These Zodiac Signs Are The Healthiest

These Zodiac Signs Are The Healthiest

Incredible as this may sound, your wellness
roadmap may be written in the stars. You can take this seriously or with a grain
of salt, but the more information you have about your health, the better! You can tell a lot about health traits based
on your zodiac sign. In today’s video we’ll tell you what zodiac
signs are the healthiest and not so healthy. But not just that, we will also talk about
your health weaknesses and strengths. So keep watching till the end! Aries: As an Aries, you land on the average
point of the health scale, being neither ultra healthy or prone to sickness. You won’t have to deal with too many health
issues during your life because you adopt a healthy lifestyle from an early age and
you are likely going to the gym or you exercise outdoors.Your proclivity towards an active
and adventurous lifestyle ensure that you maintain a good level of general fitness throughout
your life. You have a lower than average chance of suffering
from joint problems, such as rheumatism and arthritis. Although you may generally suffer more mental
problems than physical ones. You have a higher likelihood of developing
anxiety and depression as you get older. You may even complain of migraines, but your
health is very good due to a more than protective immune system. Taurus: Taurus ranks about ninth on the health
scale, meaning that you do tend to suffer from more health problems as you age. The throat, lower jaw and production of insulin
is governed by your sign. A strong Taurus can lead to fine teeth and
good hearing. You also have very healthy skin, hair and
nails. You can keep looking young and beautiful,
decade after decade. But Respiratory problems may bug you, meaning
you are prone to such things as asthma and bronchitis from an early age. You are particularly sensitive to weather
changes, which often causes sore throats and cough. You are a workaholic and work tends to make
you tired. You should take time out and focus on improving
your health along with work. Gemini: Highly sociable and fun-loving people,
Gemini is one of the signs more prone to ill-health than others. You may often face issues with your nervous
system. You may benefit from a healing modality called
‘earthing’ to counteract the possibility of future health issues. Earthing is very simple and means spending
as much time as possible with your bare skin in contact with the ground – walking barefoot
or lying on the beach or on grass. Gemini is one of the signs least likely to
suffer from digestive disorders. You also tend to have very healthy livers
and gall bladders. Gemini can have a variety of ailments. You should give extra attention to looking
after your blood pressure, circulation and heart health. Becoming more spiritually aware of the benefits
of love; giving as well as receiving, can offset problems before they start. Cancer: Cancer is between Taurus and Gemini
on the health horoscope scale. This means you are prone to a wide variety
of illnesses, of which are more inconvenient than serious. You have strong bones and joints, so you are
the least likely to be affected by arthritis, rheumatism and creaky knees. Although digestive and weight problems may
loom large among Cancerians, so pay attention to your nutritional needs and don’t give
in to the cookie monster that lives within. Apart from physical health issues, you also
tend to suffer from psychological problems like erratic mood swings, depression, and
eating problems. Try gaining better control over your emotions
for your benefit. Also maintain your mental well-being by whatever
means you enjoy the most. Yoga, meditation, peace and quiet are all
high on the list of suitable self-care rituals. Leo: You may be subject to a range of health
problems so try to make every effort to be active. Staying still is not your friend, so get up
and move. Often. Your kidneys are in excellent shape. You are the least likely sign to be affected
by kidney disease, bladder problems or urinary tract infections. Nevertheless, you should still do your pelvic
floor exercises. Like Gemini, you must take care of your blood
pressure and your stress levels. Walking is terrific for maintaining your well-being. Despite their active and energetic nature,
Leo’s face health concerns related to their heart and blood pressure. They are prone to stressing their back muscles
as well. Try meditation and muscular relaxation. Virgo: You are definitely one of the top three
healthiest zodiac signs. In fact you are second on the list for having
good health. But that doesn’t mean you can become complacent. You have amazing skin and healthy hair, a
lower tendency to suffer from female reproductive problems, bone and joint issues or blood disorders. You don’t have a lot of weaknesses. However, don’t over-indulge in alcohol or
rich foods. Your main weakness may be liver and gallbladder
problems. So, avoid binge-drinking as much as you can. You may also suffer from food allergies, irritable
bowels and stomach, and eating problems. You may also suffer from mental stress but
doing yoga and meditation will help you avoid this. Libra: Libra is about average on the health
scale, so is subject to a range of, mostly minor, ailments. You have low chances of having neurological
problems, reproductive system disorders and nutritional ailments. You love to read, learn new things, and indulge
in the finer things in life. That means your focus isn’t always on health
