now, another big one are beets. Beets actually boost something in your body
called NO2 that’s nitric oxide. Now, nitric oxide is known to increase your
body’s red blood cells in your overall circulation. For this reason, this is why a lot of endurance
athletes are using . . . in fact, cyclists, who’ve won the Tour de France. A lot of tri-athletes, they consume beets
because of its ability to help support red blood cell production and the health of the
blood. But also, that compound NO2 also helps reduce
inflammation in the body. So beet’s an incredible super food for building
your blood, improving endurance, improving energy but also for supporting the heart health
and reducing inflammation there as well. Hey, if you guys are enjoying this live training
in this anti-inflammatory food list, take a minute right now. Help me spread the word that food is medicine. Punch that Share button. Click that Love button right now as well. And also, if there is an anti-inflammatory
food that I haven’t put up here, let me know right now your favorite anti-inflammatory
food. Here we go, number five, broccoli. Now, broccoli is pretty unique. It actually has higher levels of chromium
which is really good for your blood sugar level. So this would be the number one food as well
for diabetics or anybody who’s having hypoglycemia or blood sugar issues. So we know broccoli is one of the most nutrient-dense
of all foods out there today. So again, great to reduce inflammation because
of all of the unique nutrients. And one thing that actually surprises people
is the level of vitamin C that’s also found in broccoli which is also anti-inflammatory. The next one here is blueberries. Now, blueberries are a powerhouse when it
comes to antioxidants. They contain resveratrol. They contain flavonoids. They’re really incredible. They’re also actually very high in certain
vitamins as well as vitamin C as we’ve talked about. But blueberries and certain antioxidants actually
help eat up oxidative stress. And remember that oxidation is where, if you
take a bite out of an apple and it starts to turn brown, that’s oxidation or aging. Well, blueberries are the highest fruit in
America, or one of the highest fruits, at blocking that free radical damage that can
happen in the body. And so, again, it’s great for reducing inflammation,
great for anti-aging. It’s even been shown to help fight cancer. Next super fruit here is pineapple. Now, pineapple, in its core, has the highest
levels of a nutrient called bromelain and bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme that helps
reduce inflammation. In fact, a lot of athletes are now doing beet
juice before they go and work out and then they’re doing pineapple juice during their
workouts and after because pineapple juice actually helps cyclists and endurance athletes
like tri-athletes or runners or anyone doing any type of workout recover because of the
healthy carbohydrates, bromelain reduces inflammation. It is great for during and post-workout as
well. The pineapple, great for reducing inflammation. So satisfy your sweet tooth and reduce inflammation
at the same time with pineapple because of its bromelain content. Now, bone broth, one of my favorite super
foods for reducing inflammation. Bone broth is very high in collagen-producing
amino acids such as proline and glycine and hydroxyproline. This is what helps us anti-age and makes our
skin tighter. And also, bone broth is very high in three
really unique nutrients, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, and chondroitin. A lot of people pay quite a bit of money for
glucosamine and chondroitin supplements. A lot of people pay for their skin care or
joint injections of hyaluronic acid. But here’s the good news. It’s all found in nature, in bone broth. Now, what I do almost every morning, in fact,
I did this this morning for breakfast, is I did a scoop of a protein powder that is
made from bone broth or a bone broth powdered that comes from protein. And so again, a bone broth, drinking chicken
broth, or beef bone broth is great, or doing a scoop of a protein powder that comes from
bone broth. But get more bone broth in your diet, it is
probably the top on my list when it comes to anti-inflammatory foods. Now, another one here, number nine is fatty
fish. Salmon, mackerel, sardines, anchovies, fatty
fish of all types, black cod or sablefish, these are very, very high in healthy fats. And so, as we know, salmon is, specifically,
very high in omega-3s. Those reduce inflammation. It helps the heart health. It helps with your overall skin. It’s really good for everything. That’s probably one of my top five supplements. People need to get their omega-3s. But again, salmon is a supplement in and of
itself for fatty fishes because of all of its omega-3 contents, specifically, the fatty
acids EPA and DHA. Next here on the list are walnuts, another
omega-3 supplement. Now, walnuts actually contain different types
of omega-3 fats than fatty fish like salmon. Where salmon contains EPA and DHA, walnuts
contain ALA, alpha-linolenic acid. And walnuts . . . actually, I think, I want
to mention this. As part of Chinese medicine, they’re actually
shaped like a brain. Those omegas and some of the minerals in there
