This Old Remedy “Heals All Diseases” HIV, AIDS, Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke, Arthritis and more …

This Old Remedy “Heals All Diseases” HIV, AIDS, Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke, Arthritis and more …

This Old Remedy “Heals All Diseases” HIV,
AIDS, Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Arthritis and more … Black seed oil, or Nigella Sativa, made its
point in the medical world recently and had become one of the best items you could ever
incorporate into your system. This miracle oil stimulates your immune system
to fight against almost any illness you could encounter. Black cumin seeds discovered in Tutankhamun’s
Tomb. It has been named in the Bible as well as
spoken by the Prophet Mohammad; however, they not thoroughly investigated until about forty
years ago. Several scientists and universities have conducted
more than 200 studies. The famous Greek doctor Dioscorides used the
black cumin for the treatment of the headaches and the molars. Mohammad said that black cumin could cure
all diseases, except death itself. What does black cumin provide with this ability? Within these tiny little seeds is contained
a very complex chemical structure that includes more than a hundred different chemical components,
such as abundant sources of essential fatty acids. Usually, the oil used for medicinal purposes,
and the small spicy seeds utilized in the kitchen: curries, cakes, and Mediterranean
cheeses. Surprisingly, these little seeds have been
found excellent related to almost any other natural remedy when used for autoimmune diseases,
which cause great suffering to the patient because these conditions caused their physical
systems to fight itself. When combined with garlic, black seeds have
touted as a harmonizer of imbalance that causes immune cells to attack and destroy healthy
cells. Bearing in mind that these small seeds filled
with so many curative components, and with a history as long as a cure, it is no surprise
that many people in Asia and the Mediterranean understand that black cumin can combat anything
that affects us. 7 Benefits of Black Seed Oil: 1. Combating cancer Thymoquinone, found in black cumin, is active
cancer against cancer of the blood, kidneys, lungs, breast, prostate, liver, cervix and
skin. As an antioxidant, it develops the body’s
defense system and induces apoptosis, which removes additional cells, and unhealthy cancer
cells. 2. Function and health of the liver Black seed oil can significantly aid poor
liver function affected by various medicinal side effects, alcohol consumption, or illness. This wonder oil helps the liver to work better,
as well as preventing loss and disease. 3. Diabetes It also found that black seed oil causes the
continuous regeneration of pancreatic beta cells, which increases decreased insulin levels
and lowers high glucose. That makes black seed oil one of the only
substances available on planet earth that is said to prevent type 1 and type 2 diabetes
honestly. 4. Weight Loss As an anti-inflammatory, black seed oil is
touted to aid in weight loss in the same way it helps to prevent and treat diabetes. Because it lowers the triggers of weight gain,
black seed oil has helped millions of people with weight loss. 5. Hair Growth This brilliant oil can restore hair loss. Unfortunately, it not fully understood what
causes this unusual side effect, but the antioxidant and antimicrobial properties apparently have
a lot to do with it. By strengthening the hair follicles, it promotes
increased and healthy hair roots. 6. Skin Since it inhibits the production of melanin,
black seed oil is wonderfully beneficial for cells that promote healthier skin. 7. Superbug Infections (MRSA) Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
(MRSA) is a highly fatal and damaging disease that can associate with major surgery, intravenous
tubing, and artificial joint implants. Luckily, black seed oil is known for its ability
to slow down or stop MRSA from spreading too far out of control. With all the medicinal benefits contained
in black seed oil, we do not even have to think about why the natural healing community
has become so hurt. In consideration of their ability to cure
almost anything, there is no reason why every human being on planet earth should not have
this in their medicine. Stay healthy and positive! Share and make your loved ones aware! Thanks For Watching. If you Like The Video Please Thumbs Up And
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5 comments on “This Old Remedy “Heals All Diseases” HIV, AIDS, Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke, Arthritis and more …

  1. Quetzalcoatl Post author

    Why is this allowed on youtube? I've reported this. If this could cure AIDS or cancers it would be in the news by now. And one product cannot cure all.

  2. Ose Odiagbe Post author

    AM HERBALIST DR OSE, I Cure Different Types Of Human Infections And Diseases Using Natural Roots And Herbs. I’m also a professional spell caster and my major areas of concentration are Sexually transmitted infections (STI), also referred to as sexually transmitted diseases (STD) e.g; herpes 1&2, HPV, diabetes 1&2, Hepatitis B, HIV and venereal diseases (VD) contact my website

  3. Lwana Chirwa Post author

    This is highly misinformed content. You all can sit here and watch this crap and honestly say “ Oh that’s right, those shills by big Pharma are keeping it from us.”In you comfortable chairs. Well let me tell you something, are you gonna be there when families hold the hand of their dead relatives, are YOU gonna be there when children in third world countries die because of diseases that could have been cured by modern medicine. Can you honestly say that if you were there you would be able to stand there and say “oh well, maybe if you had tried this then you could’ve lived” NEIN ,you all sit in your POSH homes and watch this kind of SHIT and you spread misinformation, completely oblivious to how you are unknowingly perpetuating a cycle of death. That is the end of my ted talk, thank you. No let’s see the hate comments roll in.?


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