greens and Salutation anyway
we just loaded that today where are we going girl Texas back to Texas and you
know what is the smart move to make my move because it’s freezing cold i
snowstorm everywhere everything shut down and I think we might miss it I was
starting to drizzle here and it’s really cold they might get some snow tonight
they said so it might actually freeze here we are gonna get the hell out of
Ohio lickety-split just like that you ready today he’s kind
of bitchy yes I did maybe he wants some more
medicine I think I mean that’s how men are too I can sleep talk sweet to him you’re
wonderful I agree you’re pretty wonderful although I think it was me
snuggling all night long you don’t think you should not gonna be that hard straight
why don’t you buy us a new mattress you need a drink the purple ones are plastic
right there I think toe so if somebody spills a drink on it once will you
Helmand just take it out and hose it off and you’ll be all nice impression and
put it back in okay I’ll call I’ll call Alex y’all don’t know Alex y’all go
subscribe to Alex he’s my buddy show that’s right and he’s doing some really
good things to help truckers now let’s plug – in my show alright what he’s
doing he’s uh hooked up with a finance company and he will now help you get get
out of your highs dollar lease into a truck purchase and he can help a lot of
people to survive a downturn in the economy right
we should actually do a regular video on it comparing okay yeah y’all just
disregard verses 1500 big difference or some people make them between life and
death in a bad economy yeah anyway we’re gonna go now and we gonna get some water
and some fuel I heard EF s is down today I’m still gonna get fuel one way or the
other if I just got a dip into my pocket in row ankle state unless your pockets
right that’s right we’ll see you guys further down the road come on let’s go the side are you making faces living yeah look
guys she is she’s cooking again look at that she’s making taco delicious ain’t
she wonderful you’re a taco cooker she’ll Hecky rewind
it for me when I found her she didn’t know what social media was except for
Facebook apparently I barely did anything she’s still kind of addicted to
Facebook I don’t know why he’s addicted to tick tock
well there’s girls with boobs on tick tock if you’re not I know it but they’re
like my car yeah she touched herself guys y’all seen this video it’s on
twisted trucker all right it’s very good look at that that’s solid ice in Wyoming
y’all think we’re crazy and we truck in places where we shouldn’t we do I know
but these guys here see that sorry they shouldn’t be there oh here it comes guys
here comes ain’t that Campbell I hope they was okay don’t know they didn’t
know they was okay or not I don’t know Oh
turn off I just thought I’d share that little ice video with y’all they don’t
still at home and the girl cookin tacos look at your band
say hi Karen y’all be really careful out there it’s icy everywhere snow is coming
down ice is coming down it’s a very mild winter but you still gotta be and what
oh it’s an oversized bag never mind the cops too crews in the
parking lot we just stopped for the taco cooking my homeland food food from the
homeland I heat him away he made it just fine don’t stab yourself with the knife
I don’t trust her with a knife she might stab me or somebody else or herself
don’t run with sharp things kids let’s go say bye little moba spinach yeah yeah it looks really good you are a real taco
comet’ sir I am what can you say in a Mexican no hablo espanol pray as you
the law the devil never sleep oh hey guys I find myself on the horns
of a dilemma here get this I was off most of the day yesterday right Park
wasn’t even moving truck was moving at last night it at 2327 apparently I drove
for 32 minutes but I didn’t nobody did and at 23:08 I drove it one for one
minute in 16 seconds I didn’t do it and at 22 17 I drove for 13 seconds
and in 1908 I drove for three hours I was in bed the bed that the truck was
parked somehow this omni tracks or whatever it
is has went crazy so when I started driving at 3 o’clock this afternoon my
14 hour clock was already going now I can just go ahead and drive but I can’t
edit the drive line alright I can edit everything else yeah I can call them
tomorrow and fix it but if I hit a scale tonight it’s gonna be a problem ain’t it
now I just found this out and I’m in Tennessee I can’t go no further
and I’m on the side well I’m on the ramp right you know truck stop this close to
Memphis I’m gonna have to do something I can’t sit here damn it
oh well I guess I’ll figure it out I always do that’s what I do
I figured things a help oh I’ll let y’all know how it comes out tomorrow or
the next day all right in the next video right Buddha
do look guys I woke her up she’s got a
drive I can’t drive she says she said come on daddy let me drive little dog I
can’t get you in the picture mom was in her bra what are you doing over there
see she’s on Facebook guys Facebook I’m talking you cake break we’re discussing
very important trucker stuff stuff yeah you’re talking about break I’m talking
to larog with you through Memphis and then I’m gonna cook bed you ready
except through the fact that you won’t have a shirt on okay pray as you meet the boy shall keep fall
as you breathe devil never sleep


  1. Berean Jenn Post author

    I reside in ohio and it's a cold mess often. Erm….but it is kn the east-ish clmapartovely speaking. Love your channel for taking is around the country.

  2. Scott Real Post author

    I seen that wreck on YouTube. Horrible. From the sound the driver made after the accident I would suspect he fractured his sternum. Hopefully not because that's a 6 week rehab.
    Hi Moe, Lil' Dog, Walter and Grace.

  3. Jeff Beaird Post author

    Get your shovels out people … I got 14"+ with drifts so if anyone wants to come by and help, feel free lol

  4. Chuck Post author

    Hello U 2, This new electronic world we live is wonderful but can be a pain in the butt when it malfunctions. Yep storms usually two at a time coming across the US every week it seems. One day Warm, next day freezing, it's a wonder everybody isn't bad sick. Blizzards in the North & flooding in the South, I really think Mother Nature is sick of us messing up her Beautiful Country. You two be careful out there.
    Stay Safe👍👍

  5. Dwayne Murphy Post author

    Even your elog is trying to shut you down, it's a government conspiracy, they're working together, you are making too much money.

  6. Michael Brown Post author

    i use to get weighed there on jay bird road prob 4x a year and the Sardinia truck stop has the best chicken livers you will ever find out on the road. Have Fun be Care full out there my Friend's.


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