The Two-Minute Back Stretch Routine

The Two-Minute Back Stretch Routine

Hi I’m Tom Holland Bowflex Fitness
Adviser, this is the two-minute back stretch routine. Once again so many
people experience back discomfort/back pain due to sitting long periods of time,
due to exercise, due to their hamstrings being really tight. So here are three
different exercises you can do – stretches to really get that back nice and loose. So we’re going to start three different ways. We’re gonna start standing, and we’re just gonna do a hanging back stretch, where they’re just gonna lean over. So they’re going
to round their back though. So you’ll see Lisa and Elsa nice rounded back. If you do
that at home, you’re gonna start to really feel that back stretch. And begin, we’re
gonna hold this thirty seconds. What I want you to do is breathe throughout, nice deep breaths. You’ll see Lisa moving around a little bit. You can kind of add a tiny bit of
movement, feel the stretch, get a little deeper each time. And then we’re going to
go into a cat stretch we’re going to do a kneeling stretch. We’re gonna do one standing, one kneeling, and one on the floor… In 3… 2… and now go kneeling. Four points. You’re gonna see the cat stretch. Ready and begin. So they’re going to inhale, bring that spine up to the ceiling,
exhale press it down. So back and forth. Really simple, yet really effective and that’s what we want. A third way to do it. We’re going to stretch to one side, stretch to the other. And excellent. Now switch. The final exercise –
we’re gonna sit, roll back, and then we’re gonna to take one leg straight across the body. And begin and hold. So you’ll see they’re pressing the opposite arm into the floor
and then they’re utilizing the other hand to hold that leg. So that’s how
you’re going to manipulate your amount of stretch. And it’s up to you; everyone
has different levels of flexibility. You just want to get started. 3… 2… 1 and switch sides. Other side. So two minutes, two minutes done a couple times a week, will make a world of difference in
how your back feels. So its consistency that matters. You don’t need to do more than this,
couple times a week, once or twice a day if we really have a tight back. It will make
a huge difference. So standing, kneeling, and then lying down. Three great ways to
do it. 5…4…3…2… and excellent. There you have it the two-minute back stretch. For more workouts just like this please
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27 comments on “The Two-Minute Back Stretch Routine

  1. dusk dawn Post author

    The ultimate ….I have started the routine to work out with your video . Thank you !!!

  2. Petra Lindström Post author

    Its works for me. I have fibromyalgia so happy to find this video. I want more like this ☺️👍

  3. Karina Arruda Post author

    Thank you very much for this video! ♡ I do these exercises every day since 2017 and do not feel any more back pain. The pain was gone the first week I started stretching.

  4. Josephine Dragoo Post author

    Tom Holland??? Where is the accent? Where is the browner hair? Where is the funniness?

  5. RC Allen Post author

    I've done it three times in the last two weeks. Is this something I could do every morning before the shower? I walk like an old man in the mornings until my back limbers up. Thanks for the video!

  6. Your Wellness Nerd Post author

    Hi everyone! I'm a Physiotherapist whose put together an important article on why we should look to replace passive stretch holds with power bands and the PNF stretching model. Hopefully there is something useful here for you!


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