and fitness, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be. Surround yourself with the right crowd, and
you could be one of the healthiest people out there. Despite being low on the scale for nutritional
deficiencies, you are most susceptible to skin, bladder and kidney problems. You may also commonly suffer from diarrhea.Try
consuming lots of liquids and staying hydrated. Scorpio: Poor old Scorpio, you are at the
bottom of the list for health although all Scorpios may not be the same. You are intense naturally but your Pluto may
wreak havoc on your hormones and reproductive systems. Other issues you may face include diabetes,
bladder infections and irregular or painful menstruation. You may suffer from hormonal and reproductive
health issues. This may be caused by your negative attitude
to everything. Although the effect on the hormones may be
usually subtle and difficult to observe. So you should start thinking more positively. You have a good chance of having a pristine
liver and gallbladder so that’s one thing to be proud of. However, don’t ignore any symptoms of bad
health. Sagittarius: Congratulations! As a Sagittarius you are the healthiest sign
of the zodiac. Your boss can depend on you to turn up for
work when all others have succumbed to flu and allergies. You may be the happiest and most optimistic
of all the signs. However, you have a tendency to be irresponsible
and can easily skip a workout or healthy meal if something more fun like traveling comes
up. As long as you stick to workouts and healthy
meals that keep you happy, you’ll do anything to achieve your health and fitness goals. You are ruled by the eyes. A weak sign can lead to impaired vision, whereas
a strengthened sign is likely to give you perfect eyesight, especially at a distance. You shrug off most illnesses. If you do catch a cold, it doesn’t last
long. You have a strong constitution. Although you may have a very minor chance
of anxiety and depression. Capricorn: You are pretty healthy Capricorn. You show disdain for illness, seeing it as
a weakness, so you don’t tolerate it in yourself. Yet, when you are hit by a virus you want
your mom as much as the rest of us. Your pragmatic outlook shields you from mental
health issues. You have a “get on with it” mentality. Even though prone to moroseness, you rarely
sink into depression. You may have bone, joint and other mechanical
issues. Knees are often the first things to show age. You can help those knees by not getting too
stout. You are also prone to feeling guilty, so you
don’t readily set goals that you do not feel are solid and realistic and are persistent
when it comes to accomplishing them. Just be sure to cut yourself some slack and
find balance. You also have an impeccable physical condition,
with low risk of developing diseases. You can live a long, beautiful life if you
adopt a healthy lifestyle. The only thing that should concern you is
negligence, which causes you headaches both at home and at work, with all kinds of bruises
and scratches unexpectedly occurring overnight. Aquarius: You are just about average on the
zodiac scale of health horoscope. You must take care of yourself before you
can take care of others. You are usually the slim Jim of all the signs. Make sure you keep it like that. Avoid junk food – you may be able to eat
anything you like while you are young, but it will catch up with you eventually. You are very unlikely to suffer with depression. Blood and circulation are your main issues. These are very much linked to diet so again,
eat healthy. Also try to keep your hands and feet warm. You are friendly and love to help others,
especially if you’re having fun. When it comes to health and fitness, if you’re
bored or not stimulated, your motivation can waver. Be sure to switch up your workouts and meal
plans to keep yourself on the right track. Pisces: Pisces, you are above average on the
health scale, amongst the top three of the healthiest zodiac signs. You are too dreamy and focused on possibilities
to care much about your health, so do try to notice when it’s time to seek the opinion
of a medical professional. Rarely do you have any neurological problems. Brain function and nervous systems usually
work well. Blood disorders in Pisces are rare. You probably already know that feet can be
a problem for you. So you need to take care of your legs. You are also likely to catch bacterial infections
and viruses, so clean any minor wounds and wear a scarf across your lower face in winter
to avoid other people’s germs. Which zodiac sign are you? Were you able to relate to the list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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    I am scorpio and my periods are not painful … i dont even feel any pain …

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    Us Scorpios don’t have the best of luck, first, we’re the unluckiest zodiac, and now we’re the unhealthiest, can you just cut us a break?

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    I'm suppose to be the healthiest. I have overcome sickness in young adult yrs, ailments in my older years, and managed to outlive All of my closest childhood friends of 50 and 60 yrs. I'm still here with no major illness, on no perscription medication, at my ideal weight, and able to walk my dog twice a day. I'm a Sag. Thanks for the 411.

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