Thoracic Spine Rotational Mobilization, Stability and Strengthening Exercise

This is Brent of the Brookbush Institute live at the Independent Training Spot, bringing you guys a thoracic spine strengthening exercise. Now we have some mobility exercises that I’ve showed you guys before in previous videos, one of the empty spots the gaps in our exercise programming is, once we get that mobility back how do we keep it? How do we strengthen those muscles that have become under active, those transversal spinalis muscles around the thoracic spine and your iliocostalis? How do we strengthen those muscles without also strengthening the already overactive lumbar erectors. Well here’s the solution, I’m going to have Jordan come out. Now I have to give a shout out, this is an exercise I learned from Grey Cooks SFMA. I know they use this as an assessment but I’ve literally taken this and it’s ended up in a lot of my exercise programs, to help reinforce getting this thoracic mobility back. So the first thing we have to do is figure out how are we going to isolate this part of the spine, and one thing we can do is we can create a little bit of a ligamentous lock in the lumbar spine, by having Jordan go back onto his heels into Child’s Pose. So I got him in a posterior pelvic tilt, flexion of the lumbar spine that pulls all those ligaments tight. Right now he’s not going to get as much rotation from the lumbar spine. From here I’m going to have him lock this side down closest to me, so you guys can see what he’s doing. The way he’s going to do that, he’s going to bring this arm and put that elbow right between his knees. So now I got him all locked up all, all i’m going to get out of him is right here. He’s going to bring this hand just behind his head and what I’m going to cue him to do, is try to get this elbow up high, look straight ahead, but keep this is an important point guys, he’s got to keep the rib closest to me the bottom of his rib cage, closest to me on his thigh. If he doesn’t, go ahead and show what happens when you don’t, he gets s a nice mobility exercise for his entire spine. I’m not sure that this is a terrible exercise, but if I want to concentrate on the thoracic spine he’s got to go ahead and keep that rib down, keep in flexion, keep that ligamentous lock here, so that it stays right in thoracic spine. Where do you feel that Jordan? Right in the thoracic. Oh yeah, this exercise sucks in a good way, in a good way. You can feel all these muscles light up real quick, all these transversal spinalis muscles, those deep stabilizers right. You can feel probably your rhomboids and trapezius muscles come in as they’re helping with rotation. You know that scapular rotation is a big part of the kinetic chain rotation we use in dynamic motion. He’s in this position, he’s having to work against his latissimus dorsi, his pectoralis major, his pectoralis minor just to straighten up. Now if for some reason, I want to show you guys a variation that’s a little bit of a regression, if for some reason you didn’t need to work on shoulder mobility and you were specific to thoracic mobility, but felt that the lats and the pecs were getting in the way, you don’t have to use this position here; you can actually use this position, which now I’ve shortened the lats and the pecs getting them out of the way. So if Jordan takes his hand just puts it on opposite shoulder, and now I cue him to go elbow up and turn, you can see I’ve shortened all this stuff up so now it’s just thoracic spine. Alright so you guys could start here as a regression and move to the one overhead. You could start with the one overhead if you were trying to go for this whole upper segment, or you could start with this progression if you wanted to be specific to the thoracic spine rotation. I hope you guys enjoy this exercise, it is a great exercise to add into that isolated activation section of our template. So you’re going to do your releases, your mobilizations, your stretches, and then have them start working on this so that they gain the strength they need to keep that range of motion you just got them. I will talk with you guys soon. you

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