Thomas DeLauer on How to AVOID KETO FLU | Thrive Market

Thomas DeLauer on How to AVOID KETO FLU  | Thrive Market

When you’re first transitioning to the ketogenic diet, you’ll probably see a lot of people talk about the keto flu, and it’s probably the biggest reason why people don’t start. There’s two things that are causing the keto flu. One is that transition of carbohydrates where your body’s just inefficiently, not quite creating ketones yet, so it’s still in that gray area. And then the other side is your body dumps a lot of water when you first start the keto diet. That’s why people when they first start they’ll lose like 7, 8 pounds the first couple days. It’s okay to lose water. You’re losing inflammation. It’s what you want. But the drop in that water also is a drop in electrolytes. So if you add sodium back into the mix and keep your salt levels high while you’re transitioning, you’ll strongly strongly ward off the keto flu because most of what you’re feeling is just a complete electrolyte imbalance. When it comes down to transitioning and helping out the keto flu, I’m a huge fan of just like sipping on bone broth. Just have it with your meals, and it tastes good, it’s easy and it’s also it makes it so that, in my opinion, you get into keto faster because there’s a satiating component of bone broth to begin with. So you can sip on it throughout the day, you don’t really feel like you have to eat. Your calories are low, it’s just, you lose weight in the process.

6 comments on “Thomas DeLauer on How to AVOID KETO FLU | Thrive Market

  1. GuillermooTV Post author

    I'm now 10 days in keto and today I have such a pain in my stomach. I take my electrolyte etc.

  2. Keto Beach Post author

    Anyone just starting out with keto the flu is hell, but check out my video for a lighter side of the effects and getting through it. Now more than ever you're gonna need a good laugh…

  3. Hank Nelson Post author

    Love Thomas Delauer videos and understand them, and learn a great deal more than most other videos on the same subjects. He is right on, and he goes more in depth on minerals and micronutrients. People taking medications or steroids may not be aware of how hard it can change the electrolyte balance. One day you are king kong the next you are weak. So Being ignorant they just increase the steroids for a fix.. For a man Thomas's age he has an incredible understanding of health, more so than any Doctor I have met. Keep these videos coming Tom, ignore the fools who try to chastise you for educating us in your way. You have a gift.

  4. Kesha Kellogg Post author

    Hang in there! I just woke up with body aches 31 hours into a 36-hour fast (recommended by Thomas to begin his 30-day keto challenge). I know this will pass, but dang, the beginning can be rough!

    Thrive, thanks for partnering with Thomas and giving him the ability to educate us and change so many people's lives.


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