These 7 Exercises Can Make Your Knee Arthritis Go Away

These 7 Exercises Can Make Your Knee Arthritis Go Away

Do you know 52.2 million people over the age
of 18 have been diagnosed with Arthritis in America alone? With that alarming a number, Arthritis is
becoming a concerning health condition. One form of Arthritis called osteoarthritis
results in the breakdown of hard tissue that covers bone endings. Another type, which is auto-immune disorder
is called Rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis causes intense swelling and pain
in joints. One of the most susceptible joints is the
knee. It’s also the largest, responsible for supporting
the weight of your entire body. So, taking good care of it should be your
top priority, regardless of your age. To help you fight this form of arthritis with
ease and boost your knee joint’s flexibility, bestie brings you 7 easy-to-do exercises. Make them a part of your daily routine and
say goodbye to knee arthritis. Let’s dive in. Number 1: Lunging Hip Flexor Stretch
With a full range of motion in your joint, this pick will strengthen the knee supporting
muscles. Strong muscles, in turn, will increase your
knee’s shock-absorbing ability. Being a low-impact gentle exercise, it will
increase the flexibility of your arthritic joint without overburdening it. To do it the correct way, start by kneeling
on your left knee. Your right foot has to be placed straight
on the floor in front of you. Bend the right knee and lean forward. Stretch your left hip toward the floor as
you lean. Now squeeze your butt to stretch your hip
flexor to its maximum potential. Hold this position for about 1 minute. Then switch the leg and repeat it. Keep increasing the repetitions gradually
but slowly. By stretching hip muscles, quads and glutes
all at once, it’ll help you fight arthritis with no special equipment. Number 2: Knee to Chest Stretch
With the sedentary lifestyle most of us have, it’s important to give those back muscles
a stretch too. A knee to chest stretch is a wonderful way
to work the lower back muscles which are often the neglected ones. It also helps in reducing stiffness which
is associated with spinal arthritis. By increasing the blood supply and nutrient
flow to the lower body, knee to chest stretch can help your joint muscles positively. Here’s how you can do it. First, with both legs extended, lie down on
your back. Pull your right leg towards your chest. Keep the lower back pressed against the floor
and left leg straight. Take the left leg back to the original position
and repeat it with your right leg. You can choose to hold each leg near your
chest for a minute. This exercise along with working on lower
back muscles stretches hip and hamstrings too. Do this simple yet effective exercise to never
have that lower back arthritis pain. Applying these little changes to your lifestyle
can give you long term benefits. If you have arthritis, simple exercises should
be coupled with sensible eating. Certain foods make you more susceptible to
those joint pains and swelling. To know more about it, watch our video on
“10 Foods to Avoid If You Have Arthritis” linked below. Now, moving onto the next one:
Number 3: Leg Raise The leg raise is a basic exercise with a not-so-basic
benefit as it strengthens your quadriceps. These are large muscles can be found on the
fronts of your thighs. They attach to your knee joints and provide
you with stability, strength and balance. To work these muscles, lie flat on your back. Make sure you choose a flat surface for this
exercise. With your arms at your sides, bring both the
legs together. Make sure your toes are pointing upwards. Tighten your leg muscles and lift both legs
simultaneously. Keep the legs straight and stomach muscles
tight. Push your lower back down and lift your legs
till they make a 90 degrees angle with your body. Now slowly lower them back to the original
position. Repeat this exercise. Start with one set of 4 and climb your way
up as you increase your stamina. If you want a variation of the simple leg
raise that also targets glutes and abs, the next pick is for you. Number 4: Side Leg Raise
A side leg raise is very particular with the kind of muscles it targets. Muscles responsible for activities like walking,
balancing and lifting are grouped together as adductor muscles. By working out these muscles, side leg raises
can give you relief from arthritis pain in the knee along with increasing the joint flexibility. So here’s how you do it with the correct
technique. Use a yoga mat or any other flat surface and
lie down on your left side. Tighten your core and keep your toes pointing
outwards. Keep your right hand on the hip and use the
left one to support your head. You can keep the left hand straight on the
ground as well. Slowly lift your right leg keeping the posture
straight. Lift it till you feel a strain on your thigh
muscles. Now, slowly lower the leg down. Do this a couple of times and then switch
sides. This exercise will tone your hips, butt and
thighs along with helping the pelvic joints feel less rigid. Reduced fat and increased lean muscle mass
will also be a bonus you’ll get along with performing these exercises on a regular basis. Number 5: Leg Cross
The good old leg cross is an underrated exercise. The best part about it is the ease with which
you can make it part of your daily routine. A leg cross is an excellent way to improve
knee motion and strength. It focuses on your knee joint and pumps in
the much-needed flexibility. So let’s learn and get in the formation. Slay this exercise and get that knee pain
eliminated. All you have to do is contract your thighs
and cross ankles over each other. Sit this way and hold it for as long as you
can. Pair it with a little meditation to fight
back knee arthritis and stress simultaneously. The bonus? Along with improving your posture, this simple
exercise will also work your quadriceps the easy way. Pretty cool, right? Number 6: Elliptical training
This one is a low-impact cardiovascular exercise. By mimicking running or jogging, it increases
the blood flow to your joints and relieves you from that arthritic knee pain. A cross trainer or epileptic trainer is used
for this type of workout. Using a machine lets you increase the intensity
of the workout as per your stamina in a stepwise manner. A cross trainer works on your whole body and
is a safer option than outdoor exercises. Number 7: Swimming
If we started counting the benefits swimming has to offer, we’ll probably end up making
a documentary. If you haven’t learnt how to swim, trust
us, you are missing out on so many health benefits it has to offer. Swimming is a full-body exercise. Apart from being a fun activity, a good session
will get your heart rate up and stress level down. It also builds endurance and cardiovascular
strength. By that, we mean a healthy heart with kickass
muscle strength. Swimming uses water as resistance, which helps
in toning your muscles and improving coordination, balance and posture. In case of conditions such as knee arthritis,
it is the perfect low impact therapy. So, don’t shy away from taking the dip even
with those paining knees, be assured that you’ll come out of the pool feeling fresh
and pain-free. Even though these exercises are carefully
handpicked for knee arthritis, it is always best to consult your physician before going
ahead. Knee arthritis can make your joints sensitive
and you may require medication. This is why you should be extra cautious about
the exercises you pick. It is recommended to use a moist-heat pack
on your arthritic knee before exercising. Heat increases the blood to flow and in turn
decreases the stiffness of the joints. After exercising, if your doctor recommends,
you can also use an icepack on the sore knee to bring down any swelling. So which exercise will you be making part
of your routine? Is it simple to do leg cross or Lunging Hip
Flexor Stretch? Let us know in the comment section below.

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