This Miracle Recipe Will Relieve Your Back, Joints and Legs Pain

This Miracle Recipe Will Relieve Your Back, Joints and Legs Pain

In this video we’re going to teach you two
recipes to eliminate joint pain. This will help alleviate back and leg pains
also. The principal ingredient in these recipes
is gelatin. Gelatin contains two amino acids, Proline
and Hydroxy-proline, both of which are beneficial to healthy joint fabric. Besides providing strength to the joints and
heart muscles, gelatin improves your metabolism and skin. It’s rich in collagen, a protein that is
found for the most part in bone tissue. Collagen is another reason why gelatin is
extremely beneficial in strengthening the joints and muscles of the heart, improving
metabolism, increasing mental capacity and avoiding the emergence of bone issues such
as arthritis and osteoporosis. In this recipe you’re going to use colorless,
flavorless gelatins. The colored gelatins normally use dyes that
add toxins to our bodies. You can find this colorless, flavorless gelatin
in any good supermarket and most health food stores. So, how does this treatment go? It’s very simple. At night, before going to bed, mix 5 grams
of gelatin in a quarter cup of cold water. Let the mixture sit out over night. Don’t put it in the refrigerator. This mixture is going to turn into a jello
like substance. The next morning, eat this jello on an empty
stomach. If you want, you can add a little bit of honey
or freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice. Within seven days, you’ll start to feel
the benefits. Continue this treatment for thirty days and
repeat the process after six months. The second recipe helps in the strengthening
of joints and muscles, increasing mental capacity and avoiding the emergence of bone problems
such as arthritis and osteoporosis. This recipe contains a high amount of vitamin
C, that helps in the prevention of several bone illnesses and also has anti-inflammatory
properties. This recipe not only has vitamin C, but also
contains manganese that helps the bones and assists in the breaking down of fat and carbohydrates. It also works to absorb calcium and regulates
the blood sugar. Manganese is also rich in collagen. INGREDIENTS:
250 ml of water 1 cup of oatmeal
2 cups of chopped pineapple 1 cup of orange juice
1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon 5 grams of powdered gelatin (colorless and
flavorless) INSTRUCTIONS:
Boil the water, adding the oatmeal and stirring continuously. Wait for it to cool. Next, prepare the juice in a blender – blend
the pineapple, gelatin, orange juice and cinnamon. After that, mix in the oatmeal and blend again. Drink immediately.

45 comments on “This Miracle Recipe Will Relieve Your Back, Joints and Legs Pain

  1. Kara Hamil Post author

    Dear gawd if I ate that second concoction my belly would swell! Soooo many calories!!!!!!

  2. Samiانامع الفكرةوشكرا Sam Post author

    لماذا لا تترجم اللغة الانجلزية إلى اللغة العربية وشكراً

  3. mrmet15 Post author

    For the second recipe with the pineapple and oatmeal, does that need to be taken on an empty stomach?

  4. Health Cure Post author

    Hi, dude, Who & who is suffering from back pain? Back pain a very painful. When you many time sits a chair, then you feel it.

  5. MsAvalon25 Post author

    Can you a do a video like this but a vegan version because isn't gelatin made of pork? Great video btw!

  6. mayamercedesss23 Post author

    joints pain can be cured by GENTLE AND SLOW yoga stretches you can find here on youtube for your specific problem.
    ex : for low back pain type in :stretches for low back pain. start 2 times a week and after 2 weeks 3 times . sorry but it doesnt work with just oral method. there has to be both
    (do your research and stop if it hurts you )

  7. pmhsalisbury Post author

    For the second recipe, will 2-3 times a week do? Or is this one daily also. Thank you for these natural cures videos, everything I've seen had been beneifical.

  8. Doris Huddleston Post author

    I can not drink or eat anything with citric acid in it. the only fruit I can eat is apples pears and bananas. Tomatoes are the worse. Believe me I wish I could.

  9. Alexis Reavis Post author

    Has anyone who subscribes to this channel ever tried this remedy? Especially the first one? I don't think the second one is type 2 diabetic friendly with all that orange juice and pineapple stuff. The oatmeal yeah that's great but that is a lot of oatmeal at one time.

  10. arnold DUCUMAN Post author

    just take 1lemmon 3tsp of appld cider 3 tsp of honey add water 500ml your pain arthritis will remove and ur uric acid too do it everyday no pain anymore forever 😉😉😉

  11. lenny108 Post author

    how is gelatins beneficial when it is made from skin and bones of slaughtered animals?

  12. Kiki Woodworth Post author

    Does the gelatin contain pork?
    I love the narration. Great voice. Much better than the computer voice commonly used in these videos. Kudos!

  13. melissa mullins Post author

    Does this help if you already have these problems with arthritis and osteoarthritis

  14. Jijin bhaskaran Post author

    The second one ,at what time we have to consume,early morning or during night b4 gng to bed ,pls tel me

  15. Saida Elansari Post author

    I didn't try it but I would like to attract Muslim peoples' attention that the most Gelatin products are made from pigs fat.

  16. Meena Sethiya Post author

    For spiralcord weakness whatcan I do I have heat body want to lose weight too and gas problem too

  17. Daniel Ben-Avraham Post author

    Just one problem, the oatmeal contains large amounts of phytic acid which binds the minerals needed in bone and tooth maintenance or mineralization. Oatmeal has been shown in studies to be one of the worst seed based foods that you can ingest regularly for bones and teeth. It also lowers cholesterol which is required for hormone production that triggers bone and tooth repair. The gelatin is great, why ruin the gains by following up with something that will leach away all the progress made up to that point?

  18. johka041 Post author

    Yes vegans there’s vegan gelatin but I’m not sure if it has the same effects. My daughter is vegan and I found one that tastes pretty good by searching google


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