are known to help support brain health. And so, walnuts, we know, a great food for
reducing inflammation. In fact, one of my patients, I shared with
him this list in the past and he started doing a bone broth smoothie for breakfast. He would do a trail mix everyday of walnuts
and raisins because all the antioxidants in the raisins, all the omegas in the walnuts. So there’s a healthy anti-aging snack mix
for you there as well that’s also anti-inflammatory. All right. Number 11 here, coconut oil. Coconut oil is loaded with saturated fats. They’re actually good for your cells and reduce
inflammation. And coconut oil, I make coconut oil my go-to
oil when it comes to baking any type of dish. I use coconut milk in place of dairy. I use coconut milk in my smoothies. But getting more coconut in your diet is great
because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Number 12 here, chia seeds. Like walnuts, it’s very high in ALA. In fact, chia seeds are probably the highest
omega-3 fatty rich food on the planet. So chia seeds are great. Chia seeds also create what’s called mucilaginous
fiber. In fact, if you put them in water, they become
very gelatinous like a gelatin-like substance and it’s very good for cleaning out your colon
there as well. In fact, chia seeds as well were carried by
Incan warriors and they said they would do a tablespoon of chia seed and it was worth
a day’s worth of energy. So it’s known as sort of the energy-boosting
seed but also anti-inflammatory because of its great fiber and its omega-3 content. Flax seeds, similar thing. Very high in omega-3s. Also, flax seeds contain really unique compounds
that support balancing out estrogen in the body. So if some of your inflammatory condition
is related to gut health, flax seeds are good. Or hormonal health, flax seeds are great there
as well. And probably the top two on the list in terms
of their overall power at reducing inflammation is turmeric and ginger. Now, turmeric contains two really unique compounds. If it’s in powder form, it’s very high in
curcumin. And curcumin and turmeric have been shown
to be more powerful than 15 different medications at fighting those very same diseases. And so, this is something that has thousands
and thousands of studies have been done on turmeric and curcumin and its benefit to fight
cancer, to fight heart disease, to reduce inflammation. Also, turmeric contains a compound especially
in its essential oil form. If you buy turmeric oil, it’s called turmerone. And turmerone has been shown to help support
your body in tissue regeneration and producing more of its own stem cells to help heal such
as herniated discs, or torn ligaments, or any type of tissue damage in the body. So turmeric, probably the ultimate anti-inflammatory
herb. And then ginger contains something called
gingerols as well as zingibain. Zingibain is a proteolytic enzyme that really
helps reduce inflammation at the cellular level. And gingerols work similar to some of those
compounds in turmeric at reducing inflammation. Ginger, in Chinese medicine, is more of a
warming herb. It’s great for reducing inflammation of the
digestive system. It’s great for reducing inflammation of the
joints. And it’s also great overall for helping any
type of issue that can be related to the brain. So again, these herbs, specifically turmeric
and ginger, are two you’re going to want to add into your daily diet. By the way, if you’re enjoying this live training
on the top 10 anti-inflammatory foods, take a minute right now. Help me spread the word that food is medicine. Punch that Share button. Click that Like button as well. Also, let me know right now what is your favorite
anti-inflammatory food or herb. If I missed a big one, let me know this as
well. And I know, I definitely missed a few, some
of my other favorites to reduce inflammation, especially your herbs such as cayenne pepper,
and rosemary are very powerful at reducing inflammation there as well. And then other fruits such as kiwis and figs,
and the papaya are very anti-inflammatory there as well. So guys, this has been me, Dr. Axe, talking
about the top 15 anti-inflammatory foods. I want to say thanks so much for watching. Hey, if you’re not subscribed here to the
channel, make sure you subscribe. If you want to learn more about anti-inflammatory
foods, just Google my name. Just look up “Dr. Axe, anti-inflammatory foods”
and I have a whole food list you could print out online as well as a graphic there as well,
guys. Thanks for watching.

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    What is unique about turmeric is that it combats inflammation through 2 mechanisms…. simultaneously! Its multi-pronged approach allows it to work wonders for aches, pains, and arthritis (by stopping inflammation at the source), while also strongly supporting the immune system with antioxidants This ( ) "Liposomalized" Formula" is specifically blended to make the turmeric bind to phospholipids (fats) that increase bioavailability of turmeric 10 to 20 times!

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    1. Leafy Vegetable 2. Bok Choy 3. Celery 4. Beets 5. Broccoli 6. Blueberries 7. Pineapple 8. Salmon 9. Bone broth 10. Walnuts 11. Coconut oil 12. Chia seeds 13. Flaxseeds 14. Turmeric 15. Ginger

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